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Will Wait For You Till Eternity ~ Vol 23 of PriyaMeer's Love Saga

Meer's unconditional love and immense warmth melted her mom's heart and she was certain she couldn't have found a better match for her. Her fear of social stigma eventually began fading away. One evening as she sat sharing her deep worries with him over a cup of coffee, she was taken by a great surprise to know he was already aware of Priyam's firm stand of not marrying in her lifetime. Though she was relieved to discover her daughter had not kept any secrets from the man she said she loved do dearly, she really looked forward to know how Meer had taken it.
In reply to her concern, the always sorted and composed Meer convinced her to wait and give her princess time, time for her on trust on humanity to come back, time for her ugly memories give way to the more beautiful ones she was weaving now. He had full faith that the therapeutic touch of his true love would cajole his lady love one day to accept the traditions and customs that made no sense to her now. For him their souls were united forever that fateful night they accepted each other in the sacred Lord Shiva temple of their college campus in the presence of Gods and all the stars of the universe and an official wedding was just a matter of societal obligation now.
Thus, he himself was in no mood to hurry up things or impose a decision on Priyam. With their workspace at office just a floor apart and their apartments in the same tower, they were living a dream. Priyam was the happiest of them all. Meer had filled the perennial void on her heart with gallons of serine love, warmth and care and in her rare innocent ways Priyam touched Meer's soul umpteen times each day. They were truly made for each other and I so wished they remained happy like this forever.
Their world suddenly was so beautiful and they immersed and satiated their souls of each other's love to their heart's content after two long years of separation. They ate, shopped, cooked, hanged around arm in arm and slept together. It was as if they were glued to each other and life seemed a bed of roses momentarily. They even took cookery and dancing classes together on weekends. Like I always say, the most beautiful relations in the world are the ones which don't have a name, their mare enchanting fragrance keeps the two hearts entrancingly elated. Naming brings in social responsibilities and many expectations too, so one must only take the plunge only once he or she is ready for the same or else wait for the right moment like my PriyaMeer.
Priyam has weaved her world in his arms and she cared a pence about the society. She has had enough of their ruthless ways and shallow faiths from her childhood. Meer was her pride and she somehow believed marriage may ruin their divine relationship. With every passing day her belief grew firmer and all she desired and craved for was to be in his warm embrace till her last breath. Though Meer was ready to give her beloved all the time of the universe, it was getting increasingly difficult for him to hide his love from his parents and family who still had no clue about Priyam and wanted their youngest one to settle down.
What do you think Meer should be doing in such a situation? To find out, you can grab the next volume right here on TrulyYoursRoma tomorrow. Stay tuned.
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This is my second #AtoZChallenge. While last year I chose to write on 26 True Stories on Indian Women, this year I am weaving Priyam and Meer's Eternal Love Story. Do share your genuine feedback, this blog breathes on your comments.

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Vague Pre-Conditions of True Love ~ Vol 22 of PriyaMeer's Love Saga

Her dear mom had decided to startle her sweet little princess that early spring morn but as she entered her daughter's abode she herself was startled beyond compare, finding Meer there. It was still dark outside and Priyam felt equally gloomy within. She kicked herself a million times in her brain for not having told mom about Meer. Not that she hadn't contemplated doing that almost every day but several reasons stopped her from doing so and she had to bear the repercussions today. She had broken her mom's trust and her repentance made her heart sink. She tried clearing her throat to speak to her but words didn't just come out. The awkward pin drop silence in the room was brutal.

Meer however was unfazed and warmly greeted her mom touching her feet with a smile. Seeking inspiration from Meer, Priyam opened up a little, to her mother, "Mom, Meer is joining my organisation from Monday!"

"C..o..n..g..r..a..t..s S..o..n!" , is barely what she murmured in a faint voice. Thanking her and wanting to give the mom and daughter their space, Meer left shortly.

"Why didn't you tell me Priyam? Do you guys plan to get married?" mom asked her darling as they sat having breakfast. Priyam looked sullen and spoke in a very calm voice, "This was precisely the reason I didn't tell you mom. Please don't judge me for what I am going to reveal to you now. I love Meer for years now from the bottom of my heart and will die to spend my entire life with him but I can't marry him. We are very happy together and I will like things to be like this forever. After dad left you in a lurch and witnessing all the turmoil with you at a tender age, I have no belief in the sanctity of matrimony. I don't have the courage to take so much again all over again....The name marriage scares me mom. I don’t understand the vague pre-conditions for my love to get acceptance. "

Her mother was perplexed to hear her daughter's views. Not that she bothered about the society or was orthodox in her thinking, all she wanted was her daughter to settle happily in her life and here her past stood right in front of her eyes ruining her daughter's present. She felt deeply hurt in the vicious circle life has entrapped them into. Though she still didn't have a distinct opinion on Meer, she was ready to trust her daughter's choice. She also understood her daughter felt very vulnerable and fragile that moment and thus decided not to pressurise her. That's the kind of mother she has always been to her children though she wondered if Meer was aligned with Priyam's decision or not or will he abandon her as soon as he was apprised of her thoughts. Was his love for her deep enough? Every possible vague thought flooded her mother's mind but she shunned them maintaining peace at home and she caressed her daughter's forehead who lay on her lap.

Meer soon joined Priyam's work place. As Priyam's mother was here for a week, she met Meer every evening when he came to drop her and got to know him better.

Was Meer aware or Priyam's thought-process? Had she already shared with him her stand on marriage? Does the two set of parents feel comfortable in the set up? Stay tuned to catch some final action right here tomorrow on Truly Yours Roma.

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This is my second #AtoZChallenge. While last year I chose to write on 26 True Stories on Indian Women, this year I am weaving Priyam and Meer's Eternal Love Story. Do share your genuine feedback, this blog breathes on your comments.

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Until the Universe Conspires to Make Us One ~ Vol 21 of Priyam Meer's Love Saga

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The dark night was slowly loosing itself in the morning sun rays which shone a little brighter than usual because it was the day when Meer finally came back to India with bag and baggage. Undoubtedly, a lot of planning had gone behind how they shall leave no stone unturned this time to make things go in their favour. A month ago Priyam has referred his resume not only in her organisation but also channelized it to several others through acquaintances and job portals. As a result, quite of few of his interviews were lined up the same week and thus a good amount of travelling was on the cards intercepted by the most cherished together times which they somehow always managed.

Meer spent the weekend at home and he didn't sense a sign of worry. Dad and mom were on top of the world to see him and so was he. He even went to Mathur Uncle's house and engaged in a friendly banter with Aditi like he always did, from their school days. Fortunately, he was convinced that Aditi did not have any feelings for him which made things easier. He had a plan to execute in future but first he wanted to crack the interviews and secure a worthy job and off he flew to Hyderabad that afternoon. There wasn't a financial pressure but still it was vital to Meer's confidence that he justified his stands so far by building a bright future.

Priyam's eyes glittered as she spotted Meer in the coffee shop on the necklace Road late evening the same day and she had spread the most soulful heartening smile as Meer embraced her warmly. As they juggled with each other's fingers, their favorite pass time, Priyam had a strong feeling that it was time that life gave them their fair share while Meer had the fire of their pristine love burning bright in his heart and inspiring him to overpower his jinxed luck. Their firm believes only multiplied their love and the feeling of belonging to each other.

Meer got a joining call from five out of all five interviews he gave and we all had a reason to be so proud of him. This triumph was truly a labour of their love and sacrifices. Priyam was on cloud nine for Meer will now join her organisation. Whoa! No words can express their excitement. Later that evening, in her apartment, Meer lifted her up in his arms and swivelled her around as they giggled their hearts out. There joy knew no bounds. How much they have waited for this day. The night called out for a celebration and Meer nailed it by making some mouth-watering sandwiches of whatever veggies and sauces he found in the refrigerator. His stay in Australia had made his a pro cook and he loved exhibiting his culinary skills.They chitchatted, they danced, they clicked selfies and then settled in each other's arms with a cup of coffee not sleeping even for a single moment. It was indeed the best day of their life for they have eventually materialised their dreams.

A early morn door bell ring startled them, who could it be in such wee hours. Walking out of her trance, Priyam sleepily opened the door and was aghast to see who stood in front of her.

Who was there on the door that made Priyam tremble? What happens next? Stay tuned as I bring to you the next volume right here on Truly Yours Roma.

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This is my second #AtoZChallenge. While last year I chose to write on 26 True Stories on Indian Women, this year I am weaving Priyam and Meer's Eternal Love Story. Do share your genuine feedback, this blog breathes on your comments.

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Trust To Win Over The Tryst With Destiny ~ Vol 20 Of PriyaMeer's Love Saga

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Draped in each other's perfume, with the previous day's sweet memories still tickling their hearts, they parted ways albeit with full trust that this was for one last time. While Priyam's letters kept Meer company during his long flights, reaching back her apartment, Priyam folded the pink dress carefully and placed it in the cupboard. The red roses still looked fresh and she sprinkled water droplets on the satin leaves decorating them in a vas. A glimpse of the ring on her finger reminded her of his touch and the sea of his overwhelming love and a beautiful smile lit her eyes and lips.

Back at her office desk, she prioritised all tasks at hand and efficiently struck them off of the list one by one. This was the approach she has always followed to finish the less timing taking activities first and then devote time to more strategic ones mostly envisioned on a piece of paper first. When she had a little time in her hand she did that in a relaxed manner in the office cafeteria along with grabbing her favourite cup of coffee there. Her peers and superiors appreciated her ability to never give up under pressure and give best possible results in minimum time. Her calm mind and the ability to think like a pro were her true assets at work. No wonder in just one year eight months came her first promotion.

She has immersed herself in work so that she missed him less. Days at work and nights with him online made her life look perfect for the moment or she has planned it so. It was just 3 months for Meer to come back to India permanently and the two of them waited for the same. Meer has done really well in his studies there too and also taken a few additional classes to enrich his CV to the level that no one can reject him ever, now on.

At the right time, they were both doing what was best for their careers at this age. They knew it was vital for a flourishing career and they were laying the right foundation for it. Meer's dad was stable and recovering at a decent pace and his mom was happy that the most precious piece of her heart was coming back finally. On the other hand, Priyam has helped her mom open an academy adjacent to their house where she taught the poor children and women for free. She knew her mom has always dreamt of doing it one day and so mommy dear was touched by her daughter's surprise for her.

Priyank was doing great at college too. He dropped at her sister's place almost every alternate weekend and they had the time of the life they had always missed. Whether it was walking a mile to grab their favorite molten chocolate truffle pastry or to indulge in some unplanned shopping, they loved being together. Though Priyank didn't spare his D of all the jokes he cracked on PriyaMeer and kept pulling their leg even on their video calls but it was all so much fun as the three often broke out in bursts of laughter. In due course of time they became a strongly knit trio…
and here came the day when Meer was back in India. He knew a lot was waiting for him.

Wanna know what happens next in this roller coaster Love Tale, catch the final action live in the next volume tomorrow right here on Truly Yours Roma.
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This is my second #AtoZChallenge. While last year I chose to write on 26 True Stories on Indian Women, this year I am weaving Priyam and Meer's Eternal Love Story. Do share your genuine feedback, this blog breathes on your comments.

When An Absolute Stranger Makes You Realize You are #MoreIndianThanYouThink (A Tribute)

Baal-Vivaah, much as to what many of my generation would call it, I got married at the age of 22, when I just a few months old to my job. A new work life and a newly married life had commenced for me simultaneously and I felt I had too much on my platter. I creaked and clinched under the pressure and had it not been my man, I would not have survived it. As I started to get in groove and fall in love all the more with him, I was transferred to Thailand on a special project for three months. Games of destiny you see.

This was my maiden international journey and though my employers have arranged for everything, I was as nervous and scared as a claustrophobic person confined to a box-like dark cell. Nevertheless, as it was vital to my career and darling ‘S’ pushed me to grab the opportunity, I took the challenge head on.

I have already started missing him as he dropped me at the airport and kissed me goodbye. Staying strong I boarded the four hour long flight and despite of the most cordial and affectionate staff of Lufthansa Airlines (it was just the beginning of my perennial bonding with them and I was touched by their hospitality and kindness), I puked my way to Bangkok. Gosh! It wasn't a good start but there I was in what I felt was an alien country. I fetched the map from my passport folder and hired an airport cab to the hotel where I would be putting up initially. Welcoming me with an early check-in facility at 5a.m., the hotel staff too tried to rid me my self-imposed fears too. I presented a strong me everywhere as against whatever I felt inside. We Indians are conditioned not to exhibit our weaknesses and that’s the first value our Indian roots embed in our hearts.

Gradually as I warmed up to the Thai, I became more comfortable during my stay at Bangkok. Some colleagues at work even took me around on the weekends and apprised me with the Indian corners of the city like the Paranthe Waali Gali. Bangkok was actually #MoreIndianThanYouThink and I was ecstatic to discover it ounce by ounce. I came to know the origin of the world famous Thai Massages lied in India too from where the Buddhist carried them to Thailand. My office was situated in Ayuthya named on Ayodhya of our Ramayana and there were several other connections like the Samundramanthan display at Swarnabhoomi International airport.

That's Me at SwarnaBhoomi Airport!

This kind of reinforced my belief that that world is a lot smaller and closer now and all of us belonged to each other. A particular incident though brought me closest to this feeling and a decade later it still warms my heart.While I preferred not going out late night on the streets of Bangkok, on one rare day I got really late in returning from work. Every Tuk-Tuk I stopped wanted to take me on the pretext on having 2-3 stops in between. I knew the meaning, what those stops meant late night and even if I was thinking really weird it wasn't at all safe that late. Despite of trying really hard, I couldn't fetch a drive back to the room and with time I felt more worried and weal in my knees. I decided to try my luck with the next set of 3 Tuk-Tuk Waalas standing just at the turn of the dark street.

But alas they made the same offer and kind of forced me to accept it. That's when a cab stopped right beside me and a Thai looking elderly guy spoke to me in a peculiar yet familiar accent,

"Beta, kahan jaana hai, mein chod deta hoon aapko.( Child where do you want to go, come I will drop you)."

Aah! Those Hindi words were like a magic I expected that dreadful moment. An unknown faith made me jump into his taxi and he did safely escort me back without even charging a fare. I acted as per my instinct as this I guess is a very special power we Indians possess, we can often gauge at first glance whom trust and  that night that absolute stranger acted as my ultimate saviour though I still had my pepper spray and my pre-meditated karate attack moves ready. On the way he shared with me how his grandfather was an Indian and he has his roots in India. He had spent a few years on his childhood there too and so he speaks Hindi. His prudence and my wisdom, which were more #MoreIndianThanYouThink aided us turn the situation in our favour that fateful night...the thought of what could have happened otherwise still perplexes me. I was so glad I found him and heaved a sigh of relief and we made it look like he was an acquaintance from my place.

He was a thorough gentleman and tried every bit to make me comfortable. Such great support from a stranger at midnight in the streets made me bow my head in reverence to him and this post is my heartfelt tribute to him. We did have an instant connection, that lead to our winning way that night, defying all odds, and that was #MoreIndianThanYouThink though his skin tone and features defied that, exactly like the Lufthansa flight way back home, where I was greeted with a Namaste and also served with real drool worthy Indian food ..I knew how they lived up to their commercial I append below. That personal touch works therapeutic wonders with who is flying with them and the bond which is established in the process is that of a lifetime. Who'll say they are not Indians by birth, they think, eat and Live Indian.
I reached back home safe and elated and as I ran to hug ‘S’, I shared with him how I come back with a more confident heart, full of warm memories of places, people and gestures which are #MoreIndianThanYouThink and how we rub it on everyone we have met in the past centuries and still continue to do so.. These memories still tinkle my soul and shall stay in the warmest corner of my heart forever inspiring me always, in ways umpteen.

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Sweetheart, My Love For You Shall Never Last ~ Vol 19 Of PriyaMeer's Love Saga

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Glad the happy times knocked at the door in soft steps just at the right time. I believe birthdays are indeed special and they become all the more memorable in the company of the love of your life and Priyam was soon to experience those magical moments . It was an enchanting October morn and she took the day off from work and they were soon in the taxi for a day trip to Agra, to visit the Taj Mahal. They have planned it long ago that someday they'll together pay a visit to this monument of love and today they decided to celebrate her birthday and their love together there before Meer returned to Australia to resume his studies.
Priyam wore the pink dress Meer had bought for her from his first salary and has placed it carefully in his travel bag that very day and when he came to India, to be by his dad’s side, the dress came along too. Needless to say she looked absolutely stunning donning his choice. The day was sunny but the breeze was cool. It was mid afternoon by the time they reached there and as they entered the beautifully laid Mughal gardens and caught the first glimpse of the Taj, they stood there in awe for a few minutes. Open-mouthed at its unparallel beauty and opulence, they knew it immediately why it's counted in the wonders of the world. Made of soft white marble with semi precious stones studded in them, it dazzled in sun. True no poets have done sufficient justice to this stellar mausoleum, Shahjahan had built for his wife Mumtaz Mahal.
Meer had arranged for a cake and flowers at the central bench where people stopped to click memories of their loved ones with the Mahal. It marked the exact centre of the periphery of the lovely surroundings of the monument built on the banks of river Yamuna. Meer found this to be a perfect spot to celebrate the birthday of the woman who meant the world to him. They cut the cake there, as Meer gifted her, her favorite red roses and a promise to be only hers till his last breadth. He also fetched a tiny box from his pocket, and slid gently an exquisite ring in the ring finger of her left hand. This was a pleasant surprise for Priyam who smiled with happiness as Meer cuddled her warmly. The shot was perfectly captured in a camera with Taj in the hindsight and they would get the framed copies delivered to them in a couple of hours by the photographer Meer had hired. The fragrance of the roses was as mesmerising as the fragrance of their eternal love and I wished and prayed it remained the same forever.
Priyam was ecstatic to get her prince charming back even if that was for a day and she basked in the glory of his pristine love. She was proud of her choice and wondered what she would have been without him. This was her best birthday so far and they strolled hand in hand until the full moon and the stars joined in the celebrations along with the majestic Taj. Their hearts danced to the tune of love as they were totally immersed and lost in each other. This was always the case whenever they had been together, they had forgotten about everything else…
They were woken up by the thud of the brake application of the taxi at the airport. As if suddenly getting up from a divine dream, teary eyes they bid bye to each other. As he stood at the airport gate security check, she ran behind him and pressed an envelope her hand written letters on his palm. She has written them all each day when they could not talk, as he was taking care of his dad. Meer kissed her on her forehead, reassuring her through his eyes, without a spoken word but as his feelings flood that his love for her will never last.

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This is my second #AtoZChallenge. While last year I chose to write on 26 True Stories on Indian Women, this year I am weaving Priyam and Meer's Eternal Love Story. Do share your genuine feedback, this blog breathes on your comments.

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Rarest of Rare Is Our Love, Will The World Accept Us? ~ Vol18 of Priyam Meer's Love Saga

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These were testing times. A tear dropped down Meer's eye as he sat next to his dad holding his hand in the hospital room. Mom and Aditi were also there. In fact they have been there with him from the time he has been hospitalised. Aditi's presence comforted Meer's nervous mom whose tears haven't dried for days now. Aditi was Meer’s and were childhood buddy and they have grown up in neighbouring houses. Their dads and moms were the best of friends and have stood by each other in thick or thin. Their family ties were beyond words. They were family as was evident by the whole of Aditi’s family running in and out of the hospital.

Meer was determined to get the best treatment for his dad. The biggest lesson he had learnt so far in his life was not to give up and he along with him elder brothers ran from pillar and post with his dad's reports. By God’s grace, his dad felt better and started reciprocating to the medicines. They shifted him to Tata Memorial Cancer Institute and his condition improved significantly. The cancerous cells had been removed and he was allowed to go back home in due course of time.

Happiness prevailed in every nook and corner of their home sweet home with dad coming back and Meer's siblings gathering there too with their families. Meer was the youngest of the four-two elder sisters and one brother. Dad's smile meant the world to them.

Meer hugged his mom from behind asking her to prepare his favorite Malpuas. No matter how much he grows up he will never seize to be her most pampered naughty little one. He knew if his dad was his life, his mom was his heart. In the night as he sat next to his dad for a heart to heart banter before he leaves, after a lot was shared and heard, dad shared with him a desire which had flourished in his heart for long. He wanted him to tie knot with Aditi as that was also what the two families wished. Though it may sound clich├ęd and quite Bollywood like,it was only natural for him to think of the most befitting bride for his son like every parents did. Despite of the fact, he was recovering, he doubted fate to abandon him any moment and so he wanted to see his son settles before he is gone. He has no intention of forcing his son though, he has then and there clarifies. Meer was dumbstruck to hear that but on the pretext on completing his studies first, he persuaded him to drop the idea for some time. He didn't want his dad's health to deteriorate again, plus he was still in his early twenties so there wasn't any real need to hurry…

He has not spoken much to Priyam during all these days and she understood and supported him with all her heart. She even prayed for his dad’ s speedy recovery every day. She felt so helpless that she can't go and be with them during the difficult phase. Now that all was well, she longed to meet Meer. Her wish was granted. She had to be in Delhi for a client meeting in the coming week while Meer was to catch his return flight from there. See how destiny planned in their favour this time and it was Priyam's Birthday too, could there be a better gift.

And they met after 437 days, 8 hours and 26 minutes.....yes they have counted them all. Kissing and hugging each other tightly they wanted that moment to freeze forever. Their happiness knew no bounds. It felt as if they were leading a soulless life so far for months and days and a beautiful feeling of completeness engulfed them. Meer wished his beloved a very happy birthday and here they crafted the script of another memorable celebration whose fond memories got etched on their hearts forever.

Will the world understand their rarest of the rare love and accept them? Was Aditi also in love with Meer? What happens next? Stay tuned to find out in the next volume tomorrow right here on Truly Yours Roma.

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This is my second #AtoZChallenge. While last year I chose to write on 26 True Stories on Indian Women, this year I am weaving Priyam and Meer's Eternal Love Story. Do share your genuine feedback, this blog breathes on your comments.

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Quirky Games Of Destiny ~ Vol 17 of PriyaMeer's Love Saga

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Priyam felt really wonderful holding her first salary in hand. After all, the feeling of standing on your feet after the crazy amount of hard work that went behind it, truly kicks your confidence. For her it was extra special as she could now buy a mobile phone of her own and catch a glimpse of her precious half who resided far far away from her. She bought one the same evening and hurray they connected as soon as the data plan got activated. She couldn't hold her tears of paramount joy as she looked at him after what seemed a millennium. All that she desperately desired that moment was to be able to hug him tightly but unfortunately no technology could do that favour to her until of course someday she herself invented them for lovebirds like them. Meer was smiling too and getting a glance of his sweetheart comforted his longing heart. Words fail me to express how delighted they were that night…they were so engrossed in each other that they didn't realize it was eight a.m. in Sydney already. Meer bid bye in a frenzy with a promise to connect back in the evening. Priyam still had a couple of hours to catch on her sleep.

Thereafter for most of the time they were connected on chats if not at home and on Skype once they reached back. They only used the four hours time gap to catch up on sleep etc rest were all happy together times. It felt like their college love life had returned but this time they had the nights too at their disposal. They shared every single thing with each other. Priyam has now moved to her own 2 bedroom furnished apartment so the personal space too increased. They together listened to their favorite Jagjit Singh ghazals or watched a movie or played some games. When they shopped, the trial of the dresses was done late night. On weekends they made the same breakfast and had it together with a cup of hot coffee and unstoppable chatter. I knew it was absolute fun for them staying with each other this way. Isn’t it heartening to know that someone is always there for you on the other side of your cell's screen. Technology had lessened the pain of their separation manifold. What I found most adorable about this lovely couple is that there was no place for ego between them. Whatever belonged to either of them was theirs and there was no hesitation in seeking help if needed.

Time flew with wings and a year passed at the blink of an eye. In between, Priyam's mom came to stay with her a couple of times whenever she had a vacation from school. She still had 10 years of service left and thought her daughter categorically told her that it's time she takes rest any enjoy life, she loved her profession and her students, they gave a meaning to her life and so she went back to her hometown pretty soon each time. Both the times she was in the city, she got subtle hints that her daughter is always on the phone with someone and though she didn't approve of it, she tried to ignore it must be all girls gossip gang. She wanted her live her life to the fullest now without any ifs and buts. Back home, of course their living standards have increased many fold after Priyam started working and she ensured every slightest comfort for her family. Her brother who was now in first year of engineering dropped at her place often and knew everything about Meer. In fact he loved Meer dearly too and kept popping up between their calls.

However, quirky destiny has its own games. Life's journey took a vicious turn when Meer was fetched back to India urgently as his dad was seriously ill. He met Priyam for a few minutes at the airport before taking a train to Bhopal. His dad has been diagnosed with acute Myelofibrosis and was not reciprocating to the medicines. From the station he ran straight to the hospital and found him really weak and frail. Momentarily, he was comforted to hug his youngest son and the apple of his eyes.

What happens next has a big decision in store for Priyam and Meer. Stay tuned to know did Meer manage to save his dad's life and fulfil his last wish, tomorrow, right here on Truly Yours Roma.

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This is my second #AtoZChallenge. While last year I chose to write on 26 True Stories on Indian Women, this year I am weaving Priyam and Meer's Eternal Love Story. Do share your genuine feedback on the same, this blog breathes on your comments.
Vol 18 Released Here

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PriyaMeer, Unnoticed They United Their Names, Their Souls ~ Vol16

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The entrancing moments that night transported them to a different world, where for the next few hours they were just they, Meer's Priyam and Priyam's Meer. The 17 cards from Meer kept at chosen places with their kiss sealed sequence number painted on them in a lovely floral design, melted her heart once again. These cards were handmade and each had a special love note for her. The cards kept coming at regular intervals and touched her deepest chords. Each handwritten note loosened the knots that pained Priyam's heart since her childhood which formed the reason of why she never trusted anyone or humanity as it is and was hesitant at Meer’s initial warmth towards her. Tears rolled down her eyes as for the first time ever she let loose all the bad memories of her childhood letting them flow out of her heart and in the process purify her soul. Of uncles, of neighbours and people as old as her grand-father, she only had memories of bad touch always treating her mom and her as mere instruments of abuse after her dad left her mom midway in the course of life for a second woman. Today her heart wanted to wash away all that pain and replace them with memories of her Meer's therapeutic good touch. His patient listening and small letters inside the cards did the same too as they contained a promise each. Promises of being only hers forever even oceans apart…Promises to always keep her closest to him heart. They talked and talked for hours until they fell asleep in each other's arms. That night their deepest love grew further deep as they bared their soul to each other without the slightest fear.
Next day Meer had come to drop Priyam home. This was the first time he met her family and her mother was exactly like she said, an apostle of sacrifice, a selfless lady, a teacher who had given her children the gift of education in whatever meagre means she had and had still always managed to teach poorer kids for free in late evenings. Priyam brother Priyank was a sweet chap too and the two men experienced an instant connection as they met. Her mom knew that Meer was Priyam's classmate as well as her technical papers partner and she blessed him with kind words as he touched her feet. He left in a few minutes though and for a second Priyam's heart sank as she bid him good bye. She didn't have the courage though to go and see him off as he flew to Australia.
In a month's time Priyam too moved to Hyderabad as her joining neared. She stayed in the service apartments with other girl joinees from different institutes from all over the country until her company lease individual accommodation got ready. Honestly she enjoyed the company for Meer has now taught her how making friends makes life happier and worth sailing and how it's ok to trust and share. Not everyone you meet is bad, just obey your instinct for him or her and follow your heart. Any thought that crossed her mind directly and directly connected to Meer. Oh, how she missed him. The dearest piece of her heart has gone away and yet it felt so heavy. But she had promised him that every time she missed him, she will smile and that is what she did hiding him deep in her heart.
The new Priyam who joined the renowned PCS was an effervescent damsel, candid and frank, likeable and approachable by anyone. No one knew this new avatar was Priyam's Meer who always carried their pic taken in the lake in Nainital and the 'PriyaMeer' Anklet Meer gifted her. in her office bag. The two were her most valuable possessions. I just realised their names too have merged together inseparably like their souls.
Priyam's first impression at the work place was impeccable. Her I.I.T. degree and the way her skills were honed there was evident in her knowledge and charisma. All that she needed now was to amass experience and her moves were in the right direction. Glad she had also got the department of her choice. She now just waited for her first salary so that she can buy a cell phone and talk to and see her man on the Skype call for long hours. By far she has only sent him offline messages from office web or through give and take of emails. She even spoke to him on her roomy's cell sometimes when he called up. Ways, you see, love discovers to reach each other.
Meer on the other hand was settling well thanks to his college senior being there in the same course. He stayed with him initially and has recently found a decent part time job too. All in all he was keeping his head firm in his shoulders and was working sincerely and passionately towards his goals.
Wanna know what happens at the second stage of the new journey the two have just commenced, catch it right here in the next volume tomorrow with us on Truly Yours Roma.

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