Sunday 1 March 2015

Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao : A Heartfelt Tribute to My Beloved DAD

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My Dearest Readers,

This blog-post of mine is a Tribute to my beloved Dad, straight from the heart ....He is undoubtedly my admiration as well as my Inspiration....Words fail me to express my extreme gratitude to him.... Probably whatever I am today is only and only thanks to him...This is the reason why this soul-stirring video of HDFC Life of a dad and a daughter (#MyFamilyMyPride Ad Film) touches me deep inside my heart every-time I watch it the dad in this video, my dad too taught me how to stand on my own feet and be independent no matter how adversely, life's circumstances hit you...never ever give up hope <3

Had it not been the support of my dad, both me and my dreams would have perished decades ago....Yes folks, I really mean it, I was born in a backward town on Northern India and as I was born a girl child , my Granny had ordered my dad to throw me away on a nearby dustbin, when my mom was still much she despised girls, she had six of them herself (her daughters) and she forgot she herself was a girl....I fail to understand till day, how could one be so heartlessly ruthless....

But my GREAT DADDY thought otherwise...he tenderly picked his newborn in his safe arms that day and bid adieu to his mom forever promising  her that he will make his daughter what none of the boys of their family had ever become and only then return home...I remember how hard he has yearned to give me the best grooming and best education despite of the humble beginnings he had in his professional life...He was an extremely focused and sorted individual who has always planned meticulously to secure his children's future....and invested in the right Insurance Plans with the Right Organisation....always.

B. Financial Planning is the Key

It was his impeccable guidance that I always stood out of the rest and not only excelled academically but in several extra-curricular too...and whenever I was distressed and downtrodden , he has been my guiding light who always showed me the right path, no matter how difficult the path initially seemed...he has inculcated in me the never-say-die spirit to fight it out till the end...I still remember how there was a printing error on my 10th board exams' mark-sheet that had 48 marks printed in place of 98, which shattered all my dreams completely...It was my dad who trusted me and made me apply for a scrutiny and filed a case in Allahabad High Court...He stood like a pillar behind me...Thanks to his faith, I won the case and took admission in my dream institute on merit basis...I still remember his words - "Daughter! Your Daddy has saved enough to put you in an institute you desired, but I wanted you to earn it on your Merit!" ....This was the first lesson of Independence and self-reliance he gave me...He really knew "Kaise Apno Ko Apne Dam Pe Jeena Sikhaen" <3

And after that there was now, no looking back for me, with the lessons taught by daddy darling, I faced all obstacles in life head-on....At one instance which shaped my career, I missed the Counselling, where the Engineering College was to be allotted to me in accordance to my rank in All India Entrance the counselling letter reached late by a day,  in my small town....Without blinking an eyelid, I traveled overnight to reach Lucknow, at the counselling venue....Upon reaching the counselling room, it dawned upon me that my rank has long passed and I have bee marked NON TURNED UP....But by this time, I had come to know that I am "Destiny's Chosen Child", chosen by Almighty himself to be tested again and again ( yes, I mean it ).......I did not loose hope and spoke to almost all college representatives present...eventually one of the Professors of a Govt. College used his special veto to grant me a seat as my rank was 364 and all my hardwork should not go in vain......I came out of the room and informed my dad...With tears in his eyes, he lifted me in his arms...That day I had fulfilled his dream...and also he has taught me what he wanted to....yeah, he has made me independent person and a fighter who just won't QUIT.....I soon graduated to become an Automobile Engineer with an awesome international career ahead.....

C. Me with Honda Cars Colleagues

And guess what when I received my Gold Medal for B.Tech Honors my dad brought in my Granny for the Award ceremony...For the First time , my Granny hugged me....I am glad I became the pioneer of this change in her mindset , all thanks to my GREAT DADDY <3 <3 ...... HE HAS REALLY TAUGHT ME "APNE DAM PE JEENA"....

Truly he is a man of great wisdom,who deserves special mention... I can never forget how he cornered himself from all the pleasures of the world, to give me the best education.....He worked so hard all through his life, to make me stand on my own feet... He used to walk 12 kilometers if I needed some important book for my studies, to save the money spent on rickshaw...Yet he used to teach poor children for free in the evenings for  he always believed that only educated people can build a strong nation and society...It is not that he did not have money, he hated wasting money.......He is a apostle of unconditional love, never ever spent a penny on himself, and has taught me how to respect all, how simple it is to forgive and to save and insure for the grey days always....He motivated me to dance and complete my Diploma in Bharatnatyam because he knew I loved it.... I drive my philanthropic urge too from him...He is my teacher, my guru, my best friend..need nothing in life, save a dad like him…

His uncountable sacrifices have borne fruits and so has his financial planning with right organisations like HDFC Life which never made me feel the dearth of resources, in marching ahead to fulfill my dreams...Today I am a successful professional, an automobile engineer,a blogger, a passionate bharatnatyam dancer as well as a doting mother of a 5 year old, only thanks to him..Am so proud of you dad and love being always called a “DADDY'S GIRL”....I repeat, words really fail me to express my gratitude to you for teaching me how to live life on "APNE DAM PE"…confidently.

Here is a message for my dad, from the core of my heart , my note of gratitude to him:

"Thank you dear dad,
For not only giving me life,
But also teaching me, how to make it worthwhile!
For not only teaching me how to walk,
But also, how to plan life's most difficult paths!
For not only inculcating in me my first thoughts,
But also, the deep strength to fight no matter what circumstances befall!
For not only hugging me whenever I fell,
But also for the unconditional love which is still filled in my heart!
Whatever I am today is only because of you,
Dear dad, thank you......!!
Rearing my child,exactly like you taught me...
With every passing day, I admire you more n more, dear daddy !!”

Here, I also express my heartfelt gratefulness to HDFC Life Team and IndiBlogger Family for giving me this lovely opportunity to express my gratitude to my dad for teaching me to live "Apne Dam Pe"......

As a parent, I wish to do exactly the same for my little boy and am proud to partner with the trustworthy HDFC Life for the same!!

"This post is exclusively written with reference to Indiblogger Happy Hours in association with "HDFC Life "

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