Monday 2 July 2018

Review of Bay 15, Cabanas by the Bay Dona Paula, Goa : #MyTravelDiaries

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If you are a beach addict like me this post in undoubtedly for you, take a dip, soak yourself, enjoy the read and may be you end up weaving another super amazing vacation for yourself... 

Yeah, I am a sucker of beach vacations and have my dedicated addas(read beaches) where I somehow run away to, at least twice a year and one of them is Goa by all means. I am found there so much that one of my blogger friends presumed we live thereπŸ˜ƒ.

I love waking up to a sunrise on a beach and enjoy my breakfast by the shore watching the waves trying to come near me and receding away. I can sit there the whole day writing or reading on and on. No I don’t care about the tans, I never did, tans are too less a cost for all that fun and frolic in water and sand and then collapsing on the beach pads for a drink as you get sun-kissed. A sunset by the beach can’t be missed either. So for me a beach holiday always translates into a beach resort, the nearer to sea the better, the more personal the space is, the better. I eventually wish to have my own cabin on a secluded beach in Goa, I am a wild child you see πŸ˜›.

So till I have one of my own, one of our most favorite properties in Goa to stay is the Cabanas at Bay 15 situated at Odxel Beach at Dona Paula. It is a lush-green heart-warming huge property closest to the sea. It has 16 Cabanas or Swiss inspired wooden cottages or chalets, located between palm trees, having all modern amenities. We had booked a sea facing cabana and the overall stay experience was phenomenal. We just loved the place and will love to stay there over and over again. Let me quickly enumerate to you why 😊.

We drove there from Pune after a totally packed and stress-fully busy March this year and this sinfully quiet place gave us everything we desired to relax our nerves.

While the staff instantaneously transferred us to our cabana with welcome drinks waiting for us, lip smacking lunch was served at the sea side. The chef took great care that the spices were adjusted to kiddo’s taste at such a short notice while me and hubby just chilled grabbing a drink each. 

The beach was just a small flight of stairs down and since we were a tad bit tired after a small stroll we settled on the beach pads to hear the mesmerizing sounds of the waves hitting the rocky shore and witness a gorgeous sunset. Yes, the resort offered a perfect view to the same.

We had our evening tit-bits in the tiny balcony of our cabana and then hit the swimming pool. A small one but clean and having wonderful surroundings. A dip is water rid us of our lethargy and we hit the pool table for a round of snooker followed by a wonderful beach side dinner with live music. It was like magical and we danced till late. The staff took great care of us and we loved their hospitality, a point we consider foremost while we rate or recommend a property.

Morning was even more beautiful as we went for a long stroll in their huge property meant to accommodate as many as a thousand people for large events and musical nights, they host there. They have maintained mother nature in her purest form and are blessed with the beautiful beach right at their feet. The little one and daddy darling played a lot of games like frisbee, football etc while mommy was curled up with her favorite book under her comforter in her cabana of course when not in water. It was the exact kind of vacation our heart yearned for and our cozy cottage by the beach at Bay 15 just so delightfully offered us that.

My phone somehow didn’t connect to their WiFi despite of repeated trying which in fact was good for a digital detox to me and we were not very comfortable with some stray dogs inside their premises. But these two points we will safely ignore in front of the wonderfully good experience we had there. Rest from our check in to check out it was a perfect experience and I recommend it to everyone from honeymooning couples, to families, to bunch of friends, you world enjoy every ounce of it.

Pro tip from Truly Yours Roma: The cost of stay there is absolutely not humongous but still there are always some or the other offer running of the travel booking portals. Take the best bet but don’t forget to ask for a sea facing cabana.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post but I loved it to the core as much as I love you all and thus thought of sharing it with you all. Hope you found the review worthy :)

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