Tuesday 9 February 2016

The tale of the funniest ever wedding with crazy freaky #LoveandLaughter : A Wedding Faux Pas

His smiles are my most priceless possessions...
How much I love to drown myself in his love, and giggle in his arms...
Adorned in his spontaneous jokes and light-hearted humor...
My Life is no less than a beautiful fairy-tale with him, so full of Love and Laughter!!

While many term their wedding as an arranged or love affair ,  I can boast of my being solemnly arranged by our beloved parents after they saw us madly in love with each other for years ❤️❤️....

Though it was undoubtedly not love at first sight for us and for almost an year in college, I was sheepish enough to consider his friendly ways and candid talks as a spy activity for his best friend who didn't like me a pence ( Phew!!), God 
knows Why! ....

But, I was soon so smitten by his charm and impeccable sense of humor that I didn't realize when I fell so deep in love with him amidst our ceaseless smiles and laughter over his crazy and freaky  jokes....and the wait wasn't very long either when he went on his knees to propose me in the funniest every way stating that he wants me to be his forever and since he feels that I am too young and immature to take this decision, he has already decided it for us. And, I had no choice but to smile at his smartness and give a silly nod.

The wedding preparations started in full-swing in a couple of years from when we completed our engineering ...Me being  the only daughter of my mom-dad and he being the youngest pampered kid in his family, our wedding was meant to be a grand affair....every single relative was invited with so much love n warmth and everyone really wanted to grace the occasion for one it was the first love marriage from our side and second they didn't want to miss to witness , the fusion of a typical baniya and kaistha wedding !

All was going as per plan, with my mom taking note of every tiny custom from the " ladkewaale" and even getting my wedding trousseau made to order as the color of the outfit for various customs varied in our castes, so both colors were used in my outfits to honor all customs..... When due to some unavoidable circumstances our wedding was not only preponed by a couple of months but also the venue has to be shifted from ladkiwaales to ladkewaales place!

And guess what the Dulha and the Dulhan who were busy in their jobs in Delhi were informed only two days in advance (what!!) ...Crazy.... Poor We , jumped into a wedding boutique and selected what best we could for each other... We were probably the first ever bride and groom, where the bride was hunting for the sherwaani's matching jooti for her groom in Lajpatnagar while the groom was on a lookout for a six inch heel sandles for his  bride ❤️❤️( my precious half  is 6.3 feet while I am 5.1 you see, so the sandals meant so much).....and when we hunted for stuff together the shopkeepers in all probabilities assumed us to be brother and sister ....trying to shop for the one we are accompanying ! Enjoying the fun, we didn't even try to clarify, also because we were short of time....

That same night we boarded a train to Allahabad...We tried to sort our things as much as possible, stuffed them in our bags and laughed at each other over our funny state just a few moments before being declared Man and Wife.....Words fail me express how it felt in those priceless moments, had never felt so happy and nervous simultaneously ever before...and probably he felt the same too...worrying about each other we turned towards the other at exactly the same moment, only for our noses to hit hard against each other only to trigger our bursts of laughter...choosing not to talk we just let our eyes do all the talking...As the station arrived, we headed to our parents any relatives as it was going to be mehndi ceremony next morn, followed by 24 hours of mix-bag ceremonies from both sides !

The banquet was impeccably decorated and I loved every bit of the floral theme set...The Food was awesome too and the guests were having a Gala Time...only that they was no bifurcation as to who was a ladkawaala and who a ladkiwaala as the girls side has come to boy's town, and boy's side are always guests in Indian Scenario :) .....Nevertheless everyone was enjoying and that was what was important!

But Guess what amidst all their enjoyment they often forgot the bride and the groom...Yes, I mean it....I was probably the first ever Bride, who got ready on time only waiting for family members to tell her to walk to her wedding stage...not sure they didn't remember to take me or thought someone else will bring me or they themselves got too late in getting reday....That was exactly when a text flashed on my cell...It was from "him" asking me to come as he can't wait any more....Almost impulsively, I replied that no one's fetching me there and I am absolutely ready :( 

In a few moments from then, I saw him walking towards me, I felt shy(but loved), softly he held my hand and asked me to come with him..amidst a hall full of uncles and aunts and cousins and kids, all looking at him questioningly..but he didn't look at them, he looked straight in my eyes and said," Koi hamari Dulhaniya nahin laa raha tha, to Ham khud hi Apne Dulhaniya Lene Aa Gaye" and we again burst out in our typical loud Laughters..The Laughter of Love, Trust and Strength of our relationship which was only meant to strengthen further from there! If was indeed a funny moment , when hearing this, everyone present in the hall, was in laughter splits too! Confident of his love, I walked among hundreds of people, holding his hand (Post this too, lovely relatives kept forgetting to tie our knot for Pheras and many such other stuff, but we didn't leave each others' hands...also remember that the panditji was kind enough to translate all Pheras to me from Sanskrit to English) ...that day and ten years later till today...Madly in Love with each other, still holding each other's hand gently yet firmly, still sharing our candid hearts,our lovelorn jokes and anecdotes and bursting out on them with unparalleled #LoveandLaughter.....

This love and laughter still forms the foundation of our beautiful bond..
And with him, every year that comes along, remains in our hearts like a song..
Wish and Pray that in every birth, he be only mine...
And like always, keep gifting me my favorite exquisite jewelry from Caratlane, every Valentines!!

P.S. I am a women after all and how can I resist my temptations for precious Jewelry :P :)

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