Friday 23 October 2020

Why women loafers should be on your Diwali Shopping List

 It’s that time of the year again when the festive vibes of Diwali mesmerize our souls. The preparations have begun in full swing though most of the Diwali Shopping is going to be online this year owing to the pandemic. I have already decided on the look that I am going to flaunt this time. I will pair a gorgeous Indo-western fusion outfit with a worthy pair of Women Loafers. Yeah, I love women loafers, they are the most stylish and comfortable set of shoes a woman can adorn. 


For me, shoes are the epitome of a woman’s grace. They define her personality. I still make my first impression of a person from their shoes. While I love variety, when it comes to owning a distinct attractive piece of footwear, women loafers are always my first choice.


Let me quickly enumerate why I insist women loafers should be on your Diwali Shopping List.


1. They represent a free-spirited woman


Diwali is surely going to keep you on your toes. Amidst festivities and all preparations, you will also love to look your best, full of smiles and a free spirit. So, there can’t be a better time for you to gift yourself a stunning pair of women loafers. For me, these shoes make me feel so light on my feet that I can almost fly. This pleasure is what I adore the most.

2. They are super comfortable and multipurpose


The biggest advantage of owning a pair of lovely women loafers is that you can wear those three hundred and sixty-five days of the year with super ease and comfort, no matter whether you are wearing a professional outfit or Indian wear, or any other outfit. They only enhance your overall persona, and that is what impresses me the most about them.




 3. They are elegant and stylish


A rocking pair of women loafers holds the power to complete your look. You look trendy and super stylish, wearing one, at all times. They are elegant and are available in many designs and colours to spoil you enough to grab the one you love. I prefer loafers in nudes, and they are my go-to whenever I am unable to decide which pair to match with my outfits. A nude pair is always classy and gives the impression that you are dressed for the occasion.



 4. They are ideal for a party as well as casual meets


Isn’t it amazing that you can pair the same pair of loafers with your party dress as well with your casuals without an iota of doubt? This saves us so much money too, along with ending the constant confusion of what shall go the best with our dress that day. You can flaunt one when you are going shopping or just on a date with your friends with equal oomph.


5. They can never go wrong


Like me, if you too care about how your overall look turned out to be no matter what you are donning, add a pair of women loafers to your wardrobe now. These are a pair of absolute bliss that can never go wrong. Take my word for it.




So this Diwali, in your shopping list don’t forget to add a pair of women loafers and gift yourself this absolutely worthy pair of awesomeness.

Truly Yours Roma

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