Tuesday, 20 March 2018

#ThemeReveal #AtoZChallenge : 'Extraordinary Slices of Ordinary Life' on Truly Yours Roma

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My fingers are itching to write and forcing my chronic fibroid pain to let them do what they love most for the #AtoZChallenge is here and I better do what I am best at. Well the pain isn’t bearable but I sure am penning this post because I can’t hold it any more. This is only the second time I am writing in March and it feels I haven’t breathed normally for a while now because writing is like breathing to me. The odds are just not in my favour and every moment I am enticed to give up on this coveted challenge and sit back and rest but giving up that easily is not me and that too something which has in last two years given me more than I could have asked for ~ my two books, The Fragrance of True Love and Dare to Defy the Destiny. With our shifting to a new abode coinciding with the challenge start date and with offspring at home whole of April for summer vacations, I will need a lot of your coveted push from you my precious clan....as I say always, I owe my everything to you.

So my precious peeps, here I am officially announcing my participation in the Global #AtoZ Challenge for the third consecutive year and I am truly truly proud of it (I am attaching below a small video I did for Blogchatter on the same). Blogchatter is the most wonderful community I have come across in the last two years and I shall forever remain indebted to them for all the support they have rendered in thick and thin.

A million notions are boggling me simultaneously as I pen this Theme Reveal Post for though I have a clear vision after doing two series for the last two Aprils, one non fiction and the other fiction and learning immensely, this year there are a various distractions from my goals.

So finally, this time I wish to sail a different boat and the topic I choose this year is life itself. I call the series ‘Some extraordinary Slices of Ordinary Life’ in which I shall bring to some tickling and heart-warming and some thought-provoking anecdotes from life.

While you may as well consider it a continuation to my most successful #FoodforThought Series on #TrulyYoursRoma, (probably because that’s what I am best at bringing some motivational and some conscience pricking True pieces to you), this A to Z posts shall be the same with a surprise twist you all are most welcome to experience from 1st April. There are umpteen facets of life which I always wanted to capture in my journal and I guess this is the right time and the right way to do it, to pour out buckets of my life experiences and learnings to a global audience and enrich from their experiences too in the process.

Well, so with all my doubts and no advance planning , I still promise you to bring to you a sumptuous platter this April. Bon Apetite, My loves ♥️ See You Soon😊

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

On Women’s Day, I Pledge to Win This Weird Battle 😜

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Imagine you are this girl next door with nothing strikingly pretty or extraordinary about you to turn on someone or make him carve a dream fairy tale for you and then this boy enters your life and treats you every bit like a princess. Love happens much later first he teaches you how to live life and how to love life, he gives your life a new meaning. Friendship blooms and you don’t realise when your wish becomes his command♥️.

You love that soft tickling feeling inside you whenever you see him, not realising that it is love until you part ways only to be united forever and yeah your Cinderella tale of a happily ever after continues for years. Your man surprises you with his love in umpteen ways and fulfils all your desires even before you say that...barring one just one...Phew 😭!

Yes this is my own story and this is probably the most weird piece I have ever written. This guy is the most understanding and loving partner one could ever crave for but has a strange fear which yo would undoubtedly find really hard to digest. Can you believe he is scared of me driving a four wheeler. Ironically and much to an extremely burning in angst me, despite of a City and Santro standing in my parking I struggle everyday with the useless Ola and Uber guys for even mundane works and it really pisses me off. Have you ever tried going to buy groceries by a taxi or to drop and pick kid from a birthday party in a taxi😤? For years, I have debated on it with him on multiple occasions along with a candid heart to heart talk but he refuse to change his stance.

It is even more weird because around a decade back when we bought our first car right after he finished his driving school classes, he had enrolled me too which I had to abandon due to pregnancy, so what happened suddenly.

Even worse I am an automobile engineer by education and have worked in Honda Cars and Tata Motors for several years, technically also I should be allowed the same, isn’t it? I have driven a bicycle since I was in grade 1 and my Honda Pleasure for last 10 years. I love driving for my own therapeutic reasons, when I drive I feel like a bird and the feeling is so so liberating. I personally feel car driving is no rocket science. Like any other skill, it too can be acquired by diligent practice. If I can work across the globe, take solo international travels, handle many other responsibilities independently why can’t I drive a car?
Trivial issue you may say but it really hits hard my independence and sometimes my sanity too when the drivers keep cancelling my bookings.

Generally S trusts me more than anyone else in every other job then why this strange fear, I will be extremely grateful if any one of you can justify it to me. He says he would rather pay my taxi bills(which is what I hate as I love to pay my own bills) rather than letting me drive, which is very unsafe because most accidents take place because of someone else’s fault. I promised him I will drive very slow, will practice a lot, will take care but my words fall to deaf ears. I wish some day I can rid my Prince Charming of this lone fear! May be this Women’s Day helps me win this weird battle because for me it is my day and on it I pledge to make myself a little better than the earlier Truly Yours Roma. So the plan is to go for it secretly and surprise the man 😜😜. No matter I failed to convince him but I am surely not giving up my desire and I am gifting myself this driving course not to defy my love but to prove my worth.

On this happy note, I wish you all a very Happy Women’s Day, my precious peeps♥️, how do you plan to treat yourself or your women this Women’s Day??

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Be Independent For No One Else But For Yourself

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Ever since I was very small, my mom always told me one thing, come what may I must be standing on my feet all my life. Even before her untimely demise at 49 years of age the last advice she gave me was to under no circumstances give up my financial independence. All through her life her only agenda was that I excelled in education and make a mark for myself. There was perhaps a lot that went in her brain which she seldom burdened me with but sometimes I cringed under the immense pressure.

Almost 12 years later today I understand what she meant far more clearer than ever before. Unfortunately despite of trying my best I could not keep my promise to her and exactly like her gave up a wonderful career at its peak after sailing in two boats took a toll on my life post maternity especially the traveling part. She was a strong woman whose talks exuded wisdom and who had a very profound understanding of life, so she knew I may reach such crossroads in life, so she equipped me with multiple talents and the vehement urge to keep fighting and carve my niche no matter what I do, small or big and eventually sooner or later get on my own feet. Needless to say whatever little I am today is only because of her. No one can ever fathom what she has been through all her life and if given a chance I surely will write a book on her, I am yet to witness such an amalgamation of intellect and sacrifice, in my life.

When I decided to quit job for some years, I always felt that if I have the talent I will always bounce back with twice the vigour and the intention was never to burden my partner with my bills because one major repercussion of having a high profile MNC job for years is you become a spendthrift and it gets very difficult to curtail the lavish lifestyle. Luckily it never became a bone of contention between me and S thanks to us being besties of decades but I knew not for anyone else but for myself I must pay my own bills at least even if I am at home....for me making my own money gives me a different kind of a high and I die a million deaths if at all I have to ask someone for it.

Intellectually too after working across major organisations round the globe, to satiate my creative instincts, I started writing. This was absolutely not to make money but for my immense love for writing ever since I was a child. It relieves me and makes me happy till the present day. It’s my passion and I got so soaked in it that never realised when it started paying me. No doubt I make fair money through it, nevertheless writing is never a fixed salary kind of an income no matter how good you are at your task. Though my second love, my communication skills academy ensures that and I am glad I can pay all my bills and have a little extra too for the spendthrift me to engage in my tiny desires♥️.

This post is not tell if I make money or not or how good or bad a person who makes money is but to say how everyone, all women and men should be financially independent not for anyone else but for themselves. It boosts your confidence, self-esteem and your self-worth. You need not always have a big degree to make some money but the passion to pursue the craft you excel at and trust me after initial hiccups, hard work and sincerity are always rewarded. Financial independence makes you eligible to take vital decisions of your life yourself while if we are dependent on others they knowingly or unknowingly control our decisions and thus our lives too sometimes, which should not be the case.

Also, through this post I don’t mean to demean the stay at home counterpart of a marriage but motivate her or him to begin on his own from his home itself and don’t forget to have a long term vision. It truly will soothe your soul and appease your heart! My mom was right, no matter what, one must be financially independent not for anyone else but for himself or herself ♥️.

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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

My Special Myntra For Making A House My Home Sweet Home Instantaneously

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One funny or rather not so funny thing post our marriage has been that we had for a valid reason always of course changed more number of houses then the number of years we have been wedded for. Job changes, dream to move into our own, mommy-hood and many other reasons have literally made us impressively adaptable nomads😄. It isn’t difficult for I have long back learnt to disassociate my emotions with the place we dwell in, being a banker’s daughter who was frequently transferred.

While it is easier said than done for no matter what I say, an emotional person like me associate a lot of value to my home sweet home. Many years ago, not only emotionally, I used to invest financially a lot too to beautify our abode and make it the best place to come back to and cosy around with your loved ones and thus when I left that place, I deliberately left behind many of my favorite pieces there lest my last home would look deserted and desolate when we were gone.

But with time I have grown pretty smart. Now, I style my every home without burning a hole in my pocket and still in a way that is so close to my heart. Well, you all know how I love to weave sweet memories by clicking billions of pictures and I do the walls of my home framing these memories in a creative personalised way in exquisite Photo Frames.

One of my favorite places to pick these artistic Photo Frames at unimaginably value for money prices is Myntra. These photo frames pretty much adorn seamlessly almost all the main walls of my home and are beautifully packed and carried when I need to move. I really love how some of the designs like the tree one satiate the nature lover in me and help me theme my rooms. We can as well use it to showcase our family tree with some pretty pictures of our grandparents too. I am never short of ideas with these frames.

What I also love is I can play around with the frames to arrange them in different settings and always render a new look to my home without a single penny spent.

Another thing I love to adorn the walls of my abode with are Wall Stickers, how they infuse a new zeal of life in the otherwise morose walls. At unbelievably low prices there are a humungous number of options available at the same source, Myntra which remains my forever favorite. You can choose the wall stickers of paintings, of hearts, of slogans and some colourful adorable ones too for your little ones room.

I love the fact that I now don’t need a painter to paint my mind on my walls to make it my home sweet home. I just order the wall stickers or decals as they call it and use the technique mentioned in it to do it myself and am now a pro at it already. Initially I left a couple of bubbles will doing a walls but you can easily prick them with a pin unnoticeably to get the perfect finish.

So these are my two new hottest favourites to do my houses my own special and smart way at almost negligible cost and loads of personalised feel. I like doing a combination too sometimes, like may be a slogan wall sticker for the dining room, a couple of hearts for our bedroom, a scenery for the drawing hall and yes may be a peacock for my library😊.

Truly Yours Roma loves having colours all around and highly recommends these two ways of giving your home sweet home a new lease of life personalised only for you and your loved ones ♥️ ,no matter whether you have to redo your abode or are moving to a new one.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

This Valentine’s Day we bring to the fragrance of true love straight from Paris♥️ (Enchanteur Paris Perfumes Review and Giveaway)

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♥️ #Winners #winnersannounced #TrulyYoursRoma #enchanteurindiagiveaway @enchanteur_in ♥️♥️: Anagha Yatin, Heer Jalundhwala and Kashifah Shaikh

No matter what people say of it, Valentine’s Day is a festival in my home and we celebrate it in a little special way each time reliving the old priceless memories and weaving the new precious ones. While it is very easy to choose a gift for the more flamboyant me, it isn’t that easy to pick one for the choosy and classy hubby. Probably good watches and mesmerising fragrances are the two things he loves the most. While I was contemplating what to gift him to enrich his already rich collection, some exotic beauties straight from Paris landed at my door. They were the French Perfumes from Enchanteur, a global leader in Perfume Industry which has created its mark in more than 50 countries all over the world and is now in India. There website is www.enchanteur.in and in case you wish to purchase one, I have a little something for you this Valentine’s Day...you may use coupon code - ROMA to avail a flat 20% off on all their products.

Could if get better♥️? Though I wasn’t sure if these elegant packs held perfumes which were for men or were feminine, I thought I must quickly review them for all of you right here, this valentine season. The products I review in this post are their new enchanting range known as ETDs (Eau De Toilette) ~ Enchanteur Paris Belle Amour and Mon Amie Fragrances for you.

These beauties were truly love at first sight for me.

First things first, the packaging of these products is pretty chick and soothing and makes it not only ideal for self use but also a perfect gifting option no matter what the occasion is. The inside cute rectangular bottles with a bow at the neck and Eiffel Tower at the top stole my heart at the first glance and I decided not to gift it to hubby but keep it for myself (grin :D), so you know how adorable they are. Also there size is just right to fit in my handbag which is such a necessity in me.

Another significant point which leaves me impressed(as I am a pretty environment conscious person) and so I am mentioning the same right at the start is that all these perfumes are ozone friendly.

Out of the two, Belle Amour which means Beautiful Love in French is my favorite. It’s lovely blend of Apple Melon, Blackcurrant and Parisian Pink transports you to a different world or course with your love. The fragrance is extremely soothing and captivating and enthrals you. Much to what I really prefer, it isn’t very sharp or staunch and is gentle and serene. This beauty from Enchanteur Paris is definitely going to remain my priced possession for a long time.

On the other hand if you love fruity smells, Enchanteur Paris’ Mon Amie meaning My Friend is absolutely for you or to gift to your best friend as a unique gift of true friendship. The fragrance is strong, attracting and fresh citrusy and also has smells of Red Apple and Pink Peonies...this fragrance surely can make heads turn on. So go paint the town red and leave your mark with it.

Now comes their pricing. Unbelievably, both the above products are priced at only 750 INR each which is a fair price in my eyes for this perfume and like I told you above you can avail a further 20% off if you use coupon code - ROMA on their website. So what are you waiting for, grab one now. You can as well win them from us, by participating in our contest below.

Yes, ♥️we present to you the Mega #EnchanteurIndiaGiveaway on Truly Yours Roma here, this Valentine’s Day♥️...The simplest ever contest to win priceless exotic perfumes from  our sponsors ~ Enchanteur. All you got to do is check their website here: www.enchanteur.in and let us know your favourite perfume that you would love to present to. your valentine.

Also, don’t forget to share this post tagging 10 of your friends because this valentine’s season we are spreading the fragrance of true love through Enchanteur 🌹. This contest in open for our blog(g+) , Facebook(Truly Yours Roma) , Instagram(@TrulyYrsRoma) and Twitter(@RomaGuptaSinha) handles’ followers only so you must be following us on all of them♥️ 

And did we say we have not one, not two but three winners in this mega #giveaway ♥️so get going.

Please aid us track your entries on all channels by using the compulsory hashtags: #TrulyYoursRoma #EnchanteurIndiaGiveaway.

Happy Valentine’s Day my precious Readers and Friends this contest is open for you all thru’ Feb♥️♥️♥️♥️

Love you all!!

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Please Find Someone Else : Food For Thought Series Vol-14

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If pure love would have a name it wouldn’t be better than Meet-Kavya. They indeed were made for each other and true love reflected not only in their eyes but in their every single expression, every single move towards each other. People swore by their love and by God’s grace their friendship of multiple years did culminate into a perfect wedding. All was merry in their paradise and the soon the birth of their tiny princess Tia further strengthened their priceless bond.

Not very materialistic people, they were happy in their tiny world with Meet doing well in his career and his lady love taking care of their princess and running a small business from home to satiate her creative instincts.

Not only everyone around but she herself has forgotten what an ambitious girl she once was. With threads of love, sincerity and utmost dedication she has weaved her little nest, she had presumed to be unbreakable and the happiness of the two lives of her life were what made her happy too. She never considered giving up a flourishing career at its peak a sacrifice...after all, their and eventually her happiness is all she wanted. Meet loved her immensely and their relationship saw many little ups and downs but has only grown stronger and more mature with each passing day. The way they trusted each other through thick and thin was an example and that’s where lied their strength.

Another aspect of both of their personalities was the goodness(a trait that has initially bound them together) of their hearts, helping the ones in need was their innate nature and their urge to help knew no limits. I know how good or bad this trait was but their was someone in Meet’s office who apparently needed him or for that matter anyone...she was a colleague, a divorcee and a single mom to a tiny tot. Meet always helped her to the best of his abilities as was his nature probably as he would have helped any other colleague in need. 

Then what really went wrong in Meet-Kavya’s paradise? The fact that the other person needed an emotional anchor if not a financial or a physical one for her life made her assume that because someone else left her for somebody else, she has all rights to steal Meet from Kavya. She deliberately invented ways to spend more and more time with Meet veiling all her moves under the name of friendship. Kavya saw this all but her trust on Meet was infallible. 

All her advances proved that she craved for the same love for herself and her child as Meet showered on his family. It breaks my heart to own that probably was right in aspiring for some love for herself( the complexity of human emotions is too deep to fathom)...the fact that she desired it at the cost of ruining a wonderfully happy family made her really bad.

Kavya is my bestie so my heart undoubtedly goes out to her but if you ask me, it undoubtedly has to be Meet who must resist all friendly advances and gestures from this person for undoubtedly it might be Meet’s helping hand or act of kindness is what is misread as something else (I so much wish she spares my Kavya and finds some other single man). Spending so much time together in the name of the other person being needy may be breaking some real loved one’s heart back home, who still places all her trust in you and so is quiet despite of friends and neighbours pointing it out  to her in random discussions. 

I don’t know if Meet is attracted towards her or but if maintaining distance from such a colleague is essential for someone back home to whom and to only whom you belong to and who deserves you every which way, Meet must take such a step. Not only for her but for the little one who calls her dad.No one has a slightest idea how this would not only ruin his present but to a greater extent his future with his spouse too for he would loose the ability to trust.