Monday 4 May 2020

Why #BlogchatterEbook Carnival is the leap of faith you must take?

Me holding my book which was first published in Blogchatterebook Carnival 

Hello rock stars! I am so proud of you for you have completed one of the most demanding challenges of the blogging world and that too in the most difficult lockdown scenario. Pat your back you have accomplished no mean feat and deserved some party and rest over the weekend😊.

But now that you have taken ample of rest, it’s time you take the next giant leap of faith of your writing career by publishing your month long hard work as an e-book and trust me there can be no better way than to release it in the coveted #BlogchatterEbook Carnival. This is my fifth year in it and hopefully they will be releasing my fifth ebook this year. When I look back at my journey I really feel I have come a long way from where I began in 2016 and became a part of the coveted Blogchatter Community.

An exclusive webinar of Blogchatter with their Community 

Below I enumerate why you must sign up for this one of its kind ebook carnivals because I believe once you are convinced, the rest of the technical aspects won’t be an issue but to tame your brain, to take the plunge is the real bet at the moment. Also, even if you haven’t done AtoZ but are sure you have done beautiful blogposts on a set theme, you must sign up for this carnival.

1. It’s a beautiful feeling to see your work published: First and foremost you should publish this ebook for yourself. It is truly an out of the world feeling. It shall be available free for 2 months on Blogchatter website and you will hear a lot of lovely reviews about your work. There can be no better self esteem booster than this.

2. Worthy addition to you bio, enriches your portfolio: A published ebook author shall look extremely impressive in your bio as you pitch yourself as it shall offer a lot of credibility to your body of work. In a matter of 15 days from completing AtoZ you will become an author from blogger which in itself will be commendable.

3. It is your first step towards your ultimate goal as a writer: As avid readers and writers most of us have one time or the other dreamt of writing our own book and see it in print. This can be a dress rehearsal of that dream of ours, a truly worthy step in the right direction.

4. You get to taste waters, genuine reviews will aid you edit and refine your work: Honestly until you know all the processes involved in getting your book published, you will wander in the unknown territory clueless. In Blogchatter e-book carnival you have mentors who can guide you at whatever step you are stuck(I am one of the mentors so feel free to shoot out as many questions as you want to me anytime). Also they allot reviewers to your e-books so you are apprised of all that goes in the making on a book and after. 

5. Your e-book can later be published on amazon KDP or as paper back: By the end of 2 months when you book is read by so many in this admirable Carnival, you can make further relevant edits and additions to your manuscript based on the feedback and if you feel it is worthy you can self publish it on Amazon KDP or even in hard copy form and enjoy the royalty for your work. 

Trust me it’s a beautiful feeling when your phone pings of the message that your royalty is deposited in your account every time someone buys a copy. Also I want you to hold a hard copy version of your book and smell the fresh print. It is an out of the world feeling I can’t describe to you in words.

These 4 Blogchatter e-books of mine are now available on Amazon

Imagine where this leap of faith will land you in just a few months, so go for it guys. Sign up for #Blogchatterebook carnival by clicking here today as the last date is just around the corner and prove to yourself and the world that yes you can!

Truly Yours Roma

If you like what I write, you can grab the copies of my four published ebooks here: The Fragrance of True LoveDestiny's Favorite ChildDare to Defy The Destiny and Empowered Women Empower Women

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