Monday 8 January 2018

This New Year I resolve to Gift My Family Something Special

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I have often wondered why children of current generation are delicate darlings and not rough and tough kids as we were. May be their upbringing by us is at blame for their in general weaker immunity or probably our failure to give them pure unadulterated nourishment so that they grow healthy and strong.

I know every mom will agree with me that we now a days almost perennially fret over where to get unadulterated food items for our family on a regular basis. What guarantee do we have that the Food item embossed with a organic food stamp is genuinely grown without chemical intervention. 

Sometimes I sulk seeing perishable vegetables in my refrigerator lying non rotten even after a fortnight. What preservatives have they been sprayed with? While my mommy taught me to consume most fruits and veggies with their skin on for their nutritive values, for my own kiddo I like to peel off the wax smooth bright ones. Doubting has almost become a habit for me now and I am most often seen perturbed with what the label of a product says and what it actually offers. Mr. husband is so pissed off with my research that he has even contemplated abandoning me at the grocers supermarket until I am satiated with the quality check of the products I purchase. 

Phew! I wish a wasted weekend over the above would ensure I got the genuine supply of month long food essentials and I would most happily do that. To add the the woes are everyday revelations on news channels about food contamination and their negative impact on ours and our loved ones health. The unhealthy accusation game among competitors further leaves the innocent consumer baffled. What and whom to trust? What to eat what not? At least the roti we eat of the three most basic essentials of human beings, roti, kapada and makaan (bread, clothing and housing) should be available to us in the purest unadulterated form as the Hindi idiom goes - Jaan Hai To Jahaan  Hai!

Gone are the days when mom bought grains from farmers, washed them herself, left them to dry and then tucked me along to the chakki to get pure genuine aata for her spouse and children. Today in our fast paced life managing both office and home plus not having the right eye to judge the right grain quality, I can no way rely on the above and have stuck to what my paarkhi mom eventually took to in the later years, the pure and genuine Aashirvaad Atta with multigrains. It indeed is one of the blessings true to its name. I have recently switched over to its all the more nutritious variant Multigrain Atta for I have witnessed my mom adding a lot of other essential grains flour to her wheat flour to enhance its nutritive value several fold and that’s what Aashirvaad atta with multigrain is. A power packed flour of six grains weaving together the goodness of the vitamins, micronutrients and minerals of all of them into one. Also in the current scenario, it’s usage becomes all the more relevant for our picky eater kiddos who need a rich diet to build their health and immunity and this precisely is my near year resolution too for myself and my family to give them a gift of a good health the Aashirvaad way.

 My faith on them is extensively researched  and I am proud of the fact they source their grains from 6500 exclusive centres and their flour passes more than 410 qualitative tests twice a year to serve nothing less than the best on their customer’s plate. I wish there were more authentic food items available like there’s, to relieve our pressure a bit and impart good health to our families forever!

While I vouch for them, I can safely recommend it to all the readers of Truly Yours Roma....this festive season, as you ring the merry bells of Christmas and new year, gift yourself and your family a gift of sound health and perfect nutrition the Aashirvaad Way.

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