Friday 27 February 2015

Why only upgrade your CAR , upgrade your complete Lifestyle with Quick NXT!!

Hey Folks!

Life is beautiful indeed and I believe in living it beautifully too, to it's fullest always...This is the reason I never let it go monotonous and always keep planning some welcome changes to add flavor to it....yeah, change is the only finite in my life..whether it is an abrupt weekend trekking expedition or a plan to redo the interiors of my sweet home....these challenges add spice and pleasure to my life...

Another change I have been contemplating for a while now and is on my mind like hell is upgrading my car.....The time seems ideal too, for march being the Appraisal linked bonus month, I have extra cash in hand  to give wings to my dreams...And as usual for this, I would place my trust on my most trusted partner for years and the Biggest Online Platform for buying an selling goods "Quikr"....Being a change-fanatic, I have often got rid of my used stuff through it and purchased really desirable stuff at appropriate prices right from King-size bed and sofas to electronic gadgets...Mostly the trade-off has been pleasant barring a few circumstances when I have received some non sense calls by some lads uselessly....Also, a couple of times, I felt sucked up answering the unending calls and requests to keep sending more details or pics or to negotiate....But I am so so glad today, that with the next generation Quikr, I mean their Quikr NXT App, I am rid of all the issues that earlier boggled me and made my husband repeatedly warn me for safety as my contact number was available publically.....Thanks Quikr for resolving all my problems so "quicker"..You will undoubtedly remain my favorite forever....For my next dream , too, I am relying to you :)

B.Triple Benefits

So guys, I am now up the humongous task of upgrading my car thru' Quikr NXT (which I expect the smart Quikr NXT to make a cakewalk) and also wish to strike a impeccable deal...

To do the same, I have two ways, One thru' dealers on Quikr NXT, who will facilitate disposing off my old car as well as buying the premium car I desire to buy next, but this way the options at hand become limited, in my opinion....On the other hand, I may choose to sell my car and buy a new upgraded car separately with potential buyers and sellers...For this, I will have to invest a little extra time but get umpteen number of options and somehow I have always relied on this type of upgradation... Here, I will first need to post an ad of my existing car with all details (BRAND, YEAR OF MANUFACTURE, SPECIFICATIONS, PICS , MY CITY ETC, THE MORE THE BETTER) and the desired price, the step which I have just completed...I am sure I will be flooded with potential buyers pings to chat and I am glad I will be able to reply back at leisure without altering other urgent or important tasks and decide on a mutually convenient time....

C. Diverse Categories to post your Ads in

After that, I will scan thoroughly all the ads of cars in the premium segment I wish to upgrade to in my city or nearby places put up by potential sellers....I will keep my search open so that I can meticulously arrive at the most value for money offer...As I am not a brand-enthusiast but want simply the best for me in my means....

When I will have zeroed upon, the ones I would like to buy...I will ping their owners using the CHAT NOW option n the right,as shown above...Quikr NXT imparts us an (1) excellent opportunity to multitask, where we can chat with multiple potential buyers and sellers at the same time, thus saving a lot of valuable time on either side...after all time is money...

During the chat (2)all the critical information that is shared from either side is recorded that can be used for future reference in-case any ambiguity arises at a later date, which is an excellent feature of Quikr NXT and prevents any kind of dispute....

Also , (3) a direct exchange of all information and pictures etc means I can resolve all my queries or answer all of them in one go...which gives us the comfort of making a decision on facts and not assumptions in real time without postponing...

G.Saves Quality Time as well as fulfills Dreams
The fact that our phone numbers can be kept private not only (4) ensures safely but also frees me from the clutches of untimely bombardment of calls for negotiating the price etc which sometimes left me so confused in the past that I forgot the original price I quoted.....Also, this at times got frustrating as a multi-tasking working mommy, who has a run for time always...and the calls really disturbed...But now mamma ad baby can have a quality time as well as mamma can choose to avoid calls and get to answer the chats at a suitable time..

After having a chat with all the potential buyers of my car and the ones whose cars I am interested in, My Quikr NXT gives me the (5) ease to go back in the chat history and revisit and evaluate all offers and pick the best one with a cool mind without any mental pressure or human intervention....
E. Extremely Trustworthy

And Yeah I forgot to mention, we can connect to the potential buyers and sellers  thru' a chat across (6)  Quikr's mobile app, mobile site and even its desktop site, the device is absolutely no bar....Buy, Sell, Find at your own comfort, at a mutually suitable time now with Quikr NXT and without involving any risk...

F.Ahead of  Times App
I will thus sell my car at the best negotiated price and pool in my bonus to buy my dream car at the best available price...What an ideal way to upgrade my car, all thanks to the fantastic and undoubtedly admirable next generation APP - Quikr Nxt... (6)It makes the whole process so user-friendly <3 , it almost feels like a cakewalk....If you are planning to upgrade your car, there can't be a better way !

Hats off!! To the Passionate Team behind this admirable futuristic innovation...Quikr Nxt

So what are you waiting for guys n gals! Become a part of this great revolution !

Why only upgrade your CAR , upgrade your complete Lifestyle with Quick NXT!

Afterall with Quikr Nxt " NO FIKAR, CHAT QUIKR" !!

A . A Fantastic Futuristic App

"This post is exclusively written with reference to Indiblogger Happy Hours in association with Quikr "

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B, C,D, E, F,G : Screenshots of Quikr NXT App and My pic with my little Sonny

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