Friday 29 December 2017

The Last Love Note of 2017

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My precious ones, I end this year with a heartfelt wish for each one of you from the bottom of my heart πŸ’“. May the year that comes along, brings much happiness and fun and remain in your heart forever like a song. I had to send this across to you no matter how things are(or probably it is inertia that is making it difficult to write with each passing day) and here I am😊.

After I penned my gratitude post on 1 Dec (Phew! I know that was too early...), I have been coughing my lungs out and am in and out of spells of repeated sickness and boredom of monotony. No this time I will not hide behind the veils of my lethargy for I know what all I miss in these spells when I am out of focus and activity and it is not ok to keep giving excuses. Though a couple of them are too genuine like I have lost my voice to the infection and could not record the very vital anecdotes from my two books for a significant project, I would have at least written when I had worked really hard on the roadmap for the same. My apologies to the dear ones involved and a promise to myself and all of you that I shall be more focused and professional in 2018, my only resolution this new year.

The silver lining of this December was some quiet quality time with family on wedding anniversary and at Panchgani on Christmas which lifted my spirits and brought back chunks of smiling me in bits and pieces. I have been writing to you on the weekend getaway series around Pune and Mumbai and shall surely add the review of Panchgani to the same quite soon. In a nutshell, it is a lovely lush green tiny hill station at a few hours drive from both Mumbai and Pune with a picturesque landscape and worth knowing history(well, will get to it later). But yes, the chilly fresh breeze there with clear bright winter sun rays kissed rainforest did do a lovely job in kicking me out of my self-imposed slumber and has already made me force myself to write to you before the year ends.

Another ritual( now over so many years I can safely call it that) that I fulfil with great devotion and sincerity before I close a year is my annual visit to Shirdi and I am so glad I am going there tomorrow. It is like going to my maayka (mom’s place) once a year where I speak my heart out to my lord for hours seeking his blessings and guidance and wander, yes literally wander aimlessly, in the streets of Shirdi sucking in the serene air. No words can aid me express, how calm I feel there and how my soul shuns all the dilemmas and embraces calmness in the soils of Shirdi...

I either pour my heart out so blatantly to Him or to you on my blog here, which is one of the most significant pieces of my heart and through it with you. No matter how less I write or am able to connect, due to my own weird writer’s instincts, you all will forever remain most precious to me. Closing this post with once again sending your way, the fondest best wishes for a fantabulous new yearπŸ’–

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