Wednesday 7 September 2016

Dual Therapy that Pampered my Soul

A very very pleasant surprise indeed

Monotony can creep in life at any point of time unannounced and can make us dull, stressed and disinterested. The otherwise happy you, fail to realize the reason and may get trapped in it's vicious circle. The two self discovered therapies that work wonders for me are, first, the surprise therapy and second is unapologetic self pampering to rid you of the unnecessary burdens you have amassed on your tiny shoulders.

Fortunately these two therapies are what my passion for blogging gives me in abundance too. I really cherish my relationship with the brands I endorse and promote as I have chosen them after umpteen trials to remain true and genuine to my readers.

Lately I was unknowing or perhaps knowingly engulfed in one such situational trap which stole me of my mental peace and zeal....It was when I sat in my balcony facing the garden lost in my thoughts, the door bell rang. Reluctantly, I opened the door and signed the courier which I discovered in a couple of seconds, was on my name. I was so pleasantly surprised to open it and find a beautifully wrapped golden hamper in a basket from my favorite brand Hair and Care which contained a precious silk scarf and a huge bottle of their latest product launch having a scratch code behind. Needless to say I have used Hair and Care for years and it's a perennial part of my hair care regime till today.

The sweet surprise struck the right chords in me and excited like a baby, I scratched the code behind only to reveal another truly worthy surprise. I have won a Complimentary Premium Hair Cut at Javed Habib's. Voila, how much I needed this pampering at this point of time and my heart went ooh la la at the thought of it. The pleasant surprise as well as a golden chance to self pamper, I got both my therapies packaged into one.

My Look before the Javed Habib's Pampering Session Courtesy Hair & Care
With the help of their team, I booked an appointment, and enjoyed some blissful hours at one of the best hair salons courtesy one of the best hair care products, the next day. I requested them to give me a hair makeover and they chopped my tresses in accordance to my desire to give me a new look. I share my before and after looks and the cute change here with you. A change sometimes brings in so much of fresh energy and perspective to life, isn't it?

My New Hair Look Courtesy Hair and Care
I loved my new look and was thoroughly rejuvenated cutting through the shackles of monotony of routine life and owed this word of gratitude to the worthy Hair & Care Team, who along developing astoundingly awesome products also conceptualize the great surprise ideas to pamper their customers to render them with holistic well-being and rejuvenation..

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