Tuesday 4 April 2017

Deep In My Breath, I feel Your Fragrance ~ Vol4 Of The Enchanting Tale of Priyam and Meer 'Lost Love'

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Love has the softest steps in the world and it hardly let's you know when it has gently occupied the warmest corner of your heart. A million times Priyam tried to convince herself that Meer was the same jovial guy who made fun of her on their first meeting, nevertheless, she could not resist the tender care hidden in Meer's words. Undoubtedly, she believed this might just be another prank he was playing with her. Then she looked at him and found the same genuine person whose goodness has rubbed on her often. It was difficult for her to break the shell around her and a larger part of her brain still doubted his (for that matter anyone's) intentions, she herself didn't know that she agreed for the connection wasn't ordinary it was divine.
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Their complementary skills turned out to be a rare combination and as they worked hard on it and got selected among the National Top 10. This meant that they will have to travel to a distant unknown city together and represent not only themselves or their branch but their college too. It was a huge responsibility. Their achievements and long hours of library made their bond take baby steps from an acquaintance to a trustworthy friendship. While Priyam still chose to speak very little, Meer was content that at least she has chosen to embrace life outside her self woven world of solitude. I am sure even Meer didn't know by this time of this was love, all his heart wanted was to see Priyam free from the clutches of her sadness and be happy forever. He never felt the need to dig out deep why his heart yearned crazily for her happiness. It is not always mandatory for a feeling or an a relationship to have an apt nomenclature.

They could not join a set of other students flying off for the same competition as Priyam was acrophobic and shivered as the thought of boarding a plane. Thus Meer has painstakingly worked with the sponsors to get their air-tickets cancelled and got them reserved on train. A journey on train made Priyam happy about the whole ruckus eventually going in her favour as all her childhood she had travelled on trains many a times even alone, so this made her feel empowered in a weird way.

Finally the day they had to leave arrived. Someone waited on the railway station for Priyam to arrive wit his heart pounding. Yes, for some reason Meer real looked forward to this trip. Every moment felt like a zillion years and the wait almost seemed unending when a glance of Priyam clad in a turquoise shirt and blue jeans made his heart do merry go round acrobatics. As if he has just survived a massive heart-attack, his heart skipped another beat as she smiled to him from a distance.

Was it the first time she had smiled at him? He closed his eyes for a second as if etching the soft imprints of this priceless moment forever on his heart. As she moved towards him, deep in his breadth, he felt her fragrance. A fragrance that he has known for a while now and was the only part of hers, he could call his own. Soon they were on the train...

What followed is those lovely moments of a memorable trip? Was it laying the foundation of Priyam's faith in humanity getting restored? Keep reading and enjoying and writing to me loves as I bring to you Vol 5 of this enchanting tale tomorrow right here at Truly Yours Roma.


My Precious Readers, Here I am, Truly Yours Roma, bringing to you whole of April (in #AtoZChallenge ) a sweet and candid tale of Priyam and Meer who are a wonderful set of human beings, hoping that the fragrance of their beautiful relationship touches and tinkles your heart and stays in it forever.

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