Monday 30 May 2016

Your Name etched on My Heart

Holding hands we walked on sand,
Stealing an occasional glance of our closest friend..

Overwhelmed were we in that entrancing moment,
And just let our smiles do all the talking..

The gentle sea waves kissed our feet,
As if trinkets of joy tickling us sweet..

Our eyes gave each other a warm embrace, 
As our fingers too spoke to each other...

Such was the impact of that silent hour, 
As he tightened his grip, striking my heart's already romancing chords..

Our love bore the advent and retrieval of the waves alike,
Proud of having overcome all the testimonies of time..

I don't fear of the ground underneath slipping away with the withdrawing waves,
For I reside safe in your heart for decades

Humbled by your infinite love, I carve on sand my gratitude to you, 
My penchant each time being erased by the rising water blues..

It was a heart with a 'S' and a 'R' that I embossed on sand, times umpteen, 
But the ruthless waves swept it away every time, so that my spirits dampen...

But my confident love, felt elated and on its own tune, it danced
 For it knew, no waves can erase your name that is etched on my heart.

(Love Notes scribbled recently on a beach vacation, dedicated to the love of  my life, my hubby, my childhood best buddy)

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