Monday 22 September 2014

True Love is IMMORTAL : A Serine Love Story of 2 Chaddi-Buddies

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In this blog post, I have chosen to share about Pure Love, Unfathomable Love, Immortal Love and Love being the Supreme Power through the medium of a story....

Here goes a Lovely Love Story of two adorable chaddi-buddies :)

"In a beautiful City of Northern India, lived two best Friends of a Lifetime.... Despite of being from different castes and culture,they were so close to each other that people swore by their Friendship....In due course of time they married two lovely girls and were blessed with a son and a daughter respectively, separated by 10 months difference in their ages...There was love and Happiness all around...The two cute kids were always together, right from playing in the mud , to their First Day at School...They shared everything , their toys and their cycles to some lovely fights, to which their mothers fondly laughed...All in All, my Chaddi-buddies and their Friendship Rocked....They always strolled together, hand in hand , it seemed as it they were were inseparable...But had things always be like one thought, no one would have ever believed in the Supreme Power called "GOD"...

When the two wonderful Kids were eleven,  they were thrown apart due to a strong argument between their dads which brought a crack in their friendship forever...This incident hurt the emotions of the two children and in a panicky frame to mind, they tried their level best to avert the situation, later giving in, to what their elders have decided for them.They now lived in different cities an often longed for each other...It really felt miserable to be snapped off from your closest friend leaving a huge void in your life..... but as said time is the best healer, in due course of time , they learnt to live without each other and marched ahead in their lives...

Little did they know that life had a beautiful surprise in store for them..On a Fateful day, after a lapse of 7 years, they met again, yes you heard it right, they met be enrolled in the same engineering College and in the same Branch...They were destined to meet and this was God's biggest indication.Their fondness for each other now multiplied but so did the drift between our families....But love no boundaries whatsoever...

They were initial hesitant to profess their deep love for each other but love in it's purest form never needs a spoken expression and yes this story is about love which was never spoken but felt in the heart deep....They did not speak a word to each other but swore in their hearts to be soul-mates n companions to each other, even beyond eternity....This was the most beautiful phase of their lives...They were mesmerised and lived the dream, again strolling hand in hand, like their childhood days, almost inseparable....

It was now time to tie knot...but they both always felt that their marriage will not be complete without the blessings of their parents so they never got the thoughts of sprinting and marrying...The situation grew more painful with every growing day….They cannot find a way out until one day they decided they will not marry until they unite the two most loving families. And so the two Chaddi-buddies thought really hard and worked out a plan.....They weaved together all happy memories of all the yester years in a Big Album...and at a common friend's wedding presented an album of all those sweet memories to their parents stating that how all of them meant so much for each other and are so incomplete without each other...Tears rolled down their eyes, and all anguish, all resentment, got washed away in those tears of pure love...The two besties and their families were united again and this time forever and rest is history...My two love chaddi-buddies were married traditionally with loads of love and blessings from both the families.This is the power of true love.."

Yes, dear readers, though,words fail me to describe what true love is, but undoubtedly, for me true love is , what my partner, my Chaddi-Buddy has been showering on me unconditionally ever since our childhood......He has been my childhood buddy, my adolescent confidant , my love, my husband and most newly my baby's dad....though life really had an adversity for us at every step which we have bravely fought out and our immortal love has kept growing deeper with each passing year.I am so indebted to him and need nothing in the world save he..

I trust you enjoyed the read, would love to know, your take on PURE LOVE ............trulyyoursRoma

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  1. awesome love story and u have u have narrated it very superbly dear :) made for each other couples :)

  2. Beautifully written again, I get entranced by your writings :)

  3. VOW.... ROMA I WAS REALLY WAITING FOR THIS PARTICULAR EPISODE.......your great love story gives us a message..... True love doesn't happen right away; it's an ever-growing process. It develops after you've gone through many ups and downs, when you've suffered together, cried together, laughed together..........


  5. Thankyou for all those lovely words so so much Neeta Dam :)

  6. Wow ....what a beautiful love story dear....just loved the way u united both the families again ,dats really sweet. I believe distance is a test of love, many will fail for those who cannot withstand it, but for those who can there is only one answer "TRUE LOVE" :) & you both are blessed with it....... Wish both the chaddi buddies a very happy life filled with love ,care & understanding ....... WITH EACH NEW EPISODE OF UR BLOG ,U ARE MAKING ME MORE & MORE ADDICTED OF U.... LOVE UR STYLE -STRAIGHT FROM MY HEART.

  7. Thankyou So Much Dear Sandhya, you are a lovely friend I had earned on the merit of my BLOG <3

  8. that's so sweet Roma :) i wish you a life together filled with health, happiness and love with your Chaddi-Buddy :)

  9. power of pure n true love...
    every situation or problems are smaller than believe in ur self its big success key of love n life..
    god bless you Roma.. I wish your pure n true love go much longer ...

  10. Thnx Latha velagapudi, for always appreciating :)

  11. Wow so beautifully written. wish both chaddhi buddy a happily life forevr ..Its remind me of my love tragedy n the times which i went through ") :)

  12. Enjoyed! More than enjoyed. Thanks for sharing this wonderful true love story :)