Friday 6 May 2022

Super functional surface cleaning spray and hacks for a clean kitchen countertop


I am a born foodie but have embraced the art of cooking only recently. Honestly, I enjoy cooking now but not the enormous amount of cleaning which follows. I can never avoid it though. The cleanliness freak in me will not rest until my place is spick and span. But I like to cut down the time taken to clean my kitchen. Thus, am always on the lookout for worthy hacks and smart products like a super functional surface cleaning spray which can help me expedite the process. I would rather like to use the saved time more creatively.


Sharing with you today some extremely useful hacks/recommendations and products for a perfectly clean countertop and other areas in the kitchen.


1. Use a Super functional surface cleaning spray like Cif Power & Shine Kitchen Spray

In my quest for a worthy cleaning partner for my kitchen and countertops, some time back, I came across a super functional surface cleaning spray from CifIt immediately grabbed my attention for it promised to be safe for food preparation areas. Of course, safety comes first and one of my friends has loved the all-purpose cleaning product and has recommended it to me. I undoubtedly wanted to give it a try and so ordered it on Amazon. 


Honestly, it did turn out to be a great product and it surpassed my expectations. The first look of the bottle reinforced my belief, as the power and shine cleaner came in a bottle reusable for life expressing the brand’s(trusted and established for over 60 years now)consciousness towards our environment. I liked how comfortable this super functional surface cleaning spray is to use, just spray, hold for a few secondsand wipe and it removes the tough and greasy stains in no time leaving behind 100% shine.

Yes, it is super easy to use, we can just carry the ergonomically designed super functional surface cleaning spray bottle to the desired location in our kitchen like the kitchen top or stove/gas or surrounding areas and spray and wipe for a streak-free 100% shiny surface no matter how tough the stains and grease are. Owing to this ease, it can be comfortably used by anyone and the spouse and kids get a chance to join in the chores for together times. Thus, Cif super functional surface cleaning spray is for everyone. 

My opinion on Cif Power & Shine Kitchen Spray

I started using this product as I had no help and now having used it for months, I can vouch for its superior quality. It has an edge over its competitors in my opinion. It helps me save a lot of time which I can fruitfully spend on my work assignments. Also, it helps me achieve work-life balance as I don’t have to keep slogging in my kitchen forever.



How do I recommend using Cif Power & Shine Kitchen Spray?


• For a beautiful long-lasting shine, I spray this super functional surface cleaning spray on the surface to be cleaned and leave it for a few seconds and then wipe it out, to get extra deep cleaning.


• If the stains are tougher or have high quantity of semisolid or solidified grease I leave Cif Power & Shine Kitchen Spray for a few minutes on them before wiping it clean to get the desired results.



Cif super functional surface cleaning spray is a phenomenal companion for our kitchens as its naturally derived safe cleaning agents and degreasers are capable of giving a 100% streak-free shine on ceramic, chrome, and enamel surfaces in absolutely no time leaving behind a zesty finish and sparking surfaces.



2. Use the right microfibre kitchen cleaning cloth or anti-bacterialwipes


Like I said before safety is always my priority which becomes all the more vital in our kitchens, where we prepare everything that goes in our stomach and is responsible for our family’s health. Thus to keep my kitchen further deep cleaned, I insist I use the right cleaning spray like the one stated above with the right microfibre cloth or antibacterial wipes to doubly ensure I have not missed anything.


Wiping the kitchen clean with normal cloth can take eons and never actually give the desired results in terms of disinfecting the kitchen surface, kitchen tops, etc. appropriately. Thus using high-quality microfibre cloth or antibacterial wipes arerecommended as they are versatile and can be used safely across even the appliances in the kitchen. I love them as they clean and disinfect all the surfaces without leaving behind any lint.


3. Kitchen deep cleaning ritual every week

Our kitchen unfortunately possesses a lot of hidden corners and places where dirt can accumulate and may pose potential harm (like causing diseases) if gone unattended for a prolonged period. Whether or not you are obsessed with cleaning like me, this is an area one must not ignore. I keep it easy by doing a rigorous deep cleaning of my kitchen once a week by washing and rinsing my entire kitchen including all the hidden places methodically.


Mostly it is before going to bed on Fridays (before commencing the relaxation of the weekend) and it takes me less than an hour but it ensures no stains, germs or greases have gone unattended thanks to Cif super functional surface cleaning spray being one of my trusted partners in my mission.


I also maintain a checklist of all the important areas requiring immediate attention on my phone (like the sink drainage maintenance) which gives me a reminder when the next deep cleaning is due in caseI miss it on a Friday.


4. Using the right chimney which absorbs the food residues in the air


I can never highlight enough the use of an appropriate chimney in our kitchen both from the cleanliness and health fronts. We all know that a considerable use of oils and spices in Indian cooking leads to the release of excessive amounts of smoke and grease which initially remain suspended in the airGradually, while some of it,deposits on the surfaces, quite a bit of it remains suspended in the air which can have adverse effects on our health and can cause allergies too


That is where a kitchen chimney comes in handy as it absorbs smoke, heat, oil as well as grease to make our kitchen odor-free and clean. While the Cifspray helps on cleans the dirt and grease on the surfaces, a chimney absorbs it from the air of our kitchens. I wipe clean my chimney every day but get it deep cleaned for the filters by the professionals every couple of months. Doing it at fixed intervals is very important and helps us ensure our kitchen remains perfectly clean and safe.

5. Do cleaning as you wait and Declutter Consciously


Another kitchen cleaning ritual swear by, which has more to do with the habit front, is a style I have nurtured over the years. I would love to share it with you all. It is a couple of things actually. One is to declutter your kitchen, keep it minimalistic and you will save a lot of precious time for yourselves. You will not believe we tend to stack so many non-usable items, etc. in our kitchen that we don’t know the amount of time wasted on them with zero value addition


Get rid of them and most importantly don’t build up on your cleaning. Once in a while remove all expired food items and redundant utensils, equipment, etc. from your kitchen and tidy up the emptied space to give your kitchen a fresh, clean, and beautiful vibe. I keep my kitchen spick and span, by quickly cleaning it with my power tool Cif Power and Shine kitchen spray during the wait times in between my cooking and it incredibly helps in saving my time and energy.


So, folks, this was all about my kitchen cleaning and maintenance recommendations and hacks from what I have assimilated so far, I hope they strike a chord and you benefit from them.

Truly Yours Roma


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