Friday 18 October 2019

Karvachauth for a Modern Day Indian Woman

Had a beautiful and memorable Karvachauth yesterday. I managed really well without a drop of water after Wednesday night until I broke my fast by 9:30 p.m. yesterday i.e. Thursday. I doubted myself if after the recent endometriosis surgery I will be able to pull it off with panache or not plus I am on antibiotics for throat infection and fever.. but I am glad and elated I did really well. I guess the will power helped and the unconditional support and love of the spouse. I felt proud of the inner strength I possess. 

To begin with I am not a person who fasts any more apart from three compulsory ones in a year two for the long life of the spouse and one for the progeny( because I don’t like to call it a fast for sons as it is traditionally perceived). I do them to my ability best each year without an iota of guilt as per my body and mind agreements. Of the three I don’t know why, Karvachauth has always been my favourite one. I love everything about it and call it a celebration of our togetherness. May it be the mehndi, the jewellery,  the dressing up or the wait for the moon, I thoroughly enjoy it including the drool-worthy dinner prepared by hubby dear which is served piping hot by him always. My life lies in the little joys of life like going with him for Mehndi and shopping for the pooja a day before it. Aah! There should be more such days and need I say I really love praying for the person who brightens my life in so many ways whether or not he chooses to do it for me ♥️

Of course there’s a constant debate on whether or not a woman (read feminist) do such fasts and while I respect all the opinions I had long back abandoned felling prey to them, do what your heart tells you, simple isn’t it? If you aren’t, you are no less nor will your spouse’s life reduce, you can just trust me for that. Just have a conviction in whatever you do 😊....

Believing in firmly in my decision year on year, this time, I spent the day in praying, cooking and scrolling through how different women are celebrating their Karvachauth and I was both amused and impressed how each one has evolved their own version of the festival. Some were fasting with their spouses, some traditionally, some on vrat food, some on fruits and some were not fasting but praying heartily. The best part was all were happy and celebrating in their own way, big or small, flashy or sober, immaterial. It was so beautiful to see the modern Indian woman evolved so wonderfully, that she knows how to customise our rich traditions in accordance to our times. She knows that she has to drive to pick up kid from school or go to work or do several other tasks in the nuclear setup all by herself so she knows what she can, what she can’t. She is aware and she is decisive and that is what makes her an empowered woman 👑

Thus, thus Karvachauth I raise a toast to all such women and their customised versions to adapt to their indispensable needs as well an earnest desire to offer a sincere prayer for the spouse! Cheers!
Truly Yours Roma

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