Monday 25 June 2018

#BookReview : Diary of a Baby by Mahak Wadhwani

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Hola precious readers of Truly Yours Roma, we are back with a very very special book review and you would know in a moment why it stands out.

Have you ever read a book written by an unborn baby or a two year old little peanut? Well I have and here I review it for all of you.

Book Name: Dairy of a Baby 

Author: Mahak Wadhwani

Book Blurb: Have you ever wondered what goes on inside your baby’s mind? “Diary of a Baby” is a candid, witty take on life from a baby’s perspective written as diary entries, followed by interpretation phases of baby’s life from the author’s own parenting experience.

Author BioMahak Wadhwani is the author of “Diary of a Baby – Candid confessions of a baby from 0 to 2 years” and blogger at Baby & Beyond. An Engineer and MBA, Mahak spent 8 years working in business and technology consulting, before jumping off the corporate ladder and landing headfirst into a life of pooplosions, 3 a.m. feeds, teething and toddler tantrums – a life so exciting that she realized she just had to share her journey with the world. She writes about her parenting escapades, with a focus on gentle and mindful parenting techniques, mother and baby products, age-appropriate toys, books & activities and health & wellness.

My View : First things first, ‘Diary of a Baby’ is the cutest read I have had in the recent past and that is because I was extremely amused to read how a little baby feels from the time he is in his mom’s womb to till he becomes two years old. While we parents would have often given it a miss that even our little bundle would have had precious emotions about us and others as he entered this huge would, author Mahak has encapsulated the same in such a heart-warming manner.

I almost felt it is the baby talking about how he felt during the different milestones phases of his life and felt connected to his views. Surprisingly in each chapter I also felt as if my own son was speaking to me about how crazy he felt the world was when he began the beautiful journey for life which I feel is the win for the author mommy.

This autobiographical account of a little baby is also important from the viewpoint of quite a few worthy advice shared by the author for new moms at the end of most chapters. Her trials and dilemmas felt so real and I connected to each one of them and wanted to speak to her and discuss it further for instance the potty training imbroglio😊. Only we mom know what a project it is.

Right from the kiddo’s separation anxiety, to not letting mom and dad go out for dinner to the preschool settling saga, I have been there so know it all but hearing from the little one’s one mouth was stupendously wonderful.

Certain chapters left me thinking deep like a baby doesn’t know it’s a pink for girl and blue for boy or it’s a doll for a girl or a car for a boy. The little angels don’t know it, it is the people like the shopkeeper in the book, who teach it to them and then we blame the bias or gender inequalities prevalent in our society. It’s brilliant piece of writing by the author to prick our conscience in the right direction.

Overall I just loved reading this breezy at times comical diary of a baby. If you are a parent and looking for a light, cute and heart-pleasing read, this one’s indeed for you. It is a well structured ebook laid in some amazing chapters. You can download it here.

I would love the author to keep adding more chapters to this book as baby ‘N’ completes three and four and five and many more years😊. Lots of love to him and his gorgeous mommy, need I say, just loved the concept of the book. 

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