Wednesday 5 April 2017

Entrapped In Your Heart ~ Vol5 Of The Enchanting Tale of Priyam and Meer 'Lost Love'

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A beautiful morn welcomed Priyam and Meer in Benaras. They had their presentation in a couple of hours from then and no time to lament over her pepper spray or his bruised heart. I am glad they were professional enough to be flawless during the competition and bagged the Pan India Most Innovative Concept Trophy for their thesis. Lifting the Trophy was the moment of ecstatic joy for them. There was a strange sense of belonging to each other yet they maintained distance. Though my Meer treated her like a princess taking utmost care of the little nuances that would comfort her. Right from picking her up from the girls hostel to dropping her back, of the mosquitoes that dared bothering her the whole night or even of her broken sandal. His natural flair and candid nature made even the awkward moments look like crafted to perfection together times.
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His warmth disturbed Priyam. She knew he cared and in such a wonderful way he touched her heart a million times each day. The trust was building up but she shunned all thoughts that drove her close to him. She cajoled her heart seeking permission to at least let him in his life as a friend she has always yearned for but alas she was trapped. The friendship may eventually culminate into love and she did not want to be in a relationship, neither today nor ever. She knew her life was too complicated to further entangle the strands of the vicious circle she was unable to free herself of so far. She compared every man to her dad...wish those heart-wrenching memories abandon her forever.

She didn't realise lost in her thoughts when she skid into her world of dreams. Meer didn't leave her alone there either, such was his impact on her passive brain. They had the next day at their disposal as their return train was only in the night. Meer asked her out to visit the ghats and the famous temples of Benaras and she found no excuse to refuse. The ride to the Dashashwamegh Ghat in the tonga thrilled Priyam. They spent the day on the ghats, visiting temples, offering some sincere prayers, a boat ride in the Ganges with coin dropping in the holy waters making a wish and relishing some lip-smacking street food. It was a day full of smiles but a few words for both of them. I am sure their heart sang some different love sings, was a eternal love story gradually getting weaved on the Benaras Ghats, well it wasn't easy to budge Priyam. However, Meer also managed to secretively buy a pearls bracelet for Priyam.

They were now on the return train and Priyam felt silly for bringing along the pepper spray and the butcher knife for her safety which Meer has accidentally seen when the belongings of her bag toppled... Her heart was filled with gratitude for Meer and for the first time ever she initiated a talk. Meer on the other hand was busy caressing their names etched on the winning trophy. "I want to thank you for everything, Meer" , she said and spread the most earnest and adorable smile he has ever seen. For a moment he could not move her eyes off her and then he nodded smiling back in contentment. Getting carried away in those soft moments, he took out the pearls bracelet he has brought for her, with so much love, from his pocket....

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My Precious Readers, Here I am, Truly Yours Roma, bringing to you whole of April (in #AtoZChallenge with Blogchatter) a sweet and candid tale of Priyam and Meer who are a wonderful set of human beings, hoping that the fragrance of their beautiful relationship touches and tinkles your heart and stays in it forever.

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