Tuesday 14 July 2015

Awesomazing #MaxFreshMoves to Shoo away Lethargy and Monday Blues

Hey You Lovely Readers of Straight From The Heart!

Feeling Fresh???? It's Monday Morn sweethearts!! Neigh! No! is what I hear...I was probably the same until a couple of months back till I hit the new sensational #MaxFreshMove Rocking Videoes of Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda which promises vitality no matter how low you are feeling <3 Don't Trust me check out their latest Video Taazgi ka Dhamaka , a blend of sensational moves and golden Vocals <3 embedded in my previous post  My Top 10 to free you from the Shackles of monotony of life (#MaxFreshMove To Jazz up your Mood)

Enjoyed it ! I am glad you did...Like my other two earlier posts on #MaxFreshMove other than the one I just mentioned,


this one too I promise, would give you loads of Mastii, Freshness and an Absolute Full on Taazgi ka Dhamaka along with personalized steps and dance moves to Shoo away your Lethargy and Monday Blues...I have picked them up from the #MaxFreshMove video I mentioned above and named them suitably in accordance to where they can be used to freshen up the moment...Lemme now explain how..also there's a screenshot of the same below each step so that you know the exact way to enjoy it:

Step1: The Wake up Call Step
I know the 5 more minutes Syndrome when we just lie back never to be on time again that day!Woila but today I have a quick fix solution to it, right in your bed, just hold your shirt's collar or tee and sway yourself from one side to another rhytmatically but swiftly like Allu Arjun and your sleep would be gone in minutes(Grin!!)..Check this out!

Step2: The Flying Kiss Step
This one's truly special....And will help you get rid of the mentalburdens you slept with last night..In this step,you get out of bed after shooing away your sleep in the last step and throw a heartfelt flying kiss to your sweetheart or mom or baby while tip-toeing your feet from and back..Believe me the smile that you will get back will keep your day fresh and bright throughout :)

Step3: I am Ready to embrace the World Step
This move energizes you and me as we get ready to work, by showing with hands crisscrossed and curling , and legs pacing faster to show that we are Ready to embrace the World and get it Closer to our Heart without fear and pacefully...Isn't that awesome, if we'll witness closely, music and dance offers great solace an rejuvenation to life at various stages .....

Step4: Do Work The Fun Way Step
Boredom creeps in when you take your word as a Burden..avoid that an use the do work the funway step below in between works hours...here you just casually move your arms and legs towards the front and roll them back in the stylish way as shown below...Your friends too would catch on the Mastii Soon and it will be a welcome refreshing break for your all!

Step5:My Shoulders Can Take It All Step
At times we feel like giving up shouldering the infinite responsibilities at work and home...At such instances to break the Stress, try the wave step on your shoulders....This will ease out your shoulders as your focus would transfer to the difficult step (Naughty!)...remember our aim is not to get perfection but to stay happy and brimming with Taazgi always..Once we are relaxed, I am sure, Our Shoulders will Take it All and that's how this step gets it name :) :)

I loved all 5 above and don't know how secretly they sneaked in my routine and revitalized my life!! Aren't these #MaxFreshMoves Spectacular in terms of drowning us in an Ocean of Freshness!!  What Say Guys!!!!

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