Tuesday 22 February 2022

My journey with Blogchatter - why you should join the community

It was in early 2014 when I gave my writings a home in the form of a blog. I then shared my work on Social Media and got a lot of appreciation from my family and friends who were kind enough to share my work too. That is how my initial readership grew, needless to say at a crawling pace. 

By then I had realized that for my writings to spread the message far and wide, I needed to unleash the power of community. I thus joined blogger communities like Indiblogger and Blogadda which gave me a lot of exposure in terms of networking and growth but in due course of their existence, they unfortunately perished. 

Finally, by God’s grace in Feb 2016, I came across a global blogging challenge known as April AtoZ in which bloggers all over the world would be participating and reading and spreading each other’s work. This was exactly what I wanted and thus immediately grabbed the opportunity. That’s when I came across a support group on Twitter for this challenge which was being run by Blogchatter who will render technical support to us in our A to Z journey.

I thus wholeheartedly joined them and the rest is history. It did turn out to be one of the best decisions of my blogging journey. 

My first AtoZ experience became memorable thanks to Blogchatter who aided me to put my work together as my first ebook in the Blogchatter ebook Carnival in May’16. 

Blogchatter which had grown up to be the largest blogger community in India since.. is now family to me. I have released all 6 of my published books in their coveted ebook carnivals each year for the past 6 years and have been a part of almost all of their brilliantly thoughtful campaigns all around the year. These books today are selling decently on Amazon KDP and I owe them all to Blogchatter.

Honestly, my journey with Blogchatter overwhelms me on so many levels. Having seen Blogchatter grow from a weekly Twitter Chat to being awarded among the Top 100 Marketing and Advertising Companies across the globe and still putting community above self is what makes them outstandingly praise-worthy. A major chunk of the credit goes to the co-founder Richa Singh who is visionary par excellence. 

She not only knows how to dream but also knows how to make her community members’ dreams come true which is in no way easy. She has led from the front and personally, I have always looked up to her in ways more than one. 

In fact, the entire blogchatter team Suchita, Geethica, Leha, Sona, Sachika, and Co-founder Vikas are such graceful and kind people that any blogger feels at home immediately as soon as they join this soulful community.

To me, I repeat all of them are family and with Blogchatter’s birthday just around the corner, my heart is so full of love and gratitude. Happiest Birthday Blogchatter and lots of love and gratitude to all the team and community members for the same.

Blogchatter has always been and always will be the wind beneath my wings and I value it so much. 

Now to bring some value for you all, my precious readers, I enumerate below the chief reasons why every blogger, whether a newbie or otherwise, must join Blogchatter to enrich their blogging journey further. 

They sure aid you to take your blog to the next level.

1. They help your blogging journey find the right direction 

Blogging can be a lonely journey and we may end up losing our enthusiasm because we may not be able to track if our blogging is sailing in the right direction. When you join a blogger community like Blogchatter you come to know what’s a hit or a miss, what’s trending or how can you add value to your readers. 

2. They are instrumental in helping you network with many like-minded bloggers and readers

I am grateful to Blogchatter for getting me in touch with many writers and readers who are more than friends today. Life has become so beautiful with them, they have guided me, lifted me, and also corrected me whenever there has been a need. I wish you to get the same support.

3. They spread your work far and wide 

By submitting your blogposts to the Blogchatter website, you invite a community of   6000 plus intellectuals to come and read you and also share their thoughts on them including sharing your work further if they like it. What more can you ask for.

4. They conduct several campaigns and useful workshops for you to get better and better at blogging 

Blogchatter runs several campaigns to help you boost your blog statistics all around the year along with several helpful workshops across all of their social media handles. I personally have learned a lot of things from them like how to do SEO for my blog etc. Also, they are always around if you have any specific queries, take my word, they would help you until you are totally satisfied.

5. They help you earn while you write through their reward points and elite campaigns for brands

Last but not the least,  they help you monetize your writings through reward points on their website. As you participate in their campaigns all through the year, you win reward points on successful completion, as well as when you are chosen a top blogger. Additionally, they also run Blogchatter Elite campaigns which pay you handsomely if selected. They are the best in the industry in terms of pay cycles too. 

In my case, I absolutely love being a part of Blogchatter and I will not have it any other way. So if you are a blogger too, joining them is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. They are just a click away, click on this link to sign up and get ready to take your blog to next level with Blogchatter. I bet you will find the experience extremely enriching.

Truly Yours Roma

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