Sunday 24 January 2016

Amruta's Impactful Battle to Regain her Lost Paradise

Amruta was born to believe that it's the circumstances in one's life and how he/she deals with it, that make or break him/her...Such humongous is the Impact sometimes...They may perish you forever or make you emerge out stronger and undeniably more balanced and capable to take the most treacherous situations in your stride and she has chosen the latter after falling a prey to gloomy bludgeoning years of self-imposed confinement!

Chirpy, sharp, peppy, lovable and always beaming with positive energy were the words that described little Amruta, till reality struck her....Her world came shattering upon her when her step father in a fit of anger snatched her apart from her 3 siblings whom she has so fondly held ever since they were born...With tear-filled swollen eyes she looked at her mom in an innocent questioning frown of a 12 year old..with mom giving her a guilt -full nod to all that she had just heard was heart-breakingly true...The world was never the same for her!

No matter how hard she tried...
Her heart bleeded in solitary cries...

The pain and anxiety never left her side..
and she kept retrieving deeper into her shell with fright...

Years passed and though she learnt to hide her tears,
Behind her Smile as wide as river Nile...

Her battered and shattered heart,
pricked her to break free from the clutches of the atrocities of life!!

And that's exactly what she did...From the family for whom she meant nothing, one fine day, she ran away, ran away with all her might...The distance from Kolhapur to Belgaum was only a few hours but for her it meant mustering all her courage and it was undoubtedly not very easy.

But once she took the plunge, there was no looking back for my Angel...Soon her soft wings grew stronger to take an independent flight...She worked hard and also kept grooming herself through part time courses...Above all  she learnt to Dream and Smile! Day by Day, Month on Month, Year on year she kept growing and her Fantastico Focus and Dreams to not die unnoticed and do something for humanity became her unparalleled sources of inspiration!

Today, Amruta runs her own Beauty and Therapy Clinic with a staff of 8 female Staff (who are from under-privileged sections of society and whom she has trained herself to make them independent) with her....Her road isn't easy and also this is not the end of roads for her! She wants to do much more for everyone around her as usual with her peppy smile as wide as river Nile! Glad she has regained the Aim and Music of her life and is navigating her Life so well !

She is a such a Exemplary Example to Many More her age and in similar situation Trap, that I was compelled to narrate her Impactful True Tale to Regain her Lost Paradise here, Straight From The heart!!

                                                          -Truly Yours Roma

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