Monday 20 March 2017

April #AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal: The Fragrance of Relationships 'Not Love'

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Certain decisions rewrite your destiny, become instrumental in laying the right foundation to a journey you really wanted to commence in a lifetime. This is exactly what happened when I took the April AtoZ Blogging Challenge last year. Growing across many towns and cities with my dad's frequently changing posting, I really wanted to do my bit against the atrocities committed on women sadly in every nook and corner of my motherland. With A to Z, I got a global platform to bring forth 26 such true stories to prick the consciences of as many souls as possible and be the face of a positive change and I am so glad all of you showered enough love and appreciation for all the effort put in the genuine attempt to put them up in the truest form (Their being launched as an ebook later were truly gratifying). The genuine constructive feedbacks gave the writer in me a special high and thus I shall forever hold it closest to my heart.

This year too after a lot of hunches and being sceptical for a while, I finally overcame all hurdles to make up a strong mind to take up this coveted challenge once again. And this time I took much longer than usual in deciding my theme on what I bring on plate for my precious readers. So here's my Theme Reveal Post touching upon what I plan to knead and weave across my 26 posts this April aiming to give you a sumptuous treat.

Since I wanted to write on relationships this time, my thoughts swayed me time and again to those special relationships in each one's life whose mere presence around us makes life so worthwhile. These relationships often lack a proper nomenclature but are identified by the strong feel and connect in what binds the two hearts together. This series of mine is dedicated to such beautiful heart-warming relationships. So Ladies and Gentleman, this summer I bring you A Candid, Sweet and Rare Tale of ‘Priyam’ and ‘Veer’ titled ~'Not Love' and some lovely anecdotes from their life, hoping that they touch and tinkle your soul and stays in your heart forever..... for you will find an ounce of each one of you in them.
Truly Yours Roma conveys her heartfelt warm wishes to all her awesome fellow Bloggers participating in this coveted challenge and looks forward to reading and interacting them each day and having loads of fun together :) :)

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