Thursday 5 November 2015

This is how Cleartrip aids me break the Shackles of Monotony and enjoy some Hotels Worthy

When life gets boring and monotony in creeps...
to profusely regain the lost zeal...

When with hubby, a romantic moment you wanna steal..
or a mush mushy time with your little prince indeed...

When you wanna indulge in moments of tranquility..
away from the whimpers of daily nitty-gritties...

How about spending a weekend at a worthy within city hotel esteemed,
to clear up the baggage of stress, through CLEARTRIP'S steal deals!! 

Hey Adorable Readers!
Well, well, well, I do are as stressed up as I am!! Undoubtedly, life today sails at such a meteoric pace that it comes almost imperative to grab welcome breaks at designated times to rejuvenate and breaks the shackles of monotony of routine life....these much deserved moments with our precious half and little munchkins can indeed go a very long way in keeping the love and the vigor of the relationships alive along with acting super stress-busters!

For years this has remain my mantra to catch back my smiles and heart's respite...And folks I don't burn a hole in my pocket for the same by planning long outstation holidays as it also often gets difficult to match mine, hubby's and sonny's holidays(Phew!!)...we rather keep a close look at the offers on hotels within our city on our long trusted online portal ClearTrip and grab the most suitable ones to our lifestyles and vacation activities preferences, mostly on weekends almost once a month!

So now with lots of breaks on the calendar and we being relatively new to Pune, it's time again I gorge on some exotically delightful hotels around the city....with the aid of the star rating and genuine reviews again at our favorite Cleartrip!!

After meticulous analysis, the three laudable ones, I wanna immediately love to experience are, of course for varied reasons are :

1. Courtyard by Merriot, Chakan Pune

The reason why this one becomes my first choice are indeed umpteen...first I love it's crazy indoor and outdoor space and facilities  along with all day cafes of my favorite delicacies, second and most importantly, it would work as a surprise to my hubby darling as his office is situated in Chakan area...thus I intend to surprise him any friday evening with my little boy and double the fun of enjoying the weekend at our favorite destination...without having wasted our precious time on travelling and post travel fatigue! Doesn't that sound cool :)

2. Le Meridien , Pune
Aahh! I fell in love with this palatial facility at the first's state-of-an-art infrastructure is truly mesmerizing and tempts me to spend a couple of days there as soon as I can...appears a perfect getaway away from home, yet very near's very ambiance satiated the writer within me, and lets the creative juices ooze out in full vigor...also, the fact that it is situated right at the very convenient location within Pune city, makes it very easy to reach to.....

3. The Corinthians Resort & Club, Pune:
This adorable 5 Star Boutique hotel seemed to me a lovely abode built to the lavish standards of a Moroccon Fairy Tale Palace with several elements of Egyptian influences....lovely enough to evoke my interests and love for it!! some site-seeing, some relaxing and indulgent eating at this spot, over a weekend, would indeed be so much fun <3

So here I am , all set to rock the holidays, in my favorite hotels...
through Cleartrip , I have made the choices best!!

The fun, the  enigma and the passion...
will indeed couple up , as these cherishable moments I fathom!!

With failing words to Cleartrip I thank deeply...
to always aid me break the shackles of monotony and enjoy at some Hotels Worthy!!

And yeah friends, with the silver lining of Diwali and than christmas/newyear break soon approaching , you too can try the within city rendezvous with exotic hotels through Cleartrip and immerse yourself in the fun and frolic for no travel cost involved! What say Peeps!  

                                                           -Truly Yours Roma

Image Courtesy:All pics used above are from Cleartrip or my personal photographs of vacations taken through Cleartrip!

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