Friday 14 July 2017

My Perfect Destination to Pick Top 10 Colors, Art & Inspiration for 2017

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I am sure many of you might me wondering where the social media fanatic like me who used to puff out her lungs almost every day on her blog has vanished; well my new home which is getting ready is keeping me on my toes, peeps. Earnestly I have been dreaming of its interiors, colour schemes and overall soothing ambience day in and day out and it is extremely satiating to do the nuances all by yourself. I have never been able to take out this much time for our abode for all the years I have been working and now hubby darling has happily rested the responsibility on my tiny shoulders and that undoubtedly leaves me elated because I am a painter myself though haven't had a ball with paints and canvas for over a decade.

I am a truly a sucker of peaceful pastel colours but at the same time I also love keeping pace with the newest and best colour trends both in town as well as internationally. The idea is to pick the Top 10 colours and then zero it down room by room with family. Thus, the best I could think of is to grab the latest Pantone Colour Guide from who’s often less than 24 hours delivery and great discounts have both surprised and pleased me.

1. Woah, the latest Pantonef Fashion, Home+Interiors TPG Colour Guide FHIP110N has a total of 2100 plus 210 New Colours for me to choose from. These colours are arranged in a fan shaped hard cover book and the colours are arranged chromatically for easy reference. Each of the colours also had a unique name and number which aids me to place the right shade order while choosing curtains or say sofa fabric or some exclusive limited editions ceramic potteries. In fact this book is the most indispensable tool in the hands of designers in textiles and home/ interiors. One of my friends who is a leading interior designer of the nation recommended me to take a peep into this awesome guide and I am so glad I did. You can know more about it here on
Pantone Colour Guide

I have other plans too concealed in my heart. I want to get back to my artistic instincts and being a designer only acts as an icing on the cake. I want to create a few masterpieces to stylise my new home and that too by my own hands and to enhance my creativity and reach the perfect shades I have ordered a....

2. Pantone Formula Guide whose new Plus Series GP1601N version boasts of as many as 1867 colours divided into two guides of the coated and uncoated(solid) versions.

Pantone Color Manager Software which has all the colour combinations and formulas, is included with the Pantone Formula Guide Set for me to enhance my creativity by playing around with the shades and even create some brand new ones. This series also finds great application in areas like

·         Logos and Branding

·         Color Sampling

·         Graphic Designing

·         Painting

·         Spot Color Painting

·         Packaging of Goods
Pantone Formula Guide

You can grab one for yourself too from one of the most trusted websites for the same and let your creative juices ooze out in full and satiate your instincts or take your professional ambitions to a different level altogether if you work in any of these fields. I will sure love to share the shades I chose for my home sweet home in some of the forthcoming blogposts on Truly Yours Roma.

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