Sunday 8 April 2018

Heavens Above Conspire To Bestow On You What You Are Worthy Of..

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Continued from 'Some Extraordinary Slices of My Ordinary Life' here : Part1,  2, 3,4, 5 6 and 7

Everyone has a weakness, I have two, one I miss my mom everyday and as I sit in the balcony sipping my morning coffee I feel I should call her and speak to her like I always did till she has not gone to God. It has been twelve years but I still wait for that call. Maybe some day she calls.

My second weakness is I am a lethargic bum and so my health is never on my mind. Though I love swimming, nature walking and gymming, I really need to be kicked out my slumber. When I quit a job in Ikea, soon after I was diagnosed with a colicky painful fibroid which meant I should cut on my weight immediately and switched to a healthy lifestyle. I was also put on a medication which will only add to my weight.

This was probably the only time of my life apart from my pre-wedding days that I became such a fitness freak. I came to Pune in 2012. For a workaholic like me quitting my job and my bunch of friends and moving out as a SAHM was a paradigm shift from my natural self. It was my own decision to quit but depressive thoughts soon engulfed me. I didn’t share it with anyone as S was too busy and sucked up in his own work. I rather tried to smile and looked for some ways to satiate my intellect.

I knew I would have to get out of this negative energy as quickly as possible and I soon conditioned myself nicely. I was bubbling with enthusiasm and energy and took back to my first and forever love - writing♥️. I also left no opportunity to enrich myself and thus when I admitted kiddo to Kintergarden, I volunteered being a teacher, counsellor and centre head there for several months. I was surprised to see I was really good with the kids and found great joy in grooming them as well as guiding the parents. This probably satiated both my soul as well the extrovert in me momentarily. I can say this was also the first thoughts of starting my own academy were born in my mind.I had never imagined my brain was getting honed to be an entrepreneur while I was busy amassing all the experience of the world to be able to build in the uniqueness in mine. But this has to wait a bit till my little pie grew up a little more.

While all this happened I shared my deep thoughts on Social Media almost everyday and got a great traction both from readers and some brands too. That was the time the era of blogging was gaining impetus and some kind souls on my timeline made me start a blog professionally. Since my childhood I had a lot of angst against the society for the way they treat women in our country and my blog became the voice of all those women. I feel the first posts I wrote were the strongest, they were strong, unadulterated and came straight from the heart and so it also probably reacted people’s hearts. In 2015, I was felicitated with the coveted Women Of The Year Award by Glenmark at Leela Palace Mumbai and things have only looked up and great since then for I found a deeper purpose of my being and also a lot of tangible support. It was to bring forth as many true tales of Indian Women as possible to prick the sleeping conscience of the people of our society and be the face of positive change no matter how small it is. This is also how my first book 'Dare to Defy the Destiny' came to shape. Part9

To be continued in the next parts of #SlicesofLife Series on #TrulyYoursRoma in #AtoZChallenge this April.  I am writing on some extraordinary slices from my ordinary life.

Thank you so much for all the love and support you have always given me. Truly Yours Roma is nothing without you! 

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