Wednesday 9 June 2021

Humbled to be felicitated among the TOP 100 INFLUENCERS

Some moments are truly special particularly if you wake up something like this. My joy knows no bounds today and I can’t stop sharing it will you like always. So here’s the big news. Am so humbled to be felicitated among the TOP 100 INFLUENCERS by CHILD PRODIGY MAGAZINE in association with ROBOCHAMPS 🥰

Very honestly to you all I have never shared anything to influence, in fact I just candidly share my journey, my wins and losses, my good and bad times, my highs and lows as a person, as a woman, a mommy, and a wife(if that can help you make your choices and decisions in a more informed manner, it really makes my heart swell with pride)♥️... That’s me TRULY YOURS ROMA, a soulful writer who loves weaving words straight from the heart. Thank you for the honor teams and the feature in the Special Edition of the magazine. The link of the same is right here: 

The icing on the cake is my son too is nominated as a CHILD PRODIGY by this magazine. So it’s a dual surprise for us mom-son duo. It has been quite a satiating year for both of us with sonny debuting as an author through his book, A MAGICAL CONQUEST, and my 6th book, a romantic thriller called, I LIVE TO LOVE YOU, both garnering brilliant initial reviews. Today is the last day of his summer vacation and from tomorrow he will be too busy with his hectic online schooling schedule. I am sure going to miss my writing & reading partner.

Talking of influencing my only advice to all the budding influencers is that be genuine and true in your thoughts as your truthfulness is always reflected in your work. Always work out a balance between your motivational content and the sponsored content on your handles. Pick the campaigns that suit your timeline well, just not make it a shopping cart window. Quality content shall always be able to carve a niche in your followers' hearts. So be smart and always create posts straight from the heart. There is no other shortcut, my dears. 

Now, a heartfelt request, yesterday I saw someone has copied my work on Instagram, and that too a recognized Instagrammer. This is happening to me for the nth time in the last decade and of course, it puts me off. This is the downside of inspiring someone. No, blocking them does not help, they stalk you from multiple other IDs they have created. Please don't adopt this practice under the worst circumstances. Be what you are, please don't copy, you may be far more talented. If not to anyone else, you are answerable to yourself. Be genuine guys!

I thank you all for being such a worthy partner in my journey always😊.

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