Thursday 12 July 2018

My Perennial Love Affair With High Heels

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Where to buy best Block Heels

Even since I was tiny, I loved wearing heels .This was strange as my mum neither wore heels nor had any distant affinity to get on her toes to look a bit taller. But I loved them as much as I loved dressing up. Not because I any which way was aware or conscious that I was very short in height but because it completed my look and to this day my perennial love affair with donning the most hot and sizzling pair of heels continues, sometimes to an extent that I am recognized by my pair of heels.

It was decades later that I came to know the real reason of why I have embraced and adapted to wearing heels early on. It was perhaps because the man with whom I would walk my entire life is six feet three inches tall 😛. 

Thus, I never have to really worry before falling in love with him and eventually marrying him 😊. 

For my wedding too,  I got the most gorgeous pair of six inches high silver block heels matching with my wedding trousseau to enjoy the whole day’s fun and frolic and dancing without getting tired.

Yes, I admit I am more of a platform and block heels person for I equally love comfort which for me must accompany style and oomph. Whether to work or for a client meeting or for a date night I prefer flaunting white block heeled pumps a lot. They empower me with morn to night comfort styled to perfection!

When it comes to footwear fashion, I love to stay up-to-date with Global fashion trends and am always on a look out to add a new and unique pair which is in at the moment and thus have heaped up a priceless collection of heels for myself which I am so proud of. My husband and my friends call me crazy and mock that I keep my strong block heels ready to hit back strongly in case I smell a danger and I only smile back. Nothing on this earth can end my perennial love affair with high heels.

What are your footwear preferences ? Do you have a go to brand while purchasing shoes for you and your family?

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