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Why only upgrade your CAR , upgrade your complete Lifestyle with Quick NXT!!

Hey Folks!

Life is beautiful indeed and I believe in living it beautifully too, to it's fullest always...This is the reason I never let it go monotonous and always keep planning some welcome changes to add flavor to it....yeah, change is the only finite in my life..whether it is an abrupt weekend trekking expedition or a plan to redo the interiors of my sweet home....these challenges add spice and pleasure to my life...

Another change I have been contemplating for a while now and is on my mind like hell is upgrading my car.....The time seems ideal too, for march being the Appraisal linked bonus month, I have extra cash in hand  to give wings to my dreams...And as usual for this, I would place my trust on my most trusted partner for years and the Biggest Online Platform for buying an selling goods "Quikr"....Being a change-fanatic, I have often got rid of my used stuff through it and purchased really desirable stuff at appropriate prices right from King-size bed and sofas to electronic gadgets...Mostly the trade-off has been pleasant barring a few circumstances when I have received some non sense calls by some lads uselessly....Also, a couple of times, I felt sucked up answering the unending calls and requests to keep sending more details or pics or to negotiate....But I am so so glad today, that with the next generation Quikr, I mean their Quikr NXT App, I am rid of all the issues that earlier boggled me and made my husband repeatedly warn me for safety as my contact number was available publically.....Thanks Quikr for resolving all my problems so "quicker"..You will undoubtedly remain my favorite forever....For my next dream , too, I am relying to you :)

B.Triple Benefits

So guys, I am now up the humongous task of upgrading my car thru' Quikr NXT (which I expect the smart Quikr NXT to make a cakewalk) and also wish to strike a impeccable deal...

To do the same, I have two ways, One thru' dealers on Quikr NXT, who will facilitate disposing off my old car as well as buying the premium car I desire to buy next, but this way the options at hand become limited, in my opinion....On the other hand, I may choose to sell my car and buy a new upgraded car separately with potential buyers and sellers...For this, I will have to invest a little extra time but get umpteen number of options and somehow I have always relied on this type of upgradation... Here, I will first need to post an ad of my existing car with all details (BRAND, YEAR OF MANUFACTURE, SPECIFICATIONS, PICS , MY CITY ETC, THE MORE THE BETTER) and the desired price, the step which I have just completed...I am sure I will be flooded with potential buyers pings to chat and I am glad I will be able to reply back at leisure without altering other urgent or important tasks and decide on a mutually convenient time....

C. Diverse Categories to post your Ads in

After that, I will scan thoroughly all the ads of cars in the premium segment I wish to upgrade to in my city or nearby places put up by potential sellers....I will keep my search open so that I can meticulously arrive at the most value for money offer...As I am not a brand-enthusiast but want simply the best for me in my means....

When I will have zeroed upon, the ones I would like to buy...I will ping their owners using the CHAT NOW option n the right,as shown above...Quikr NXT imparts us an (1) excellent opportunity to multitask, where we can chat with multiple potential buyers and sellers at the same time, thus saving a lot of valuable time on either side...after all time is money...

During the chat (2)all the critical information that is shared from either side is recorded that can be used for future reference in-case any ambiguity arises at a later date, which is an excellent feature of Quikr NXT and prevents any kind of dispute....

Also , (3) a direct exchange of all information and pictures etc means I can resolve all my queries or answer all of them in one go...which gives us the comfort of making a decision on facts and not assumptions in real time without postponing...

G.Saves Quality Time as well as fulfills Dreams
The fact that our phone numbers can be kept private not only (4) ensures safely but also frees me from the clutches of untimely bombardment of calls for negotiating the price etc which sometimes left me so confused in the past that I forgot the original price I quoted.....Also, this at times got frustrating as a multi-tasking working mommy, who has a run for time always...and the calls really disturbed...But now mamma ad baby can have a quality time as well as mamma can choose to avoid calls and get to answer the chats at a suitable time..

After having a chat with all the potential buyers of my car and the ones whose cars I am interested in, My Quikr NXT gives me the (5) ease to go back in the chat history and revisit and evaluate all offers and pick the best one with a cool mind without any mental pressure or human intervention....
E. Extremely Trustworthy

And Yeah I forgot to mention, we can connect to the potential buyers and sellers  thru' a chat across (6)  Quikr's mobile app, mobile site and even its desktop site, the device is absolutely no bar....Buy, Sell, Find at your own comfort, at a mutually suitable time now with Quikr NXT and without involving any risk...

F.Ahead of  Times App
I will thus sell my car at the best negotiated price and pool in my bonus to buy my dream car at the best available price...What an ideal way to upgrade my car, all thanks to the fantastic and undoubtedly admirable next generation APP - Quikr Nxt... (6)It makes the whole process so user-friendly <3 , it almost feels like a cakewalk....If you are planning to upgrade your car, there can't be a better way !

Hats off!! To the Passionate Team behind this admirable futuristic innovation...Quikr Nxt

So what are you waiting for guys n gals! Become a part of this great revolution !

Why only upgrade your CAR , upgrade your complete Lifestyle with Quick NXT!

Afterall with Quikr Nxt " NO FIKAR, CHAT QUIKR" !!

A . A Fantastic Futuristic App

"This post is exclusively written with reference to Indiblogger Happy Hours in association with Quikr "

Image Credits :
A: IndibloggerQuikr
B, C,D, E, F,G : Screenshots of Quikr NXT App and My pic with my little Sonny

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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Dare to stand out of the rest, as Mesmerising 2015 Prom Dresses have Arrived

Hi Sweets,

Love You All!!!

I am a staunch believer in Woman Power and have always taken a deep pride in being a Modern Day Capable Woman.....With the Women's Day around the corner, I feel it definitely marks a significant occasion to gift ourselves some love and pamper, quite much well deserved....And nothing could soothe our souls better than a beautiful Prom Dress :)

Keeping up with my promise to bring to you the latest and the hottest fashion trends from around the Globe, today in this series I feel privileged to unveil to you the newly arrived, the gorgeous, the mesmerising  "PROM DRESSES 2015" Collection by one of the most admired Fashion websites, undoubtedly my personal favorite...It goes without saying that, am madly in love with these spell-binding, astoundingly beautiful and show stopper Dresses....

Yes, they have a dress for every occasion, every body type, every length, every color beautifully an passionately crafted for the lovely damsel in us , beautifully laid under different menus making it absolutely easy for us to run through and take our pick...I have detailed on this on my earlier post on Promtimes, do take a peep.....

An today, let's together have a rendezvous with their latest collection of "2015 PROM DRESSES", which are a class above, for , there team constantly works round the clock to bring out the best-in-class Prom Dresses affordable by one and all...These lovely  "PROM DRESSES 2015" are perfectly categorized under several heads as shown below and thus you may head straight to the section whose dress has been on your mind for a while now, thus saving your precious time and place the order at once...For.e.g. if you wanna flaunt a VINTAGE PROM DRESSES at a special screening or event you may head straight to that category in the main menu and find a dream-outfit at just one click...

Also, if you liked a particular design but want to order it another color of your choice , does it for you , and also customizes the outfit as per your size, exactly like your personal stylist.

Furthermore, here is something very special I noticed about this website which is praise-worthy....Sometimes when we are a little plump we miss on flaunting our curves in the lovely Prom Dresses as our sizes are not available but with Promtimes, Dearies shooo away those depressing thoughts...As at you can comfortably order your favorite PLUS SIZE PROM DRESSES too....

Can't keep you waiting more, here's a Peek-a-Boo to some of my favorites from the lovely "PROM DRESSES 2015" <3 <3

1. This Scoop Sleeveless Knee-length Red Prom/Cocktail Dress was love at first sight for me....Do we need an occasion to flaunt this one lovelies..we would rather create umpteen number of occasions to clad this to perfection and paint the town red <3

 2. What say lovelies, isn't this Bateau Short Short/Mini Cheap Blue Prom/Cocktail Dress an absolute treat to possess one :)....I am bowled over in sheer admiration to this one...The oomph of this dress can drive many hearts crazy <3

3. This lovely party outfit Bateau Short Short/Mini Cheap Royal Blue Prom/Cocktail Dress is an absolute stunner...the fabric of this handmade occasion dress is lightweight and comfortable, perfect for special occasions...undoubtedly a perfect showstopper look :)

4. I picked this one up from the CHEAP PROM DRESSES category but this pretty pink Fashionable A-line One Shoulder Sleeveless Knee-length Pink Chiffon Prom Dress is quite unlike it's name absolute awe-inspiring, subtle an perfect for an ideal lunch late...What say beauties...the softness of the dresses in indicative of our soft hearts indeed (why mention the price).

5.Last but not the least, whenever I plan a wardrobe makeover, what I can never live without is a LBD, my wardrobe always seems incomplete without a little black dress and I am glad I found so many of them at I am sure this adorable Scoop Sleeveless Short/Mini Cheap Black Prom/Cocktail Dress will enrich any one's collection beyond doubt...

All in all I rate this website high up in catering to our fashion needs in quite a satisfactory way an at an absolutely affordable price and in pace with the Global Fashion Trends <3 

Icing on the cake is they are running a crazy 75% discount on their website at the moment...what else can one desire for, so lovelies if this review has left you completely awe-struck, do check out the "PROM DRESSES 2015" collection at now...Promise you it's gonna be an absolute 

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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Straight From the Heart's #HAPPYSEMIANNIVERSARY Giveaway

My Dearest Readers!

All My Love for You,

Hey Folks, my heart is filled with immense joy as I celebrate ‪#‎HAPPYSEMIANNIVERSARY‬ of my Blog today heart emoticon heart emoticon and the celebrations are incomplete without felicitating you my esteemed readers smile emoticon smile emoticon So here I bring you an adorable contest for us to reciprocate our deep love for each other heart emoticon heart emoticon This is just a humble beginning of our long journey together heart emoticon

So here I announce Straight From the Heart's #HAPPYSEMIANNIVERSARY Giveaway to you, a Simplest ever contest to grab 1K SALOON VOUCHERS AND GIFT CARDS:

Here are the rules of the contest :

1. Like and share this FB page STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART and the CONTEST POST.
2. Follow us on GFC
3.Tag 10 Friends in the comments section below the contest post at STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART
4. Your active participation and sharing is the key.
5. All earlier winners of STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART are equally eligible to win..

All the best my dears!! Rock the Show :) Love u all immensely...................

Monday, 23 February 2015

Results : The valentine's #LoveExpressions Giveaway !!

So Folks, Hold your breadth here comes the announcement of the results of #LoveExpressions valentine's Giveaway <3 <3

Your lovely responses and expressions undoubtedly touched our hearts and if it would have been in our hands, we would have made all of you a winner :) :) But as we have to pick up one, we have chosen the lady who have submitted her two lovely poetic compositions for her beloved undisputedly Straight From The Heart <3 <3

Kudos to the Winner <3 <3 ....YOGITA AMIT JOSHI...Here are her winning entry 1 : and entry2: for you to have a glance at....

Those who haven't won but are loyal readers of  the Blog, Pls dont loose hope..You may win the couple movie tickets we are giving to a lucky couple as valentine gift <3 <3...Also all your hardwork is noted and all the loyal fans of the giveaway will undoubtedly be rewarded :)

Pls Note next Giveaway announcement coming up soon...

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Adding Lustre to my Life by Adding Lustre to my Hair: "Garnier Fructis Happy Hair Challenge"

Hey Sweets!

Tonnes of love to you for giving my blog buckets full of love...I will always yearn my heart out to bring to you the best and like I promised, something that truly deserves an expression Straight From the heart <3

It means a lot to me to have these candid heart-to-heart conversations with you through a new blog post almost everyday...Today I have chosen to speak to you about an awesome Garnier Triple Nutrition's Happy Hair Challenge which I have taken up recently....

The reason is simple....My hair journey has almost been like the famous O.Henry tale - "Two Gifts" where the lovely damsel Rapunzel's biggest asset her knee long admirable hair were reduced to shoulder steps like mine...except for the difference that she had sold them to buy a gift for her beloved while I have slowly lost their lustre and quality to growing stress ...Feels really bad, from being mamma's princess with ravishing hair that even passersby gazed at in admiration, today I  have lost the quantity as well as quality to be termed a gal of average hair :(....Isn't that too early in start thirties for me...

I have actually taken them too much for granted until recently when I realized they seriously need my attention and dedicated hair care now...I now realize how mamma use to oil and massage them one night in advance before washing them off with Garner Fructic Shampoo, the green bottle, all of us can easily recall....Gazing at my lustreless lifeless tresses today, I decided to go back to mommy's trust...Incidentally this is when I also came across the Garnier Triple Nutrition Hair Challenge....I immediately realized this could be a life-saviour for me so have taken it up proudly....because for me lovely silky hair are an essential part of one's persona....

Current Condition of my Hair and my concerns I wish to address: My biggest concern at the moment is my hair are dull and lack the silk softness and lustre which they once boasted of..I don't have split ends or hairfall  but my hair growth is slow which is extremely worrying as I love to change my hair styles quite frequently...I want my hair to gain back the sheen and length and thickness...

Another reason of trusting Garnier over other brands was my earlier experience with Garnier products like Garnier Pure Active Neem which has reduced my pimples considerably...You may read the my review of this product here:

So I hold the Garnier Products high up in my eyes....
I now trust, it is time for my favorite Brand Garnier's Hair Care products to impart life to my lustre-less hair and I really look forward to some wonderful results through this worthy challenge....
As a part of Garnier Triple Nutrition's Happy Hair Challenge, I have self-evaluated the current state of my hair in a consolidated which I will be testing the the two awesome Garnier hair Care Products - over a 30 days span again ...First before use for certain basic parameters and than after...The two products Garnier Triple Nutrition Shampoo and Garnier Triple Nutrition Conditioner are already in my hands and here's my Prima-Facie evaluation of the two :

1.Aesthetics: I rate it 10/10 for the ergonomically designed fluorescent orange bottles catch your attention at the very first glance. 

2. Fragrance: as I opened the bottles I was greeted with the same awesomely freshening smell that I have known for years....and like I have always said for all Garnier products, it 's smell makes  me feel like a fish relaxing in its pure habitat in a hot afternoon....I love it, it is neither mild nor strong...extremely soothing...

3. Packaging:  Since the lids are of flip flop design, there must be a seal or sticker on the product to be removed by the end customer, to prevent any abuse or leakage issues during logistics...

4. Viscosity: Both the shampoo n conditioner are viscous enough for us to be able to hold on our palms and not flow out from the sides when we rub them once between our palms before applying on our hair....very meticulously tested...thanks to the passionate R&D Team...

5. Advice n Instructions: The directions to use as well as the ingredients are legibly printed on the bottles which is right in the sense that some people may be allergic to certain substances...My earnest advice to all 

6. Cost: Last but not the least, is the price of the product which definitely has a good say when we choose a product and in my opinion at INR 135 each they make an excellent value for money products...

So dearies this was my first hand evaluation of what seems to me an excellent product my next post on the same topic in 30 days from now, I will be expressing straight from the heart my views on the quality of the products as well as how long they go in imparting life to my lustre-less hair and made them happy...

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Delightful Mammamia Times with Baby Darling: Our Bedtime Rituals

Hola Sweets!!

Here I am once again extremely elated to talk to you straight from the heart, about undoubtedly one of the most beautiful chapter of my Motherhood Files - My baby's Bedtime Rituals.... every sweet moment of which is getting forever etched on my memory....

B. My baby ARSH

You would agree with me dearies that some feelings are extremely special to us girls....Such as the news of coming to know I am soon gonna be called "Mamma"....the moment I heard it,  it tinkled my soul, and my heart was swollen out of pure crazy happiness.."That day a Mother was born in Me"...many months before My baby was ...I felt so so beautiful that day...That day also started my sweet little fantasies of being a MAMMAMIA....

I crazily planned the umpteen number of stuff we'll do together each day....I dreamt of the mushy mushy time, the chatty chatty time and the cozy bedtime where momma n d baby with lay a strong foundation of their everlasting friendship ...I may sound insane but yes, I use to imagine all those giggling and chirping together during pregnancy and smiled to myself colleagues at work did notice this a couple of times and did not spare me in the lunch time..their cracks of laughter made me blush...

Time elapsed and my tiny angel entered the world...I was absolutely ecstatic to hold him in my arms..Words fail me to describe that divine moment....I smiled and smiled and tears kept rolling from my heart sang in those mesmerizing moments and that day my life transformed...I had exactly 5 months of maternity leave to get back to my full-time Product Designer's Job in Ikea of Sweden and in these 5 months I have decided to give my baby the best....
C. Mushy Mushy Time

As a perfectly balanced mom, I wanted to flood him with oodles of tender love as well as set the right foundation for his proper nurturing and growth...for I always knew my baby has been hearing and understanding me from the time he has been within me...

And so the regime for my little prince was crisp ready, the most important undoubtedly being the bedtime rituals...Yes I mean it mommies and my reasons are indeed not one...

D. Anything for this Priceless Laughter in bedtime
The most important being what my mom taught me and to her probably her mom that this is when we are laying the values in our babies..At this moment they are only listening and whatever we'll tell them will forever be implanted in their brains...Also, scientifically if I will have healthy and fun-filled bedtime rituals with the apple of my eye, that will give my little wonder a sound sleep absolutely imperative for his adequate growth and development...So here I roll out the script of my simple 5 Point Delightful Mammamia Bedtime Rituals Plan for my Adorable Pie:

Ritual1: Perfect Dress Up

First things First, before putting my delicate darling to sleep,I give him a soak in warm water and then a  tender gentle massage of baby lotion, all the while talking nand smiling to him, to relax his muscles completely... I than ensure he is gently, comfortably and hygienically dressed...can't afford to miss any of the three...What I mostly preferred was a loose cotton night suit with the pyjamas worn over Pampers from day1 starting with the zero size (pardon me since we have trusted Pampers from start the term diapers and Pampers are almost synonymous for us )...I always ensured that the size of diapers was in accordance to my baby's waist size so that it neither leaked due to being too loose or too tight and thus make my sonny uncomfortable...I have taken double care to ensure proper hygiene is maintained to save my baby from undue infections and touchwood, Pampers have lived up to it's name in all quality standards...The magic gel technology in the Pamper Baby Pants has given my prince uncountable comfortable dry nights...Infact the baby in this astoundingly awesome video of Pamper Pants embedded below, reminds me of my little cutie pie...

After dressing up, we are ready for bedtime, so we swiftly move on to our next ritual :)...The mood is all set for the fun time to begin and our Peek-a-boo and tickling and playing will continue all the while , throughout all the rituals.... 

Ritual2: Gratitude to God

So now mommy and sonny will offer prayers our way to do is by playing soft Sai Bhajans on ipad in the background and mom hums it for his sweetheart and also tells him that we must be grateful to God and that God teaches us to help the poor....Trust me my kiddo was always that he has just started speaking, I feel so glad when he sings(rather tries) the lovely hymns with the audio during the bedtime...and also expresses his heart out to God every night in broken grammar-less words like he has seen his mom do everyday....I get a feeling my upbringing is probably on the right track..

Ritual3: Early Learning Practices In Funway

After prayers, mamma enacts a story for my baby and also tells him what is the message that story gives us without fail..This story is tailormade for him by me according to his range varies from panchatantras to fairy-tales and some times some indigenous him the first lessons of his which he cooes and smiles as if he knows it all...nevertheless it gives me immense satisfaction....and probably well deserved lessons to him as he grows up...

Ritual4: Mushy Mushy Cuddling Time  

Aah and after so much of hard-work, it's cuddling time where daddy darling sneaks in and all three of us hug and kiss and enjoy some minutes of perfect Mushy-Mushy time and laugh our hearts out together ......I love weaving these sweet memories in the beautiful  and enriching journey called life, they eventually give us the energy later to sail through the rougher times ...In this fun time I also tell him about the different relations in life and their significance which is otherwise lost in a nuclear family setup in a nutshell.

Ritual5: Lullaby with Mom's Midas Touch 

And Finally while nursing him the last feed of the day, I hum my favorite lullabies to him to my heart's content...I am sure which connects to his heart too as he softly slides into his world of dreams falling fast asleep...I finish my song even if he has slept but gradually reducing the volume, playing with his tiny fingers and caressing them softly only to reassure him that Mamma is always there :)...I finish my Bedtime ritual with implanting the most gentle kiss on the forehead of the angel, God's bestest ever Gift to me <3

Ofcourse I slightly abridge this routine as per his mood or when he is not well and also revise it with his growing needs, the entire idea is to spend an heart-to-heart hour with my baby every day no matter how old he grows...As he will grow, so will our bond thus strengthening our friendship all the more....This would give my kiddo the security that no matter how adverse the situation is , his mom is always with him and he can share his heart out to her, as a bedtime ritual...without she judging him but being his guiding angel...

Isn't that absolutely fantastic! For me it is quite satiating as a multi-tasking working mom, who arrives back from work in the evening but looks forward everyday to this special hour.......And I trust my little one feels the same indeed...

Our Bedtime Rituals undoubtedly delights and unites Mammamia and her Baby Darling!!

A. Mamma's Pride - Pampers

"This post is exclusively written with reference to Indiblogger Happy Hours in association with Pampers Baby Dry Pants"

Image Credits :
A: Indiblogger, Pamper Baby Dry Pants
B, C,D : Self (my baby pictures)

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Steal all Hearts Straight Away by Flaunting these Mesmerising Prom Dresses by PromTimes

Hey all you lovelies out there! 
I have a treat of awesomeness here today, for the Fashionistas in you!
Today I am gonna live my dream with you and lets together carve out a means to make it come true...

I am a Indian Simpleton (with a keen eye for global fashion though),like many of us, who has always imagined herself dressed up as a pretty princess of a fairy tale narrated by Granny..n my my the perfect look, inspired more so from the fairy tales books gifted by daddy darling, was always fresh in my heart...n so to say it is still alive at a safe place in my heart <3

But as I stumbled on this eye-catching Par Excellence fashion website with gorgeous Prom Dresses for all occasions, I almost instantly like the pretty damsel of my childhood has come alive and now I can be one of those lovely best dressed if my dreams have got wings to materialize them...

Yes, my dears, it is undoubtedly no exaggeration that this website offers an astoundingly admirable range of elegant dresses or umpteen number of occasions..You name the occasion, whether it is for a lovely Prom night or a mesmerizing evening with your date you can definitely find an adorable one from there huge online catalog which is beautifully sorted and arranged under different menus to make it most customer friendly and requirement-oriented....

I was extremely impressed by the umpteen number of ways I can scan the intricately designed dresses to reach my most favorite one and place the order....Fore.g. in choosing a perfect bridesmaid dress for myself, under the category, I can devour myself with the most popular option, or a low-high/high-low price option or check on the new arrivals to stand out of the rest..

And this is not all, the icing on the cake is for every dress , they customize it perfectly for you, after all the princess in you deserves that pamper....For instance you may choose to order the design you have liked in the color of your choice and made to your size until perfection..You may also choose to add your comments therein if any....Wow, won't you love all that attention <3

Also, they are absolutely transparent and extremely quick in responding to all your queries...This is my personal experience.for every purchase of yours they give you an estimated arrival date too thus making shopping multi-dimensionally convenient to us...

Below I bring my personal favorites from their passionately crafted spell binding range, giving you a flavour of what magnificent Prom Dresses they offer:

  • And here's the royal enriched in all glitteriza, A-line Scoop Sleevess Lace Floor-length Blue Chiffon Prom Dress which maked it the  most ardent pick for a Party Bash <3

  • Tantadan and if you are the cool self who loves to me defined in the serine(royal) white, I love this Impeccable Floral White Aline Dress, undoubtedly the most sought after look of the current times <3 ...Not quite your types, you may chooses from hundreds of other styles and patterns...

Left completely awestruck..Hurry, logon to choose one for yourself....They are currently  running a whooping discount of upto 75% ... it definitely can't get better than this :) ..Take your pick :)

You may also logon to their Facebook page Pdressuk and catch a glimpse at the gorgeous looks and transform your dreams into reality at the click of your Fingertip....And that too at an exceptionally Value for Money Price, thus pampering your souls with some tender love from Promtimes <3 <3 

ENJOY SHOPPING FOLKS!! We"ll keep bringing to you the latest global trends  and their destinations :) :) without Fail.....TrulyYoursRoma

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Monday, 16 February 2015

GUEST POST : Make Online Shopping more Interesting on Saving some Bucks

Dear Readers,

we are proud to pioneer the Guest Posts Section on our Blog, and the same are most welcome from you..the first onboard is a Useful and Worthy guest post By: it goes....

CouponKoz says: " Gone are the days where shopping is a task which need to be preplanned. Looking for holidays, free times, places to shop, stores with offers, etc  is jeopardized throughout the shopping scenario and at the end of the day end up with tiredness and slip into sleep. This regular way of shopping has now taken a sharp turn of online shopping.

When compared to the manual way of shopping the first stress booster in online shopping is relief from preplan. The moment the idea of shopping crops into your mind just grab a system and go for a few clicks for the product you need. If we had to address few of the benefits of online shopping then they are:
  • No need to look for a holiday
  • No travel required which saves lot of time, if you are a 4 wheeler commuter then traffic and parking is a big chaotical job to perform. If you are a 2 wheeler commuter they are many issues like pollution, sun tan etc matters.
  • No need to think about a salesman’s patience in displaying things necessary.
  • No need to shuffle shops for the required product
  • Saves lot of time and energy
  • No burden of carrying loads where the required item gets delivered to our door step.

    They are sites which displays offer on various products, store-wise, category-wise etc like ,  etc. The offers displayed in these sites help in getting discounts on the actual price of the product.
Having said about the offers on products I would love to specify a few offers like:

·         End of season sale on clothes, shoes and accessories; get 70% off at Amazon-India.
·         Valentine day offer get 50% off on precious jewellery at Flipkart.
·         Jabong offers for Valentine’s day; Flat 30% off +15% cashback applicable on mobikwik wallet transaction
·         Special gifts offer for him & her by Snapdeal. Flat 80% off
·         Flat 50% off at Myntra on all sale items

All you need to do is click on the relevant coupon copy the coupon code and submit it at the checkout page in the respective box, see for the amount reduced on the actual price and pay only for the amount after discount. Look for the product getting delivered at your door step in a couple of days, you also have free shipping coupons using which the item is shipped without spending a single penny on it.

Have such an online shopping experience at ease and give us a feedback whether this concept worked or not. Happy Online Shopping with huge savings!
Make Online Shopping more Interesting on Saving some Bucks"

Pls feel free to raise your queries in the comments below .......