Tuesday 6 June 2017

Blogchatter, My Dreamcatcher Extraordinaire Which Made Me A Published Author of 2 #Blogchatterebooks in 2 years

(I take on the baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival from Smita whose Ebook 26- A to Z short Stories is also a part of the mix.

About Smita's EBook: “26 words – A to Z of Short Stories” is a collection of 26 short stories on topics of social issues. Each story revolves around a word which starts with a letter of the alphabet and a social issue which begins with the same letter. It is my first ever attempt at writing and I feel strongly about each one of the topics chosen in my tales. My attempt is to speak up about these topics and bring them to notice.  We as a race have a lot to learn yet and it is still a long way to make our society as perfect as desired.  And the only way to achieve this will be by bringing the change ourselves. These tales of fiction are just a look at some of the problems that are entwined in our lives today.)

Dreams are a vital part of our life and though we are passionate about them, at times we fail to steer them in the right direction to achieve our goals. The pessimism leads to some kind of an unknown frustration and you further fall into the trap of failure no matter how exceptionally skilled you are at the said task. All you seek is a dream catcher which induces positivity in you and for me undoubtedly Blogchatter is that Dreamcatcher Extraordinaire.

Last year when I took on #AtoZChallenge I came across this wonderful community which had a Midas touch on my blog during this  period when I published the twenty six true stories on Indian Women. I have said it before and I reiterate it that,  what I admire the most about Blogchatter is its vision, how it envisages a clear road map for its bloggers and opens new vistas for them from time to time like last year when they aided me full throttle in bringing out my first book 'Dare To Defy The Destiny'. Though I had loved every ounce of what I wrote for the challenge and it was very well received by the masses, I would have failed miserably in the technical aspects had it not been Blogchatter.


Yes, last year, my first book saw the dawn of the day in their pioneering one of its kind 'Blogchatter Ebook Carnival' and I am so proud of this fact. In fact they gave it such a magical exposure that it still sells pretty well on Amazon. With time, my trust on them has only grown and I value my association with them from the bottom of my heart.

This year they gave wings to my second most cherished dream of publishing my first fiction novella, a heart touching unique love story ~ 'The Fragrance Of True Love' and my heart often breaks into a happy dance that whoever has read it, has dropped in words of admiration so generously. This is kind of marketing wave Blogchatter builds around your work and I truly trust my work is in the best hands with it which only improves  with time. Blogchatter's Ebook Carnival Season 2 has only grown better with time and this time they have broken all records to publish 36 ebooks  and giving the industry some real good work. A heartfelt congratulations to them for achieving such an incredible feat.

Please do consider this as a genuine post of gratitude to the Blogchatter community which has enriched me in ways more than one and I owe them a lot for establishing me as a writer. Well, I do understand I have miles to go before I sleep but I have got a perfect start and so I believe the end shall be magical too and the reason of my confidence you now know :)

(I pass on the Baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival to Ramya Gundala whose Ebook A Way, Not Away is also a part of the mix.

About Ramya's Ebook: A Way, Not Away is a collection of twenty-six short stories which explores various perspectives of distinct situations that you can instantly get connected with. Each story is based on different character’s day to day life and their strained relationships. Every story is connected to the next one with their if-else situations. Originally written for an online blogging challenge, April A to Z Challenge, they have been revisited to form this collection.)\

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