Wednesday 6 September 2017

Like a Phoenix From The Ashes I will Rise (An Open Letter to the #BodyShamers)

Indian Bloggers

I am curvy
I and short and plump
But I love myself
And thank God for he gave me life no matter what shape and size

I wear my smile
And flaunt my compassionate heart
I am an artist's muse 
A poet's verse

I stay away from people who judge
And measure my achievements by the size of my waist
Happy in my own space
In my own eyes, I look gorgeous

I am that child
Seeing an ice cream whose eyes still shine
I am that teenager
Under whose pillow some chocolates you'll forever find

From being a damsel
Who'll design her own dresses
And adorn herself in tiaras
To conceal within all the chronic scars

I have bloomed into a woman
Who dares to bare her heart
While otherwise I am a stream of unconditional love
Don't mess with me, you body-shamers

Troll me, hate me do whatever you like
You'll not tell me the way I'll lead my life
And if you try to burn my desires
Like a Phoenix from the ashes I will rise ❤️

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