Thursday 5 January 2023

Happy Birthday To The Love Of My Life

Wish you a very happy new year & happy birthday my love 

It is such a pleasure to commence every time the new year 

With celebrating you and your infinite selfless love 

And my heart getting filled with gratitude in a million ways dear 

Together we step into 2023

Hand in hand like always 

Leaving behind all that didn’t go our way 

Holding close to our heart every gone by moment precious 

On your birthday I wish you good health and all the happiness 

And success, that you deserve for the amount of hard work 

You put in every day for fulfilling your dreams, our dreams  

Getting better and better in every stream 

It fills my heart with pride 

To see where we have reached in life 

Ours is a friendship of twenty three years

And need I say the journey has been an absolute bliss

But that I am more proud of is

That you are such a worthy human being 

Always caring for every one 

Whether he is known to you or a complete stranger 

It is my privilege to have been the custodian of your journey 

How failures only became strong stepping stones of your rags to riches story 

I know you are still half way done

But I know you deserve to have it all and you will achieve it one day 

On your birthday I wish God confers on you his best blessings

Because conferring to you the best wife isn’t enough clearly😄

You deserve much more darling 

And the universe I am sure shall conspire to grant you all your wishes 

Sorry for my at times being so rowdy

Even when I am moody and angry

I love you to bits and pieces 

And nothing on earth can change my feelings 

Of course we have had our share of highs and lows 

But I believe that adds salt and spice to our life 

We have learned to agree to disagree 

And with you I feel I too am maturing 

Writing to you or about you is never easy

Because we have come so so far 

Literally breathing every single breath in each other’s arms 

We know each other inside out every moment big or small 

On your birthday I have to make a confession to you 

Some times I fail to understand you 

I feel like giving up and cry 

But it is the power of our love that I stand up back and smile 

Because I step into your shoes and realise

Life is too short for regrets and not live it to the fullest 

I am the lucky one to have been blessed with you 

So today I raise a toast to you my gentleman thorough

Wish you a v happy new year and birthday again my soulmate 

I love a zillion times to the moon and back 

May you get all the more joys and keep travelling the world 

And I keep seeing the world through your eyes 

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