Tuesday 3 April 2018

Life is Beautiful, Life is Precious, Enrich it, #SayYesToTheWorld

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I love life, it is beautiful and it is precious. Thus, like I always say I love to live it to the fullest and for the same I embrace the world with open arms and let the experience leave me an ounce more enriched each time with the vivid experiences. I love the world equally...am a nomad with wings on my arms who thrives on traveling places and I had picked this habit early on thanks to my dad who took us to far destinations every summer vacations. Gradually yet firmly mini me spread her tiny wings and realised what a kick travel gave her♥️.

When people found it extremely disturbing to shift to new places and move out of their comfort zone, I found it exciting having studies in 8 states in India thanks to my banker dad’s frequent transfers. I learnt new languages, went to different schools, made new friends and learnt how to impress everyone, a trait that still serves a great purpose in my life😊. At that moment, I didn’t really know that the travel tales and the ability of this world traveller to #SayYesToTheWorld will become the most extraordinary slices of her ordinary life♥️.

As I grew up, my job again took me to various countries and my tiny wings grew stronger. While the travel was mostly work related and some personal vacations with the two loves of my life, I soaked into the aura of each new country, their life and their culture which only left me more enriched and full of gratitude to the myriad shades of humanity I witnessed all over the globe. I was overwhelmed when I carried my baby in my womb to Thailand, Germany, Austria, Denmark and Sweden for work and everyone took great care of me when I puked in almost all the aircrafts I flew in.
This may sound trifle but for a first time mom this truly meant the world. There was this air-hostess in the Lufthansa flight back home from Frankfurt, who held my hand warmly for several moments as I was severely airsick in my 7th month of pregnancy. How can I ever forget her gentle touch and warm smile. I have said yes to the world and they took me in their warm embrace like their own kin. No Wonder today #SayYesToTheWorld is a worthy Lufthansa's initiative to aid us connect with the world.

I have umpteen instances like this to narrate here which make me a better person each day because you give what you get and strangers and acquaintances all over the world have given me so much love that it only is pure love that oozes out in reciprocation to them. I have often got lost in new countries, have had language issues or food issues but it eventually has worked out so cool. Once on a snowy and dark night in a small town of Sweden called Almhult, I was fasting (Karvachauth) for the long life of my husband and couldn’t find anything vegetarian to break my fast. I was already heart-broken as I couldn’t see the moon, that’s when an employee of a closed pizzeria, reopened the shop and baked a vegetarian one for me.

Sometimes I feel how and why am I so comfortable with the strangers that I strike a chord almost immediately? I love them and so do they. I thus never ever miss any opportunity to travel, spread my wings and fly and just fly to newer destinations and newer people because they are undoubtedly one of the most vital part of my life. Thus, over so many years now, #ToSayYesToTheWorld defines the very way I am and may I say, it means the world to me ♥️. Truly Yours Roma thanks Lufthansa for coaxing me through this wonderful initiative, to pen this treatise :)

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