Thursday 22 January 2015

Search of a Waterless Fish for a Pure Habitat: My Story from Painful Pimples to a Spotless Glow

Heya All you Lovelies out there!!

Thankyou for the buckets of love you always shower on my blog "Straight from the Heart"...I promise to always give you my best and the most genuine...

Who knows it better than you all, how much each one of us madly loves a spotless glowing look no matter at what hour of the day...We love all the attention , isn't it? And I bet we have to work our heart out to keep it that way..more so in big cities where the pollution and stress takes the toll on our skins...Yeah, sweeties I am undoubtedly one of them....Being an multitasking working mom, my stress often takes a toll on my oily skin.

For years this stress has shown up in the form of pimples sometimes quite painful, on my face....Though outwardly I always shove my friends off, who noticed them, as "Pimples of Admiration" but inside I despised them profusely....

 Yes , my pimples traumatized me, and it would be no exaggeration to say they were both a cause of physical as well as mental agony to me...

Physically they ruined my looks and caused me immense pain, every time a new one popped up my heart sank....Cluttered all over my face ,they always made me look dull and clumsy....I never ate my heart out at a wedding, thinking the oily food would pamper my pimples to multiply more....but earnestly I could never figure out the real reason...the pus in the pimples had made me run to the dermatologist at many a occasions..

Psychologically too they impacted me miserably, for in my corporate world ,along with your talent, your looks are an integral part of your everytime my pimples multiplied, my confidence diminished, I started hiding myself, which was clearly evident in the board meetingsor all the public appearances...What an irony?? Words fail me to express how worse it felt, in such a scenario........I even used antibiotics sometimes to treat them....but that was a temporary relief, for the annoying bumps would soon present themselves back...

Now even my little one noticed and innocently questioned: "Mamma, I don't like these spots on your face, can you please remove them??" This time I decided to put my foot down and look for a way out,  for the umpteen number of home remedies too were not succeeding in giving me a permanent relief..I queried my friends and even researched on internet...There I read about the GARNIER PURE ACTIVE NEEM Facewash which is a soap free formula enriched with Real Neem Tree Extract and Tea Tree Oil which to purify our skin...

I was so overwhelmed by my again n again popping pimples that I definitely found this worth a try....I applied it twice a day , gently massaging it on my damp face (other than the ee contour area) exactly as per the instructions given in the hindsight of the pack......There was undoubtedly noticeable effect on my skin within a wee, my skin looked cleaner n the pimples lighter.... so I kept my regime unaltered and within a month was bowled over in sheer admiration by this dermatologically tested product...Its Triple Formula has worked wonders for me, and I can proudly flaunt my pimple-less adorable skin now...Yeah, my secret for my spotless skin n a perennial solution for the outbreak of pimples is GARNIER PURE ACTIVE NEEM Facewash....It's Triple action of :
1. Fighting Germs : to prevent them from infecting our skin
2. Fighting Pollution: which takes a toll on our skin in everyday life
3. Removes Oil : preventing the oil pores to swell which eventually transform into pimples
is truly praiseworthy and admirable!
You are thus left with a pure radiating skin and loads of beaming confidence......

Everyday back from a hectic schedule at office n fighting hard the traffic woes, I love to sprinkle my face with loads of water and apply my favorite GARNIER PURE ACTIVE NEEM Face-formula which gives me a clean , extremely cool feel (due to menthol as it's constituent) which I absolutely love...I really feel like my little fishy relaxing in it's cool water habitat on a hot afternoon :)

One more thing, this one forms the most integral part of my Travel-Kit too,  as my job takes to extremely hot n humid as well as dusty regions...My GARNIER PURE ACTIVE NEEM Facewash gives a protective layer in such harsh circumstances and helps in dampening the harmful effects on my skin...This one is highly recommended if you are travelling to similar regions.

I have been using this product for quite some time now n it's results are astonishingly good...My skin now radiates n everyone has noticed this including my peers and my not so expressive hubby n my expressive little sonny....Yippie, Mission Accomplished!! My skin feels as if a lifeless fishy in an oxygen starved arena has found a new pure habitat :)

Loving all the attention I am getting for my spotless looks ....Thankyou so so much GARNIER PURE ACTIVE NEEM Face-formula ...

Thanks to you, today,my heart is so elated,
For I am now rid of the tortures of painful pimples,

My confidence is so boosted n multiplied,
I feel like a fair damsel, so pretty n bright,

Only thanks to my Garnier Pure active Neem, My beauty secret, 
Gone are the days, rather years,of hiding n despair,

Today I want to shout out to the world and say,
And sing my story from pimply to a Spotless Radiant Face,

Words fail me to express my gratitude to you, 
My dearest Garnier Pure Active Neem, from the bottom of my heart, I thankyou :)

Without Doubt,  I rate it 9/10 , an absolute value-for-money at INR 90 for every 100 grams....Yes Lovelies, this is my secret story from Painful Pimples to a spotless Glow and now it's your secret too......!!

SSSSsssshhhhhhhhhhh........................TrulyYoursRoma :)

Head immediately to to order one for you online or purchase one from the nearby store...and weave your own story towards a perfect glow too <3

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