Tuesday 8 October 2019

Life Is Beautiful And I Move On

What makes you grow
is being thrown out of your comfort zone
I still believe, life is beautiful
and I move on...

testing times commence
and never cease to end
to them I say, life is beautiful
and I move on

2019 has been a tough nut to crack
destiny decides to test us completely in just one slot
exhausted yet smiling I repeat, life is beautiful
and I move on

sometimes loneliness engulfs and I find no shoulder to lean
as for the moment relocating has made me abandon my work, my academy
this too shall pass, I trust, life is beautiful
and I move on

This beautiful morn as I meditated by my garden in my new home
I have experienced an amazing uplift
I again spread my wings and reiterate beautiful is life
and I move on

Life is a peculiar enigma
It is unbelievably layered for us to try to fathom its depth
But it is beautiful indeed
and I move on

Know not what tomorrow has in store for me
But I am sure it is going to be amazing
In this hope, I trust today that life is beautiful
and I move on........♥️

Truly Yours Roma

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