Thursday 14 September 2017

My True Calling : Romancing With Words and Spreading the Love

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It's a million dollar saying that our experiences in the childhood shape up a significant part of our future. I was five, a grade 1 student, when dad was transferred to Tamilnadu and guys I am talking of eighties. While I didn't understand then an iota of the particularly tough Tamil language which my class mates and everyone spoke and they didn't get a word of my Hindi, we managed it with some words of English for a considerable time and that's when my love for this magical language which formed the lifeline of the world in terms of communication grew. I soaked myself into it and romancing the words became my hobby.

About the same time, as I commenced my journey in elocution on stage as a first grader, I bagged the first prize. What a boost it was to my morale and I basked in the glory of being called the girl with a flawless English, in my school (though it wasn't true). No one taught me the nuances or the voice modulation but I loved leaving no stone unturned to improve upon my previous best.

Thus creative writing and public speaking became my passion. I tried ever genre of it and immersed myself in literature. Listening to world's best orators gave me a high and I stepped into Shakespeare's characters in my dreams. Poetry was my all time favorite and I would scribble on every tiny piece of paper I can grab. So as far as I remember as a little one, I always wanted to writer and speak and always yearned to master impeccable communication skills and I always did fairly well or at least I believed so.

Years passed and I got into engineering and then some wonderful jobs but my identity always remained the same. Whether it was anchoring for a week long inter college cultural fests or a national debate, I felt honoured when I was always considered the first choice. By default the notice boards were adorned in my articles and poems. My communication skills helped me bag my dream jobs which took me round the globe and I was happy writing on and off.

But it was only during my maternity career break that I realised this set of skills was my true calling. It appeased my heart and gave peace to my soul. A billion thanks to all of you for accepting me with my writings which I know at times are rebellious but always straight from the heart. The purpose of sharing this journey with you today is to share with you one of my long cherished dreams.

Since my childhood, I have met children and adults who are an ocean of knowledge but find it extremely difficult to put it into words and literally shiver if put on stage. While I cracked the interview the one who groomed me for the answers probably didn't communicate it that well and so was rejected.

As I firmly believe in giving back, I dreamt of opening a communications academy for one and all where I would aid them to overcome their fright of speaking their minds out without the slightest fear, which I did. Public speaking undoubtedly is an art which not only enables you to put yourself strongly across the table but also creates a lasting impression on the minds of the listener and the same goes for creative writing too. The idea was and is to teach the basics and nuances as well as the X factor to help them come out of their shells and have a strong foothold wherever and whenever they choose to express themselves. The almighty blessed me in my endeavour because of my intent and soon my venture flourished by leaps and bounds and became my pride. For my efforts I was honoured with Woman of the year 2015 and Planet’s Pride Award 2018. The academy is soaring high day by day though I know I have miles to go before I sleep….as I have promised to keep :)

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