Monday 7 February 2022

5 Strong Reasons to Unleash the Power of Our Today #MentalHealth

One strong habit or principle I have started to live by is living one day at a time as if there is no tomorrow. Fill your today with all the happiness you desire because yesterday is already gone and there is no point brooding over it. Tomorrow, no matter how much you plan it, is never really in your hands and is extremely unpredictable. Thus what is in your control is your today, it may seem like a battle but it also is giving you the chance to make or break your own life. We may choose to cringe or sulk by the challenges we are facing today or we may choose to give it our best shot despite all odds. At least you have the power over it and can tell yourself before sleeping that you did your best to make it the best possible in the existing scenario. This is the Power of Now. 

Sharing below with you, 5 strong reasons to unleash the power of our today are:

  1. Procrastinating affects our mental and physical health adversely

For the longest time in my life, I had this one rare ability to keep building things in my brain by thinking and thinking it over which left me with no energy to make the most of my today and ruined it completely. For example, I knew my endometriosis pain will start worsening one week before my cycles, so I started living in fear several days before it with all sorts of questions like how will I be able to bear it again, will I have to again be on painkillers for a fortnight etc. The fear and worry gripped me so hard that it had started impacting my mental health which further lead to the deterioration of my physical health. It took my a while to realise this but once I did I took charge of my today to do everything which will not only make my today fulfilling but also automatically aid in improving my tomorrow. Every day I find solutions now and act on them to ensure I am getting better.

   2. Brooding over the future impacts our joys and beautiful relationships of today

Man is a social animal and our relationships contribute a significant amount of our happiness. Also, every relationship requires nurturing by investing love in them each day. My today gives me the power to act on them which neither yesterday nor tomorrow does. So what’s the point wasting our time over them. I value my relationships of today and I focus all my energies on them.

   3. Our today defines who we are

Our today defines who we are through our actions, neither our yesterday nor tomorrow are actionable. You might have failed a test yesterday but if you pass it today with flying colors, you will be adjudged for your today and not your yesterday’s performance. So try your best today without bothering about anything else. 

   4. Living in the moment makes happiness our priority

 I was ill or I will be ill, we can’t do anything about both these thoughts. But if we are sick today we can take our relevant medicine or treatment and feel better. The relief at this moment matters because it shall give me my sanity back to think of better ways to improve my physical and mental health. Any lifestyle change you will like to embrace, calls you to implement them in your today, every day.

 5. Tomorrow never comes 

Sorry got sounding clique but honestly, tomorrow never comes, when it comes it is our today which needs our best foot forward. If I have a deadline of an article tomorrow, if I pen it now, I get so much time to edit it, re-evaluate it and then submit it but if I leave it on tomorrow and some emergency comes my deadline fails or I submit a below-par article which shall deprive me of my happiness and contentment. So you see THE POWER OF NOW. 

Ever since I had learned to unleash the power of today I am doing much better in my life and am at so much more peace, so thought of sharing it with you all today. Can you relate guys?

Truly Yours Roma

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