Friday 27 May 2016

Book Review : The Heart Listens to No One by Purba Chakraborty

Romance is the genre I love the most and thus no points for guessing, this was the reason Purba Chakraborty's Anthology "The Heart Listens to No One" has been on my to read list for a while now. I didn't hurry it, for having read Purba, on so many occasions before, I wanted to enjoy her poetic compositions in calm and at leisure, for I was sure getting immersed in her words of poetry would paint a surreal dreamy fairy tale before my eyes, which would entrance me and transport me into a world of ecstasy..

And I am so glad it did exactly the same. A peep into the contents revealed to me that the book contains verses on unconditional love, longing, romance, fond reminisces and separation all concealed in one, power packed ode to love, as this book can be aptly termed as. Then, as I sailed through the hidden treasure, a thousand emotions ran through my heart simultaneously. The diverse variety in which love was served to the hearts was impeccable. Anyone and everyone who has ever been in love, will undoubtedly see herself/ himself so much in her poems and would love to drown further in this intricately woven poetry collection.

Yes, the poems did turn me ecstatic and I almost stopped at each one of them convincing myself that this one's my favorite.  'Kiss my Name', 'Satin Paradise' , 'A long Winter Night' still remain in my heart forever...

......She fishes out his old blue sweater
       From the Nearby closet;
       His redolent smell clearly lingered there.... 

there is so much to read within the lines and between the line...I gauge a new meaning everytime I get back to them :) 
The author Purba (you can read more about her below) is a young girl and these enthralling compositions with pure love oozing out of them, are a marvel. I bet you won't be able to put down this lovely compilation of her heart's songs. You can order a copy of her book - The Heart Listens to No One , Here.

I rate this book a 4.5/5 for painting the myriad emotions on the canvas of my heart. See the poetic mood  after reading her, still lingers on. The only regret I have after reading this book is that I wished it was longer, embracing and weaving many more shades of love which I could read till eternity. 

 Here's More about the Author : Purba Chakraborty is an author, poet, freelance writer, web content developer, blogger and social influencer. She has authored two novels “Walking in the streets of love and destiny” (2012) published by Diamond Books and “The Hidden Letters” (2014) published by Bluejay Books (an imprint of Srishti Publishers and Distributors). “The Heart Listens to No One” is her first poetry book. Many of her short stories, poems and articles have been published in several anthologies and magazines such as “Shades of Life”, “Rhymes and Rhythm”, “Mélange ~ a potpourri of thoughts”, “Kaafiyana”,  "Stories for your valentine", "Fusion-A mingled flavor mocktail", “eFiction” "Writer's Ezine" etc.

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