Thursday 5 April 2018

A Momma’s Wisdom Kitty to Raise a Healthy, Happy Eater

Mom is the word and mom is our world! Isn’t it true for most babies in this universe, even to us; our mom’s grown up babies! No matter how old we become or how big our children grow, one thing that warms our heart the most is our mother’s unconditional love. Howsoever, while a mom’s love remains the same across generations, there are certain changes which are indispensable with the westernization of our thoughts in newer times.
One such change is how our mommas, never cringed about us, their children being picky eaters, while most of us moms in the present generation suffer from this syndrome and do what not to suffice the nutritional needs of our little ones. Probably every fifth sentence that a mother discusses with another mom is about her kid’s very poor eating habits. Have you ever wondered what is the cause for this choosy and meagre eating behaviour in our kids?

Well you can kick me for this but the cause is us, their mothers. While our moms gave us every single thing to eat whether we liked it or not and stood her ground sometimes softly while on most other pretty sternly, we on the other hand easily give in to our child’s preferences early on and feed her only her favourites to pacify her which as she grow’s up becomes a habit. Agree or No? 

I have often heard the below sentences commonly from my friends and acquaintances in garden or school bus stop and even in mommy’s WhatsApp groups,

Arre my son only likes Pizzas and burgers, he even hate to touch rotis and rice, so I have no choice.

I have to bribe my daughter with a chocolate donut to make her eat green leafy vegetables.

So, we have visibly fallen in the trap of laying the wrong fundamentals when they are still really tiny. Not only did the child miss on the essential nutrients for her physical development but her emotional well being is also hampered beyond repair over the years by the wrong premise like bribing and stubbornness accepted.

I agree the easier availability of junk food and artificial sugars and candies have made our task pretty difficult as compared to earlier days where the treat we got was mommy preparing chola bhatura and eating out was restricted to birthday parties and weddings only. Restaurants happened to us like once in a year. But this doesn’t mean we get the liberty of choosing the easy way out for our kids’ health because the eateries are now present in abundance....primarily because today is the time when we are laying the foundation of how healthy the precious pieces of our heart grow up into.

If you ask me, the key to this lies in tapping it early. The kid’s needs for all vitamins, minerals as well as micronutrients are best secured if he learns to eat a healthy balanced diet early on. Simple rules like let them sit with you for lunch and dinner with their own plate and waiting till the last person finishes the food inculcates in them the right attitude and respect for food. If they want to eat out or grab a burger, reward them with it the star chart way. For all the healthy things they do and eat everyday give them 5 or less stars each day. After earning 70 such stars, they can encash it into their favorite food. Earning it will make their hotdog doubly. Now, that was the contribution on the kid’s front.

On a mom’s front, I say a little innovation in routine cooking helps exponentially in putting joys back to meal like making Ashirvaad Multigrain Atta’s Pizza topped with homemade tomato garlic spread and loads of veggies. Trust me the child will gobble this power packed lunch with great delight and your heart will already be doing a happy dance as you served her the vital essentials of her diet that the 8 finest grains of this Atta contained (Whole wheat atta (909%), Multigrain flour mixture (9.1%), (Defatted soya flour, Oat flour, Psyllium husk powder, Maize flour and bengal gram flour). It is impressive that these grains are sourced from 6500 exclusive sources and pass more than 410 qualitative tests twice a year before making their way to our plates. Well, the delicious taste says it all too.

Make yummy rolls for your kiddo’s tiffin box using this with the filling of your little angel’s choice veggies or egg or paneer whatever she loves and it becomes a win-win solution for both. 

The fact is for the smarter children of this generation we mommies have to outgrow our peanuts in smartness. Every single day we have to keep innovating and creating something extraordinary which I feel is a great to enhance our creativity as well. We serve our smile, our love and creativity to our family on the dining table now, the Ashirvaad way.

What I can undoubtedly vouch for is Ashirvaad multigrain Atta which gives us a perfect base to fortify our kiddo’s diet with the desired nutrients in many fun ways♥. Truly Yours Roma recommends it as a great option for your kiddo to make your little angel a healthy, happy child.

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