Saturday 11 May 2024

Braving Vasti panchkarma as a treatment for Endometriosis and Adenomyosis


Today is the fourth day of  the 8 day vasti procedure I am undergoing for treatment of my endometriosis and adenomyosis and I have braved it so far albeit with a lot of pain and weakness. Vasti is a deep cleansing procedure where they introduce concoctions and oils in your body through anal route for 8 to 16 days when you are suppose eat very basic not oily non greasy bland liquid diet like kichdi n Daliya or vegetables similar to bottle gourd only. It is done to cleanse our body of all the toxins and this is the second time I am undergoing it. 

In my case it has become all the more difficult as I have been advised to not eat the Ayurvedic painkiller I have twice a day for last two years which seems a uphill task being alone at home mostly with husband out of country sending me pics to pep me as much as he can whenever I ask and kid busy labouring hard in his room for his important grade. I am always happier being busy and running here and there guided by a purpose and forget my pain, here though I have no choice.

But what is life without a set of challenges. I sure am stronger than this and soon this is going to be over too. Vasti panchkarma I am sure this time is getting me rid of the Adenomyosis too and endometriosis has already started improving. This is precisely the reason on my being MIA and with all the love and support you all have always given me having my back and pinging me at random hours whenever I had felt low, I am only grateful to all of you and the universe to whom I am sending all the prayers today manifesting:

  1. I am completely healed 
  2. I am a powerful soul 
  3. I am leading a happy and purposeful life 
  4. I am strong and capable  
  5. I am always physically and emotionally available for my loved ones 

Writing this in Brahma mahurat as the pain doesn’t let me sleep but I know my Sai will let it vanish in no time and I believe pain is nothing but a creation of our mind, so as I go and channelise my energy to get rid of it and rest because that it what I am allowed during vasti. The pic here is only because I can’t share how I look during the treatment. Also sharing the Do’s and Don’ts during vasti for my friends at ‘Endometriosis Awareness and Support group India’ looking for alternate medicine to get rid of endometriosis and Adenomyosis. 

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