Thursday 8 April 2021

My Key Takeaways from the Impressive World Health Day Webinar Hosted By Apollo Hospitals


For the past one year my priority undoubtedly has been health, isn’t it true for most of us. Even as an women empowerment blogger, most articles I had penned had automatically focused on health. Thus when I came to know of the prestigious conference on the health of Indian Masses on this World Health Day hosted by Apollo Hospitals Group, Asia's largest and most trusted healthcare group, I was keen to learn their insights and couldn’t miss the opportunity at any cost. Well, I am so glad I did and am sharing with you my key takeaways as a commoner from this fruitful and informative webinar.

1. Spotlight on Health of the Nation

Unfortunately, amidst the COVID outbreak, the major cause of deaths in India, the NCDs(Non Communicable Diseases) which alone contributes to an alarming 64.9% of the total deaths, got overshadowed. The webinar explained this at length and also suggested a unique perspective to improve upon the situation based on Apollo’s 37 years of superlative experience in the field which made a lot of sense.

2. PROHEALTH, a personalised proactive health program

What if I tell you 80% of the above deaths would have been avoided by preventive Health check-ups and right guidance. I was aghast to know it and really wanted guidance as to how we can take the best care of our health particularly preventive. That’s when I came to know about their personalised proactive health program, known as PROHEALTH, a personalised proactive health program which does our whole body check-up using Artificial Intelligence and Big data analytics to predict risks well in advance and prevent NCDs. No wonder this Program became a star attraction of the Conference with each one of us really willing to enrol ourselves and our families immediately in it. It truly was a perfect World Health Day Gift to us from them.

Also, I will like you to know about ProHealth Women. For women who want to take charge of their health, ProHealth Women is designed to address overall women’s health and specific issues like PCOD, breast and cervical cancer screening, including a gynaecologist consult. ProHealth can be booked online on Apollo 247, by phone at 18605000707 or available for walk-ins at Apollo centres.

3. Adoption of a community in AP, a case study which can be replicated for the nation

Apart from the phenomenal research done by the Apollo team to back up their preventive and corrective medicinal practices, I was also highly impressed by their model community services. I loved the way how they have adopted a village called Aragonda in Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh(birth place of Apollo Founder Dr Prathap C Reddy) from 2013. Under this program 31350 people were identified as low, moderate and high risk, according to their ten-year risk of developing NCDs, and proactively managed with regular follow up, investigations, medication, clinical interventions, counselling and lifestyle modifications for diabetes, hypertension and cancer. Apollo team also is taking care of the he social needs like their nutrition, drinking water, livelihood etc and the results over the years are worth emulating. The Chairman urged to the nation to adopt this practice for the entire country and it was truly heart-warming.

4. Holding the key to meet SDG goals by 2030

I really also appreciate the fact that Apollo Hospitals Group have laid a strong fundamental foundation for preventive health through advanced diagnostics, artificial intelligence and predictive algorithms which shall be instrumental in India hopefully meeting the Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations by 2030. Their efforts have been rightly acknowledged by the Govt. of India by the issuance of a commemorative stamp for them in recognition of their contribution, well deservingly the first for a healthcare organisation.

5. Check on NCDs indispensable in COVID times

Why I felt today’s webinar was all the most important for every Indian is because the risk of mortality due to COVID multiplies if one suffers from any of the NCDs analysed at length and breadth today. Region wise data, economic status wise data, gender wise data brought forth eye opening facts. Apollo has done an incredible job in sharing these insights with us and also putting forth the desired recommendations. It’s time we hop in to their Total Preventive Health Plans for our own good.

It was a pleasure today to hear about the earnest vision and path-breaking advancements of Apollo Hospitals from the Chairman himself and their esteemed panel of senior most doctors

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