Thursday 27 June 2019

Born Without Wings, Yet We Can Fly!

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I am that bird
who was not born with wings
but she believed
she was meant to fly

fly high up in the skies
without slightest fright
I am that bird
who was not born with wings

My self belief, my urge
to fulfil my dreams
to carve out my own unique identity
helped me maintain my sanctity

I gradually grew my tiny wings
empowering them
with a lot of conviction
and one firm step at a time

I had taken
the road which is seldom taken
I knew I am that bird
who was not born with wings

But who knew
how to grow a pair new
and no matter how many attempts fail
one day she will fly through

People called her names
to abandon a fruitful career and fame
In search of
an unfulfilled dream

ridiculed for her passion
she kept the fire burning within
whether or not the world realised
the purpose of her being

She loves to give
She loves to smile
She believes as long as she is alive
She will be someone’s guiding light

True I am the girl
who was not born with wings
But I now possess a pair
which aid me passionately fly high

My wings are made of
pure satisfaction that I gain
when I aid someone
to fulfil their dreams

For my dream
is the fulfilment of their dreams
the smile on my lips which floats
is thanks to seeing them achieve their goals

I fly high
basking in their success
they empower my wings
and I am satisfied

How simple is life
when you learn to feel happy
In other people’s smiles
you really soar up in life

It gives me an immunity
to all the criticism people throw my way
For I understand human nature
more than them

No one can now stop me
from achieving
what’s been a vision
for decades

To contribute uninterrupted
to work day and night
to be a face of positive change
no matter how small it is

Love me, hate me
Abandon me
But I am here, right here
looking straight into your eyes

I agree, I am the bird
who was born without wings
But I have learnt to identify the inner strength
which aids us grow a pair strengthened

If I can do it
So can you girl
I too was born without wings
and the same is with you

train your mind
teach it to give it a tough fight
raise your voice
and give it back

Yes, give it back with all your might
Train yourself hard
So that they dare not
look at you with a wrong eye

It’s we who can wash off rape
Domestic violence is till that day
Until when we hold that hand
and take a firm stand

How dare you kill my daughter
when she is in my womb
I pledge to give her the right
To see the world and bloom

I am entitled to equal pay
Or a job in the army
If at all one needs to prove
You will find me stronger than you

I know you are the girl
who is not born with wings
but I promise you
you can grow them quick

and take a flight
of your dreams
just train your mind girl
and see what wonders you can achieve

(Straight from a women empowerment crusader's heart..written a poem after a long hiatus, it just oozed out. Trust you like it)

Truly Yours Roma

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