Wednesday 18 February 2015

Delightful Mammamia Times with Baby Darling: Our Bedtime Rituals

Hola Sweets!!

Here I am once again extremely elated to talk to you straight from the heart, about undoubtedly one of the most beautiful chapter of my Motherhood Files - My baby's Bedtime Rituals.... every sweet moment of which is getting forever etched on my memory....

B. My baby ARSH

You would agree with me dearies that some feelings are extremely special to us girls....Such as the news of coming to know I am soon gonna be called "Mamma"....the moment I heard it,  it tinkled my soul, and my heart was swollen out of pure crazy happiness.."That day a Mother was born in Me"...many months before My baby was ...I felt so so beautiful that day...That day also started my sweet little fantasies of being a MAMMAMIA....

I crazily planned the umpteen number of stuff we'll do together each day....I dreamt of the mushy mushy time, the chatty chatty time and the cozy bedtime where momma n d baby with lay a strong foundation of their everlasting friendship ...I may sound insane but yes, I use to imagine all those giggling and chirping together during pregnancy and smiled to myself colleagues at work did notice this a couple of times and did not spare me in the lunch time..their cracks of laughter made me blush...

Time elapsed and my tiny angel entered the world...I was absolutely ecstatic to hold him in my arms..Words fail me to describe that divine moment....I smiled and smiled and tears kept rolling from my heart sang in those mesmerizing moments and that day my life transformed...I had exactly 5 months of maternity leave to get back to my full-time Product Designer's Job in Ikea of Sweden and in these 5 months I have decided to give my baby the best....
C. Mushy Mushy Time

As a perfectly balanced mom, I wanted to flood him with oodles of tender love as well as set the right foundation for his proper nurturing and growth...for I always knew my baby has been hearing and understanding me from the time he has been within me...

And so the regime for my little prince was crisp ready, the most important undoubtedly being the bedtime rituals...Yes I mean it mommies and my reasons are indeed not one...

D. Anything for this Priceless Laughter in bedtime
The most important being what my mom taught me and to her probably her mom that this is when we are laying the values in our babies..At this moment they are only listening and whatever we'll tell them will forever be implanted in their brains...Also, scientifically if I will have healthy and fun-filled bedtime rituals with the apple of my eye, that will give my little wonder a sound sleep absolutely imperative for his adequate growth and development...So here I roll out the script of my simple 5 Point Delightful Mammamia Bedtime Rituals Plan for my Adorable Pie:

Ritual1: Perfect Dress Up

First things First, before putting my delicate darling to sleep,I give him a soak in warm water and then a  tender gentle massage of baby lotion, all the while talking nand smiling to him, to relax his muscles completely... I than ensure he is gently, comfortably and hygienically dressed...can't afford to miss any of the three...What I mostly preferred was a loose cotton night suit with the pyjamas worn over Pampers from day1 starting with the zero size (pardon me since we have trusted Pampers from start the term diapers and Pampers are almost synonymous for us )...I always ensured that the size of diapers was in accordance to my baby's waist size so that it neither leaked due to being too loose or too tight and thus make my sonny uncomfortable...I have taken double care to ensure proper hygiene is maintained to save my baby from undue infections and touchwood, Pampers have lived up to it's name in all quality standards...The magic gel technology in the Pamper Baby Pants has given my prince uncountable comfortable dry nights...Infact the baby in this astoundingly awesome video of Pamper Pants embedded below, reminds me of my little cutie pie...

After dressing up, we are ready for bedtime, so we swiftly move on to our next ritual :)...The mood is all set for the fun time to begin and our Peek-a-boo and tickling and playing will continue all the while , throughout all the rituals.... 

Ritual2: Gratitude to God

So now mommy and sonny will offer prayers our way to do is by playing soft Sai Bhajans on ipad in the background and mom hums it for his sweetheart and also tells him that we must be grateful to God and that God teaches us to help the poor....Trust me my kiddo was always that he has just started speaking, I feel so glad when he sings(rather tries) the lovely hymns with the audio during the bedtime...and also expresses his heart out to God every night in broken grammar-less words like he has seen his mom do everyday....I get a feeling my upbringing is probably on the right track..

Ritual3: Early Learning Practices In Funway

After prayers, mamma enacts a story for my baby and also tells him what is the message that story gives us without fail..This story is tailormade for him by me according to his range varies from panchatantras to fairy-tales and some times some indigenous him the first lessons of his which he cooes and smiles as if he knows it all...nevertheless it gives me immense satisfaction....and probably well deserved lessons to him as he grows up...

Ritual4: Mushy Mushy Cuddling Time  

Aah and after so much of hard-work, it's cuddling time where daddy darling sneaks in and all three of us hug and kiss and enjoy some minutes of perfect Mushy-Mushy time and laugh our hearts out together ......I love weaving these sweet memories in the beautiful  and enriching journey called life, they eventually give us the energy later to sail through the rougher times ...In this fun time I also tell him about the different relations in life and their significance which is otherwise lost in a nuclear family setup in a nutshell.

Ritual5: Lullaby with Mom's Midas Touch 

And Finally while nursing him the last feed of the day, I hum my favorite lullabies to him to my heart's content...I am sure which connects to his heart too as he softly slides into his world of dreams falling fast asleep...I finish my song even if he has slept but gradually reducing the volume, playing with his tiny fingers and caressing them softly only to reassure him that Mamma is always there :)...I finish my Bedtime ritual with implanting the most gentle kiss on the forehead of the angel, God's bestest ever Gift to me <3

Ofcourse I slightly abridge this routine as per his mood or when he is not well and also revise it with his growing needs, the entire idea is to spend an heart-to-heart hour with my baby every day no matter how old he grows...As he will grow, so will our bond thus strengthening our friendship all the more....This would give my kiddo the security that no matter how adverse the situation is , his mom is always with him and he can share his heart out to her, as a bedtime ritual...without she judging him but being his guiding angel...

Isn't that absolutely fantastic! For me it is quite satiating as a multi-tasking working mom, who arrives back from work in the evening but looks forward everyday to this special hour.......And I trust my little one feels the same indeed...

Our Bedtime Rituals undoubtedly delights and unites Mammamia and her Baby Darling!!

A. Mamma's Pride - Pampers

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  1. nice and true story which i do follow when my baby is arriving in this world and specially in my heart. she brighten my life and I can't dream of a day without her.
    pamper is my favourite brand . she is 4 year , I still use pamper dry in winters so she can sleep comfortable and no wet feeling disturb her dreams and safe from cold too

  2. I am so glad Gurjeet, you related so well with my blogpost

  3. Nice tips Roma, Truly awesome

    1. Thanks a ton dear, I am glad you find them worthy :)

  4. that's so sweet dear Roma Sinha being a mother we need to take care of our child in all aspects :) very helpful tips today you shared here . Pamper Baby Dry Pants now became a helpful hand to most of the mothers here.

  5. Heartfelt thnx for the appreciation!

  6. The best feeling ever.... MOTHERHOOD :)
    A girl is inmcomplete without this