Wednesday 26 June 2019

An Ideal Escapade from Mundane Life: Noor Anand Chawla’s ‘Tales from My Travel Treasury’

I am a born traveler at heart. Anything travel excites me. So when I am not traveling, I am reading travel to appease and satiate the traveler in me. I love travelogues to the core as they transport me to the writer’s world and let me live on his or her experience virtually and savoring it and also secretly associating my own experiences to the place or building a bucket list. This is the reason I picked up Noor Anand Chawla’s debut ebook ‘Tales from my Travel Treasury’ and read it addictively in one go until I have savored every ounce of it. I especially loved its cover which features the author herself 

In this book, the author invites you to experience a wealth of funny, sad, scary, and interesting anecdotes with me. An encounter with a wild-cat, a young ghost in a hotel room, first experiences of consuming bhaang, regressing into past lives, and confronting her fear of water- all make for riveting and relatable reads.

Noor Anand Chawla is a lawyer who pursued her passion for writing after the birth of her baby boy. Having studied at esteemed institutions like St. Stephen's College, Delhi, the Faculty of Law, Delhi University and King's College London; she practiced law at the Delhi High Court. Noor pens lifestyle articles on her website



This book is a unique travelogue with a galore of multiple emotions all weaved in succinctly by the author in this tiny package. Of course, I loved her vivid experiences both national and international but what I even loved more is about the human bonds she has laid stress in invariably throughout the book which made the reading quite soulful. For example, her unique bond with her nana Ji is definitely worth a mention here.

She has thought out of the box in this book and has given her anthology an appealing alliterative title to add to readers’ anticipation and speculation of what was coming ahead. This is something I really liked. 

The fact that many chapters leave a life lesson for us to contemplate on and build in our character is what I consider a hidden advantage of this book. 

Also, you get to relive your travels from childhood until the present which undoubtedly uplifts your mood and leaves a smile on your face. I especially loved her England experiences as a student.

You must also read this book for all her spooky experiences and brilliant vacations all over the globe and India. I am sure you are gonna love it as much as I did.


The author's language and narration are ideal to the genre and are relate worthy at every juncture. I was able to see through her in all her tales, that’s how genuinely she has expressed herself. 

As an author of four books myself, I can strongly say for sure, this is one of its kind debuts and I wish the author many many more successful literary outings like this. 

You can download the limited edition free copy here and soak yourself in some virtual travel fun an ideal escapade from mundane life.

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