Saturday 22 September 2018

5 Latest Trends for Your Inner Comfort

panties for women

Life is extremely precious. We are blessed to be born as the most intellectual of all living forms and thus must take due care of ourselves and live a long, happy and a healthy life. To enjoy the gift of good health, personal hygiene is one of the most vital factors irrespective of your gender. But being a woman you have to take a notch extra care for you are also a creator of life and take good care of your body like you must ensure you use good quality inner wears to keep yourself comfortable at all times and the comfort will reflect on your face...

For e.g. panties for women should always be bought taking care of right fabric and the right size.With changing times, ladies underwear have also gained a defining significance in a way it makes a woman feel. It boosts her X factor and adds oomph to her style and confidence.

Below I present to you five latest trends of the same to aid you to choose what would suit your needs and style the best.

  1. Boyshorts: I absolutely love these ones. For utmost comfort in everyday use and providing full coverage, thus could be a great choice for any woman on any day. Choosing cotton, silk or satin is up to you, pick that appeases your heart most. For everyday affair, cotton is my go-to fabric though my closet has them in other fabrics too. Who knows what’s the mood when?

  1. Bikini Panties: On days when flaunting your body is on your mind, a bikini panty does the trick with bright and attractive shades in different hues. If you possess the style and panache to carry one impeccably this one is a must-have in your vacation bag.

  1. Hipster Panties: Now these are in between boyshorts and hipster panties in terms of coverage and ideally so. If you wanna wear your sensuality as well as crave for modest coverage these ones are for you. They are indeed ideal for the Indian body types as they strike the right balance between your comfort and oomph.
  1. Thongs: Meant for those special dates and dates when you wanna kill it for no one else things are a great choice. It makes you wear your feminism on sleeves without an iota of guilt or a second thought. Every woman must possess one, a must have it is!
  1. Tummy Tuckers: This undoubtedly is a vital invention in every mommy’s eyes for we know no matter how hard we try there is always more scope for our tummy looking appropriately tucked under our body hugger dress. That’s when tummy tucker panties for women do the trick for us leaving us delighted.
Personally, if you ask me to pick my favourite brand for inner wears, it has to be Zivame for quite some time now for I can feel the Renaissance they have brought in the way a woman can feel within, they have always offered a perfect fusion of beauty and comfort to aid me to style myself gracefully. I also love their night suits a lot and flaunt them most often than not because I love to look gorgeous always but that must come with comfort. Which is your go-to brand for inner peace?

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