Saturday 7 March 2015

Key Mantras of How To be a Woman of Substance, who does not shy away from asserting herself Straight from the Heart

Happy Women's day All you Lovely Ladies out there! 

My Heartfelt thanks to you for giving my Blog a piece of your heart...You know that you have added a new meaning and recognition to my life and make me feel so special for I connect with you Straight From the Heart...

Expression is a beautiful gesture we refrain from often...The folly undoubtedly is not ours.... Traditionally , in India,from times umpteen, girls have been taught to keep quiet, to contain our feelings for different reasons...But the times have changed and it's high time we Voice Our Opinion.....Time to shun all inhibitions lady....Express your heart out...Good or Bad, do share...and realize the Power of Expression...

It's time we bring about a paradigm shift to the way Indian woman are perceived in society....I am a staunch believer in Woman Power and have taken a deep pride in being a Modern Indian Woman...By modern undoubtedly I don't imply that I am not attached to our rich traditional roots but have grown up to be a more liberal human being with great respect for gender equality...And in my opinion, Women Empowerment and Safety are the two gravest concerns particularly in our mother nation today...We may boast of that Indian Women are even working with NASA today and hold top positions in all walks of life, walking shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts but the fact they not even comprise of a total 10% of the total female population....A majority of them still are around the poverty line, bearing all atrocities and looked down upon....It is a grave shame that we are globally among the worst hit nations by heinous crimes like female infanticide and rapes and for that matter even marital rapes....Our poor sex ratio is a clear indicative of the heart breaking fact...I am not trying to paint a grim picture friends, but just giving you a flavor of the bitter reality we all know but avoid...But all said and done, we are a part of it directly or indirectly.....No-one else but we have to be the "Face of the Change"...the Ray of Hope.

How to be that That Woman of substance, the pioneer of change, in our smallest possible way, for ourselves and many others like us, is a subject that has  always dwelled in my heart...For me the solution is  to "Express-Straight from the Heart, raise your Voice, against any atrocity on you, your friend or relative"...Yes dears, half of our pains are because we choose not to speak about them,compelled by the fear of the hypo-critic society thinking that what will people say...and because you did not speak out, you are further oppressed and the vicious circle continues..

Rise up and Say no to it, sweethearts...You indeed deserve not the better but the best...Firm your belief in yourself, realize that the road is gonna be tough and then choose to assert yourself...Below I bring to you some Key Mantras of how to be a Woman of Substance, who does not not shy away from asserting herself straight from the heart:

1.Speak your heart out and always retain your feminine sensitivities: Trust your instincts, you are the axis of your family...Speak your heart out, express, don't let your opinion and discrete feelings die in your heart...The onus of your actions lies completely on you..Your children will learn exactly what you portray to them....your talents and desires and even anguishes must be voiced...Let your family realize how special you are...Don't just be let taken for granted...Be the torchbearer of a positive change.

2.Be Confident and overcome all odds with determination: Life undoubtedly cannot be a bed of roses everyday..but don't let the thorns bleed you everyday...yearn to discover your way out of those thorns confidently and prudently and lead by example, your life will soon be filled with the smell of roses...discuss things out with family and peers...say no to any oppression and injustice of any form...and fight them out with determination.

3.When there's a will, there's a Way: It is extremely essential to create your identity is not all of us must be working, but must definitely carve out our niche in any field we excel at, to satiate our own souls...Trust me, this recognition is soul food for us and boosts are spirit incredibly...never think, it is too late, just say you can do it and you see infinite routes presenting themselves, to fulfill your dreams, darling...Speak out, what is it, that makes you stand out of the rest...

4.Be Calm and thoughtful, for a Calm Mind an overcome Anything: Stay Calm, it is the best way is to be in control...Once you will be in control, you will be able to take best stand on a situation, never express impulsively...wait, think and than speak wise..This is an attribute all great women have always exhibited..I know this is easier said than done, in one's everyday hustle-bustle and multi-tasking responsibilities but we can start by taking baby steps in the right direction...

5.Be optimistic always, life tests us everyday: Be the positive vibe...Stay positive..try to look at a situation optimistically and you will witness the ray of hope shining strongly from behind the dark clouds...Hold on to it tightly and no situation is hard to overcome..The innate achiever in you, which is still dormant, will do the rest sweets.

6. Take pride in Yourself:Last but not the least,  always and always, have your head firm on your shoulder..take pride in who you are...even if you have made a mistake, accept it politely as to err is human....but please do not accept anyone else's fault quietly...Don't sabotage your freedom to speech..Be empowered....Stay Safe...You need that powerful voice to challenge and punish the inhuman animals who subject us to such heinous crimes against humanity..Never ever think you are the weaker sex, kick them hard with your weapons of knowledge and awareness...Come Forward and awaken the "Woman of Substance" in you...

This was my take on women empowerment sweeties, just poured my heart out uninterrupted to you, I know this list is endless, you an always add up to mine....Why must we die unnoticed...for in my opinion, each one of us is a woman of substance who indeed is worth a beautiful expression Straight from the Heart...awaken your conscience darlings and don't shy away from the Spotlight you always deserved..This #HowTo post is my Tribute to each one of you Dearies!! Happy International Women's Day!!

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