Tuesday 20 August 2019

Why expressing gratitude to our kids is important?

Today is a big day for me and I want to document it for umpteen reasons. It has been forty five days today from when I underwent the critical endometriosis surgery on 6th July 2019 and ideally I can now get back to every activity I did prior to the surgery. But honestly I am still not back to a perfect normal but yes I am putting my best put forward and getting better day by day.

No matter how many smiling faces I had flashed for the camera and flooded you all with happy pictures, last 45 days earnestly have not been easy at all. From wailing in pain the whole night after surgery which took two hours instead of an expected forty minutes, to taking a forced discharge within 24 hours of the operative procedure when a minimum three days is a must, to managing home all alone immediately with kiddo and hubby and domestic help, to moving around with a catheter attached for a fortnight which got pulled every now and then to land me in immense pain, to sleepless nights where I can only lie down straight, to my sore and painful lower back post anesthesia, to calls from relatives who have faced it telling me that the pain will soon come back and multiple surgeries await, to battling loneliness confined home alone, to trying to resume my academy sessions and failing to sit for long hours, to being able to pen very very few posts on my blog, it wasn’t easy but I did not give up.

There were moments I felt susceptible and nervous but then I gathered courage and meditated for long hours. But what kept me most sane what my husband(who cooked all three means for me with his own hands for the first five days after surgery) and son’s support who went to office and school as well as managed me especially the little one who has just turned ten. He has maintained his composure throughout, from the time I left him home alone on the surgery day before he was joined by my brother-in-law’s family two hours later to waiting patiently for my discharge the next day.

From the time I was home, he has helped me in every single thing even till today as I don’t find it easy to get up quickly or to bend down a lot to pick things. He has learnt patiently all that I taught him from making vegetable sandwiches to my green tea. He has managed all his work and school by himself too to a fair extent too. 

So, day before yesterday I expressed my gratitude to him for his continuous support and love even when dad is travelling most of the days and his eyes lit up with a beautiful smile.

I immediately realised how significant expression of gratitude is, even if it to our children. It really meant a lot to him and he genuinely felt he had done a great job and will now always be keen to help others for my expression gave him such positive vibes and confidence. Plus he himself will practice gratitude when someone will render him a favour. 

Otherwise too in our routine life, we ask our children a lot of little favours the whole day, like fetching you a glass of water, pick something up, make bed etc. One may argue, that’s their duty but let’s keep that debate for some other day. How about appreciating them and giving them a pat on their back and expressing our gratitude to them sometimes? My experience with kids says it will make them feel worthy and wonderful and we will lay a foundation of good future citizens. The next time they will be more eager to help anyone in need.

Gratitude is a beautiful gesture. The more you give it out to the universe the more you receive it back in abundance. Whenever you genuinely feel grateful to someone never hesitate to say so even if it is to your kids. I really feel it is vital to express our gratitude to them with immense love and a true heart to boost their self esteem and keep their goodness intact as they grow up.

Do you agree with me? Do share your views.

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