Monday 2 April 2018

Call It Love at First Sight

Contd from Vol1 and Vol2 here.
But this so far became the biggest blessing of my life as I was united with my soulmate here some eighteen years ago and he still remains my pride. I didn’t give up amassing infinite medals and my academic hunger knew no satiation. I became the first girl to be campus selected with a whooping package of 4+ lakhs by Tata Motors in 2003. Thus I began weaving a dream success story till destiny...I confess here, the instant success made me a little less serious to crack CAT and enrol myself in higher studies.

My professional stint was another roller coaster ride for the understood the gimmicks of office politics and how a girl is still treated somewhat as an alien on the shop floor of an automobile giant. Sarcastically during that time all the men of the organisation wore a uniform while the girls came in colour dress. When I pointed out this inequality and proposed the same for us too, I was aghast to hear from a senior guy that why are you stealing the colours of our office life. Were we eye-candies for them?Well, I did work hard day in and day out, learning by leaps and bounds for I wish to tell here that Tatas give the best kind of training to their GETs. I also got the dress rule passed for production. During this period I rubbed my shoulders with some gems of the industry who brushed me with the nuances of the corporate world. I decided that I will prepare for Tata Administrative Services called TAS which if qualified fast tracks your career to management roles but will destiny make it that easy for me. It struck again!

While we have been blessed that parents of both sides accepted our love, at 23 we were really young to tie knots. But unfortunately his dad was diagnosed with last stage cancer and we were married in a frenzy to fulfil paa’s last wish. To move in with my husband I switched job and joined Honda Cars and shifted from Lucknow to Delhi. In the next couple of months we lost his dad and my mom and I went through the toughest period of my life. I never say thus but my silent mom was my biggest shield. The two things that kept me sane was my loving husband and my work which is true till present day.

While I can say marrying him was the best decision of my life, another good decision was joining this Japanese major. I got two best bosses of my life in this organisation both named Vivek and I owe an eternity of gratitude to them for trusting me and giving me opportunities to rise and
shine. With them for years I honed my skills in many technologically advanced countries and learnt the best practices of the world the knowledge of which gave me a major break in Swedish furniture giant IKEA, a job I always dreamt of. I was the happiest person on earth and was wondering where the hell did destiny got busy or was she just being kind to her favorite child.

She wasn’t, she hasn’t forgotten me, she was just thinking of something more severe to test me. I joined Ikea super excitedly with my goals set and ferociously crazy to work my heart out and create a global mark for myself which is typically me no matter what field I choose, that’s when a routine checkup to the doctor revealed that I have conceived. While we were not planning a baby for next five years and mr husband has just given up a top MNC job to fulfil his entrepreneurial dreams owing a significant up in my package, we were extremely elated in our hearts over this advancement which changed my life forever.

I had promised my best friend, my husband to remain the financial anchor of home till he proves his ground in the new business and all I remembered was this responsibility, plus I did not have a lot of understanding of how I was suppose to take care of the little life inside me. With neither mom or a sister for guidance, I heartbreakingly admit I would have taken care of little sonny better but I travelled to different suppliers I was in charge of almost hundred plus kilometres a day and my back and body gave up terribly by night. My sincerity, dedication and focused brain remained my identity everywhere but naturally my pregnancy was the most unwelcome news for my office and to prove them wrong I worked harder and harder due to which I delivered my baby preterm just out of 32 weeks gestation immediately after I came back from a critical board room meeting.

I birthed him in a 5 star birthing boutique(courtesy my employer and a sweetheart hubby) where they give you the first glimpse of your baby in sun rays and seeing him for the first time, changed me forever. That day I became a mom and from day everything else took a backseat. Call it love at first sight!   Part4

To be continued in the next chapters of #SlicesofLife Series on #TrulyYoursRoma in #AtoZChallenge this April.  I am writing on some extraordinary slices from my ordinary life.

Thank you so much for all the love and support you have always given me. Truly Yours Roma is nothing without you! 

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