Sunday 1 January 2017

Happy Birthday to the World’s Best Husband!

More often than not, life is like Sea Water
Very inviting and extremely enticing to the core

It fills us with excitement and draws us to its wave pool
And we like childlike zeal, walk into its mighty arms bare feet

Its first touch pleases us and tickles our heart
Mesmerised we soar to experience the pinnacle of pleasure

As we experience it more and get deeper and deeper
A high tide comes to test our strength and sustainability in times of fright

We drown, we fight and we exhibit our best life skills to survive
We get perplexed by the tyranny of time and tide we just fathomed

But this is actually when we first taste the salt of life
Like when we first taste the salty sea water during our first dip

Our experience make us understand how next time while approaching sea we must strike a balance
And this very experience teaches us how to sail more smoothly in the rough seas of life with wisdom

That's why I reiterate, life is as salty as sea-water
Challenging us, essential for us and also inspirational

Like food is tasteless without the salt
Our life too gets all its flavours from the experience salts

However, one gift from God makes even the salty experiences worthwhile
He’s your Life Partner, Your Companion of a Life Time

I am truly Blessed, being I got the best
Who turns all the salts of my life to sweetness

He is my Pride, My World, My Breadth
Happy Birthday to the World’s Best Husband!
   Copyright ©2016 Roma Gupta Sinha 

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