Tuesday 20 December 2016

Weekend Getaways near Pune, INDIA ~The Priceless Diveagar (Travel Tales of Truly Yours Roma)

Though urbanisation has taken a toll on our mother nation, we can still find its pure and precious forms in some untapped non-commercialised centres of the land we reside in. The pressure and stress has built so much on us that we crave for an escape in the weekends to rejuvenate and satiate our soul, mandatorily.

In my quest for the same, last weekend I landed at a mini heaven, which appears to be one of the best finds of ours, near Pune so far - The Diveagar Beaches and Forest Resorts. Untouched by the fancies of modernisation they are pure and pristine, calm and placid. Bringing to you a first hand account of this wonderful trip…
150 kms from Pune and a 4 hour drive by car, strongly recommended by a dear friend, we commenced our journey also excited because this was the first time we were going to experience the recently catching up concept of home-stays. The road was bumpy but a step into the dense forests where Diveagar is located made it worth the effort. The mesmerising fragrance of wet mud and lush green coconut laden huge trees almost instantaneously kicked the most creative instincts in me and I reached out to my bag to verify I had the essentials of a writer to pour her heart out. Glad the preparations were thorough.

As we stepped into our home stay we were greeted with tender coconut water and a lot of warmth. It was built in a lush green huge planned farm and looked like a huge forest, exactly like I have dreamt of. Room was cosy and decent with all essential amenities but no fancy. The beauty of their simplicity was heart/pleasing. We were served hot home cooked lunch - super delicious chicken and fish curry on banana leaves by the owner herself with so much love and personal care. The experience was one of its kind. Their love and the impact of serene Mother Nature made us forget all our tiredness and we were on the beach within an hour.

My love for the most exotic beaches is not less known among the readers of Travel Tales of Truly Yours Roma and believe me guys the Diveagar Beach too was one of the best. It is a flatter beach and so you can stroll in water to a nice depth and enjoy the cool breeze as it caresses you. The water was crystal clear and we could see the skyline meeting the blue water far far away. There were hardly anyone there and we enjoyed the nature's beauty to the full. I closed my eyes in between to record those lovely moments forever in my heart. In the following hours, we also witnessed a memorable sunset here and clicked some wonderful pictures.

Surprisingly, the next morning we discovered the adorable beach twinkling in the morn sun, also acted as a perfect spot for water sports and we satiated our sporty selves by indulging in our favourites and need I mention like everything else in Diveagar, the cost was very decent and value for money.

To quench your thirst and hunger, there are small eateries on the beach which serve local but yummilicious snacks and drinks. We also visited another beach some 16 kms from here - it is known as white sand beach and true to its name it was a yet another nature's marvel, an absolute must visit for sea lovers like me.

Also, if you have a historical bent of mind, there are some lovely forts around this place you will love to visit and capture them in clicks. The famous restaurants of Diveagar are mainly in clean shacks which serve home food of incredible variations which is an experience you must cherish too. Take the help of locals in identifying the best.

I bet you would love this place and there is no place as naturally beautiful and breath-taking, in its purest form as Diveagar near Pune.

Truly Yours Roma rated it a hearty 4.5/5
Copyright ©2016 Roma Gupta Sinha 

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