Tuesday 11 February 2020

Healthy Eating with Tupperware: Event Coverage

Earnestly, I feel moms of this generation have the toughest jobs at hand. While on one hand they are spoilt for choices with so many mind boggling options decking up the fancy shelves, on the other they have a humongous task of filtering what goes in their kids tummy. On a lighter note, don’t you think our moms’ jobs were easier with lesser options and pure and unadulterated food? Phew!

Anyways for us, the mommas of today, awareness is the key. Thus I skip no chance to stay upbeat in upgrading my knowledge on this topic and so I attended a wonderful meet-up on healthy eating by Tupperware in association with Slurrpfarm and Maxhealthcare last week in Gurgaon. It was undoubtedly a very enriching afternoon and I am so glad I made to it against all odds. 

The reason perhaps was my love for this brand, Tupperware which has been a family member for us for over two decades. They talked of food grade plastics eons before people really started digging into the facts. I have always felt so reassured using their products for my little boy, my husband and myself as well as all my storage needs. Initially I bought it from their selling agents and then online but now I am glad to know they have opened 50 retail outlets across the country. 

In this event, I also came to know about their new Black Nonstick Cookware Series that comes with the Eterna nonstick coating, which is the longest-lasting non-stick coating in the market and offers superior non-stick surface for easy cooking and cleaning. The hard-anodized aluminum in the Black Series enables superior heat distribution and ensures even and fast cooking. What else can one ask for.

It was a pleasure witnessing Chef Ayesha Nalla Seth roll out a gorgeous banana oat millet crepe for us on it without a drop of oil ghee or butter. Her tips to cook for our little ones came straight from the heart. The ingredients used were from Slurrpfarm, a venture of two moms, to ensure our kids get nothing short of the best. Slurrp Farm has revived the ancient ‘Supergrains’- ragi, jowar, foxtail millets, and have mastered this art, I have been using them for quite some time and their nut powder and jaggery are my all time favorite to appease my picky eater. The thing I love the most about Slurrp Farm is that they have come out with so many quality and healthy snacking products available for us, to battle the issues caused by junk-eating. 

Another high for me in the event was the insights from dietician Ritika Samaddar of MaxHealthCare. Her talk on the the fundamentals of eating right and staying healthy and fit was truly worth emulating. Though I always checked the labels of the products we consumed, I can now refine my checking with thumb rules like we must not only consume products which are high in protein and fibre but also it must have sugar content less than 5%. I so am glad she broke the myth around bananas for I love eating it in the morn for that energy punch before hitting the gym.

All fun broke out when we were divided into groups to exhibit our culinary skills and make our masterpiece. Joining in my blogger buddies, Jhilmil, Noor and Preetjyot for making a cheesy Spinach dosa on the Tupperware Black Series Nonstick using Slurrpfarm ingredients was truly a super rocking experience post which we headed for the Tupperware Outlet Visit and oh my how gorgeous it looked in its myriad vibrant colours and options. We ended the event here with some candid discussions about the lovely variety available there.

Earnestly the mum in me was super satiated by the experience, I was super stoked to see how our most favorite brands are coming together to innovate and improve to perfection to ensure we eat healthy and make our motherhood a pleasurable experience. The smiles below speak it all 💚. 

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